Sunday, May 11, 2014

Patrick's Perspective, 5.11.14: Johnny Manziel & The Cleveland Browns


Selfishly, I was wanting the Browns to draft Johnny Manziel. I have been pro Johnny for quite sometime, however since December, with all of the draft talk, listening to countless hours of local sports talk radio regarding the draft the moment finally arrived. When Roger Goodell announced the 22nd pick of the 2014 NFL draft I was ecstatic!

Since 1999, the team I love has been deplorable. The losing, the drama, the coaching & front office carousels, and the 20+ QB's has been something no other franchise has experienced in such a short amount of time. I remember when I was a kid in the 80's and watching those Browns. When you compare that era with the current it is night and day. I will admit I am a homer and eternal optimist. But, I truly feel this draft will FINALLY change my favorite, OUR favorite team for the conceivable future.

Browns fans I introduce to you, Johnny Manziel!!!!!!

This kid has it. I remember watching him early on in the 2012 season when he was a redshirt freshman and was like damn, who is this kid? And after watching him make play after play. You could tell he was special. Just the way he plays the game he brings a different kind of talent, swagger, moxie, attitude - (I'm going to run out of adjectives) He knows when to scramble, he is not afraid of taking risks, he has a good arm. HE HAS IT! My personal favorite part of his talent is the way he delivers the long ball. If you watched him extensively through his career when he throws the ball long he is always leading his receiver perfectly where the receiver has to run to the ball as opposed to the receiver making an adjustment on something under thrown. I know there is film where he will take risks and throw it up for a jump ball but that is different. That is when he makes something happen out of nothing.

For the fans that do not like Johnny, I can see where you may have your doubts. He is too small. He is too cocky. He runs too much. He takes risks. He was picked at 22 like other Browns QB's that failed. And that is fine. I get it. However I do not agree with any of that stuff. Any QB can get hurt at any time regardless of style of play. Please keep in mind that the perception of winning a championship in the NFL the QB has to be 6'4", 225 with a cannon arm and sit in the pocket. Has that criteria for a QB won a Superbowl? Yes, several. But I ask this question, what type of QB won the Superbowl last year? Russell Wilson. A QB just like Johnny. And whom he beat was your proto-typical QB in Peyton Manning. The game is evolving folks and teams will adapt. Johnny is perfect for the way the game is changing.

Browns fans this is exactly what Cleveland needed. Get ready as this is going to be a fun ride!!!


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