Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, 5.20.14: WWE Raw


Wrestling Lockup with Brandon comes to you today with the WWE RAW recap from last night. RAW took place last night in jolly old England. Last week, Daniel Bryan, announced to the WWE Universe that he would need neck surgery, and wasn't sure what the outcome would be. Stephanie McMahon, announced that tonight on RAW, the status of Bryan's WWE World Heavyweight Championship would be revealed. The Shield dominated Evolution and the RAW heel locker room last week. How will Evolution retaliate tonight? John Cena and Bray Wyatt continued their feud that will lead towards a "Last Man Standing Match" at WWE Payback. Over in the Divas Division, Alicia Fox, showed a dark side last week on current WWE Divas Champion, Paige. Here is last night's recap.

Highlights of RAW:
- RAW opened up with another promo and sing along by Bray Wyatt on John Cena. Cena hit the ring and cleaned house on The Wyatt's, chasing them from the ring. Cena will face Luke Harper later in the main event.
- Stephanie McMahon orders WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Daniel Bryan, to be at RAW next week. Stephanie will do a final evaluation on Bryan on whether his neck surgery will cause him to not be able to compete in title defenses. If Bryan can't compete then he will be stripped of the championship.
- The Shield vs Evolution feud heated up as Rollins faced Batista. Triple H was special guest ring announcer and Orton special guest time keeper. Reigns and Ambrose evened the odds for Rollins as they did special guest commentary. Rollins wins by DQ as both factions brawled.
- A "Beat The Clock" Tournament was held with the superstar who wins their match with the best time receiving a WWE I-C Title Match at WWE Payback against WWE I-C Champion, Bad News Barrett. RVD, Alberto Del Rio, Dolph Ziggler, Mark Henry, Ryback and Big E were the six competitors. RVD would go on to finish with the best time. Bad News Barrett arrived and gave some "Bad News" to RVD as he laid out "Mr. Monday Night".
- More Adam Rose shenanigans with Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter.
- Summer Rae returned and interfered in Fandango's match. Rae and Layla had a CATFIGHT!!
- Alicia Fox dominated WWE Divas Champion, Paige.
- Rusev crushed Heath Slater and remains undefeated.
- Main Event saw John Cena defeat Luke Harper by DQ. The Wyatt Family attacked Cena in and out of the ring. Bray delivered "Sister Abigail" to Cena on the stage. Bray sang to the fans as Harper made a ten count on John Cena hyping the Last Man Standing Match to close the show out.

Quick Match Results:
- Cesaro def. Sheamus by pin.
- "Beat The Clock": Big E def. Ryback by pin in 5:02
- R-Truth and Cameron vs Fandango and Layla went to a no-contest.
- Rusev def. Heath Slater by submission.
- "Beat The Clock": RVD def. Alberto Del Rio by pin in 4:88.
- Seth Rollins def. Batista by DQ.
- Alicia Fox def. Paige by pin.
- "Beat The Clock": Dolph Ziggler def. Mark Henry by pin. Ziggler failed to beat 4:88 making RVD the winner.
- John Cena def. Luke Harper by DQ.

WWE News and Rumors:
- WWE is already talking about a small price raise on the WWE Network monthly price. I personally would still keep the Network even if it happened. I have enjoyed every bit of my WWE Network.
- I mentioned on Saturday that The Rock, Rikishi and Mickie James are possible candidates for the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2015. You can now add Kevin Nash's name to that list of possible choices.
- WWE took a hit in the stocks this weekend. It was reported that Vince McMahon lost $350 million dollars on Friday, knocking Vinnie Mac out of the billionaire bracket.

And that wraps up this edition. I'll be back with more WWE News and the Smackdown England recap Saturday. Till then, bloody tap or snap.

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