Saturday, May 31, 2014

Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, 5.31.14: NXT Takeover & WWE Smackdown

Saturday afternoon is upon us and it's time for the Smackdown recap. Now before we get into the Smackdown recap, let's kick things off with the NXT Takeover pay per view recap.

NXT Takeover took place this past Thursday night live at Full Sail University in Orlando, Florida. I must say I know it would cost WWE a lot of money, but I honestly wish they would consider showing their live shows in smaller venues like this. You hear and feel the crowds intensity during every match. I'd take a small crowd over 20,000 dead silent fans any day. Make RAW and Smackdown small venue then do arenas for special events. Just my opinion.

- Adam Rose vs Camacho. Rose returned to NXT for a one on one match with Camacho. Adam Rose hit the "Party Foul" to score the pin on Camacho.

- NXT Tag Team Championship Match: The Ascension (c) vs Kalisto and El Local. For those that don't know El Local is Ricardo Rodriguez, Alberto Del Rio's former ring announcer. The Ascension hit the "Fall of Man" to get the pin and retain the NXT Tag Team Titles.

- #1 Contenders Match to the NXT World Title: Sami Zayn vs Tyler Breeze. Breeze hits the "Beauty Shot" on Zayn to pick up the pin. Before the "Beauty Shot" it looked like Breeze low blowed Zayn when he went for a running kick in the corner.
- Rusev returned to NXT looking for a fight. He found a challenger as Mojo Rawley threatened to stick Rusev's flag where the sun doesn't shine. Rusev makes quick work of Mojo, however, locking him in "The Accolade" camel clutch. Rusev punishes Mojo more by locking on "The Accolade" again on the ramp before finally leaving.
- NXT Women's Title: Charlotte Flair w/Ric Flair vs Nattie Neidhart w/Bret Hart. If only the WWE's Divas Division was as entertaining as this match was. Nattie reverses Charlotte's version of the "Sharpshooter" into an attempt of her own. Charlotte counters with a kick to the head and a somersault cutter to score the pin and win the vacant NXT Women's Championship. Good sportsmanship afterwards as the Harts and Flairs shook hands and hugged it out. Only 15 more World Title wins to go to match the old man's record of 16, Charlotte.

- NXT World Title: Adrian Neville (c) vs Tyson Kidd. Neville hits Kidd with  a hurricanrana and follows up with the "Red Arrow" to score the pin and retain the NXT World Title.

Now over to Smackdown. This is the last WWE show before this Sunday's "Special Event", WWE Payback.

Highlights of Smackdown:

- The Shield arrived to kick off Smackdown. The Shield cut a promo on Evolution stating that they will defeat the legendary faction in their "Elimination/No Holds Barred Match" at Payback.
- Alicia Fox (I've nicknamed her the new A.J. Lee, since she's been acting nutty the past month) came out during WWE Divas Champion, Paige's match against Tamina Snuka. Fox tried to cost Paige the match by distraction but it didn't work as Paige was victorious making Snuka tap.

- Another 3MB/Los Matadores match. (Enough already.....please)
- Bo Dallas made Xavier Woods a "Bo-Leiver". Well not really, but Dallas stayed undefeated with the win on Woods.

- Incase anyone forgot, Paul Heyman's client, Brock Lesnar, ended Undertaker's streak at Wrestlemania 30. Heyman was sure to continue to remind us. 

- Champion vs Champion took place tonight as U.S. Champ, Sheamus, battled I-C Champ, Bad News Barrett, one on one. Cesaro's manager, Paul Heyman, was guest commentator. Heyman predicted his client, Cesaro, would defeat Sheamus for the U.S. Title at Payback. Sheamus hits the "Brogue Kick" on Barrett for the W.

- Rusev and his manager Lana were present and keeping an eye on Big E in Big E's match against Titus O'Neil. Big E made quick work of Titus.
- Adam Rose finally faced Jack Swagger one on one. Rose picked up the win with a cheap roll up and stays undefeated.

- Bray Wyatt went one on one with Jimmy Uso in a "Last Man Standing Match", a preview of what we would see this Sunday in the Wyatt vs Cena match. Wyatt came out victorious. The Wyatt Family try to get involved but Uso takes them out. Bray hits "Sister Abigail" putting Uso down for the ten count. And that wrapped up the show.

Quick Match Results:

- Cesaro def. Kofi Kingston by pin.

- Paige def. Tamina Snuka by submission.

- Bo Dallas def. Xavier Woods by pin.

- El Torito def, Jinder Mahal by pin.
- Sheamus def. Bad News Barrett by pin.
- Big E def. Titus O'Neil by pin.
- Adam Rose def. Jack Swagger by pin.

- "Last Man Standing Match": Bray Wyatt def. Jimmy Uso by ten count.

And that my friends is a wrap. Again be sure to follow me on Twitter at @BSA1978. Like and Follow Triple Threat Podcast on Facebook and Twitter. I'll be back next Saturday afternoon for another Smackdown recap. I will also be recapping WWE Payback this Monday afternoon, so keep an eye out for that. Till then tap or snap.

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