Friday, May 2, 2014

Wrestling Lockup With Brandon, 5.2.14: TNA Impact

What's up gang?! Welcome to another edition of Wrestling Lockup with Brandon. It's TNA Impact recap Friday in this edition. Last night was the first Impact episode following TNA's Sacrifice pay per view on Sunday. What's next for Eric Young as he successfully defended his TNA World Title against Magnus? How will Bully Ray retaliate on Dixie Carter after Dixie cost him his "Tables Match" against Bobby Roode? I'll be recapping those and recapping possible new feuds in the making that began last night. TNA's next major pay per view will be TNA Slammiversary XII, which will take place on June 15, 2014 at the College Park Center in Arlington, Texas. Let's get things started on this edition.

Highlights of Impact:
- MVP plays a card game with Bobby Roode, Mr. Anderson and Gunner. Two low cards wrestle and the high card faces the winner of the two low cards. The winner of this mini tournament would meet Eric Young for the TNA World Title in the main event. Gunner and Mr. Anderson drew low cards and faced off first. Bobby Roode would go on to win and advance to meet EY later.
- Magnus and Abyss' feud continued as Abyss attacked Magnus while he was cutting a promo about not being included in MVP's game. Magnus escaped as Abyss went to get "Janice" to use.
- Bully Ray's feud with Dixie Carter heated up as Bully brought out a table with "Dixie" written on it. Bully promised to put Dixie through it. Dixie with security in toll came out and sat on the "Dixie" table and cut a promo on how she put Bully through a table at Sacrifice. Bully takes out Dixie's security and goes to put her through the table. MVP makes the save for Dixie and bans both Dixie and Bully from the building. Bully said he was going to the next logical place....Nashville.
- ECIII finally grows a set and challenges Kurt Angle to a match next week.
- Mr. Anderson and James Storm look to be moving toward a feud as they got involved in each other's matches.
- The Beautiful People celebrate Angelina Love's Knockouts Title victory at Sacrifice by teasing a strip tease. Gail Kim, Brittney and Madison Rayne show up and fullfill the male fans fantasy by stripping Love and Sky out of their dresses.
- Eric Young continued on as the underdog fighting champion. EY faced Bobby Roode in the main event and scored a clean pin to close out the show.

Quick Match Results:
- "Endurance Match": Gunner def. Mr. Anderson by pin after James Storm interferes.
- "Endurance Match 2": Bobby Roode def. Gunner by pin.
- Willow def. James Storm by DQ after Mr. Anderson interferes.
- Sanada and The Wolves def. The Bromans and DJ Z by pin.
- TNA World Title Match: Eric Young (c) def. Bobby Roode by pin to retain the TNA World Title.

TNA News and Rumors:
- TNA Wrestling’s next On Demand “One Night Only” show to premiere on pay-per-view will be “Joker’s Wild 2″ on Friday, May 9, 2014
- Though unofficially announced yet, the main event of TNA Slammiversary is being rumored to be TNA World Champion Eric Young defending the title against MVP. I love the fact that they let Eric Young run with the TNA World Title considering he's been with the company for so long, however, if this match happens I predict MVP walks out the new champ as TNA will build MVP as a Triple H type character.
- Another big name star may be on his way out soon as Kazarian's contract expires shortly. TNA has yet to offer Kazarian a new one and his contract will end the second week of May. Kazarian will join Sting, AJ Styles, Chris Sabin and Christopher Daniels on the list of talent that has exited TNA. My prediction on this is Styles, Kazarian, Daniels and Sabin I think will all end up in Jeff Jarrett's GFW promotion.

And that's a wrap my friends I will be back next Friday for another TNA Impact recap of the show and news going on within the company. Till then tap or snap.

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