Monday, May 5, 2014

Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, 5.5.14: WWE Extreme Rules

What's up gang, it's time for another special Monday edition of Wrestling Lockup with Brandon. This edition is a special recap pay per view or "special event" which WWE likes to call them now. Last night, WWE Extreme Rules took place at the IZod Center in East Rutherford, New Jersey. Daniel Bryan defended the WWE World Heavyweight Championship against the devil's favorite demon, Kane. The past, present and future squared off in a faction vs faction match with Evolution battling The Shield. John Cena went to war in a steel cage with the psychotic leader of The Wyatt Family, Bray Wyatt. Three solid main event matches for the show plus many others, let's get the recap started.

- "WEE-L-C Match": Hornswoggle vs El Torito. The first ever "WEE-L-C Match" had everything a little person could ask for. Mini tables, ladders and chairs. A midget referee and a midget announcer team at a midget announcers table. Jinder Mahal took a gore in the jewels. Hornswoggle puts El Torito through the mini announcers table as 3MB brawl with Los Matadores in the aisle. Heath Slater and Los Matadores all go through tables during the match. The match closes out with El Torito putting Hornswoggle through a table in the ring for the pin.
WINNER: El Torito

- "Triple Threat Elimination Match": RVD vs Jack Swagger vs Cesaro. A huge arsenal of trademark moves by RVD early in the match until Cesaro power bombs him on the floor. Cesaro gets Swagger in the "Cesaro Swing" until RVD breaks up with a kick. "Patriot Lock" by Swagger to RVD until Cesaro breaks it up. Cesaro superplexes Swagger and RVD follows up with a "Five Star Frog Splash" for the pin, eliminating Swagger. RVD does more trademark moves on Cesaro then grabs a trash can. The trash can comes into play in the match as a weapon. RVD eventually goes for the "Five Star". RVD misses and Cesaro hits "The Neutralizer" on the trash can for the pin.
WINNER: Cesaro

- "Handicap Match": Alexander Rusev vs R-Truth and Xavier Woods. Woods gets taken out of the match by Rusev early, as medical staff check on him. R-Truth gets a good amount of offense in but it's not enough as Rusev goes into "crushing" mode and makes R-Truth tap out to the camel clutch.
WINNER: Alexander Rusev

- WWE IC Title Match: Big E (c) vs Bad News Barrett. Back and forth match, nothing memorable or special. Barrett ducks a Big E irish whip and connects with the "Bull Hammer" for the pin and the IC Title.
WINNER: New WWE IC Champion Bad News Barrett.

- Evolution vs The Shield: Very entertaining match that had the crowds full attention. One point in the match Reigns speared Batista into the barricade. Evolution dominated each member of The Shield one by one until Reigns got the hot tag and took out each Evolution member. Evolution got the near pin with a pedigree and RKO combo from Triple H and Orton. Triple H, Orton, Rollins and Ambrose began brawling through the arena as Reigns and Batista went at it in the ring. Batista hits a spear on Reigns for the near fall. Reigns fought back and nailed a huge spear of his own on Batista to score the pin.
WINNERS: The Shield

- "Steel Cage Match" John Cena vs Bray Wyatt. The cage comes into play as a weapon a few times during the match helping Bray gain the upper hand. Cena tries to escape the cage for the win a few times in the match however Harper and Rowan of the Wyatt Family are there to road block him. One point in the match Harper climbs to the top of the cage and trades punches with Cena and ends up inside the cage with Cena and Bray. Cena locks in the STF and hits a middle rope "Attitude Adjustment", both victory attempts are broken up by The Wyatts. Cena hits a top rope leg drop on Bray and goes for the exit when the lights go out and come back on. The momentary distraction is used to reveal a boy in a sheep's mask singing "Whole World In His Hands" with a monster sounding voice on a microphone. Cena creeped out, gets nailed by Bray with "Sister Abigail" and walks out of the cage the winner.
WINNER: Bray Wyatt

- WWE Divas Title: Paige (c) vs Tamina Snuka. Honestly? Not a good match at all. Very sloppy. Confusion on a three count that was a three count with the announcers "claiming" Snuka kicked out. Crowd was silent and probably happy when Paige made Snuka tap out to "The Page-Turner". Not a good way to jump start the Divas Division with Paige.
WINNER: Still WWE Divas Champion, Paige

- WWE World Heavyweight Championship, "Extreme Rules Match": Daniel Bryan (c) vs Kane. Brawling in and out of the ring, kendo sticks and a steel chair come into play early with Bryan getting slammed on a chair. Kane and Bryan brawl to the back where cars come into play. Bryan gets slammed on a car as Kane gets his hand put through a window and hit in the head with a tire iron. More brawling backstage that ends with Bryan bringing Kane back to the ring on a forklift then hitting a diving headbutt from the top of the forklift. Bryan gets chokeslammed through the announcers table. The match closes out with Kane lighting a table on fire and getting put through it by Bryan. WWE medical put Kane out with fire extinguishers just in time for Kane to catch Bryan's flying knee in the face for the pin.
WINNER: Still WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Daniel Bryan.

And that is a wrap my friends. My opinion, all three main event matches delivered and it was a decent pay per view. Really loved the ending to the Kane vs Bryan match, reminded me of the Edge vs Foley flaming table ending. Good to see WWE shedding the PG stuff just a little bit. I'll be back tomorrow for the Tuesday RAW recap. Until then tap or snap.

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