Friday, May 23, 2014

Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, 5.23.14: TNA Impact

What's up gang, it's Friday afternoon and it's time for the TNA Impact recap. Last week on Impact, we saw a new alliance formed as MVP, Kenny King and Bobby Lashley attacked TNA World Champion, Eric Young. Bully Ray broke into Dixie Carter's house looking for revenge for what happened at TNA Sacrifice, only to be knocked out by Ethan Carter III. Gail Kim challenged The Beautiful People and was left laid out by Angelina Love. Jeff "Willow" Hardy continued his feud with Magnus and Bram. Magnus and Bram continued arguing with each other as things didn't go Bram's way. What would this week hold as TNA Slammiversary gets closer.

Highlights of Impact:
- Impact kicked off explosively tonight! The new faction of MVP, Kenny King and Bobby Lashley cut promos about power and how stupid the fans are. The Wolves, MVP's old running buddies, arrive and all hell breaks loose as we have a brawl. Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards hold their own for a bit but eventually the 3 on 2 disadvantage bites them. Lashley spears the hell out of Edwards then spears Richards off the stage and through a table. Eddie Edwards returned for round 2 later in the evening alone as Davey Richards was injured in the opening attack. Edwards failed alone as he was laid out by Kenny King.
- MVP, King and Lashley's night was far from over as TNA World Champion, Eric Young, was still on the hunt for the newly formed faction. Young confronted the three men and another fight breaks out. Austin Aries hits the ring for back up for EY. Austin Aries would face MVP later tonight.
- Austin Aries battled MVP. The match ends in a DQ as Lashley and King hit the ring. Aries gets beat down till Eric Young hits the ring for the save. Young however gets beat down and is told by MVP he's fighting Lashley in the main event.
- Dixie Carter and Ethan Carter III arrive and confront MVP. Carter is here because she feels MVP is abusing his power. Bully Ray, who was banned from the arena, arrives with a weapon in hand, forcing Dixie and EC3 to quickly exit the ring. Bully suffers a 3 on 1 beat down from MVP, King and Lashley as Dixie looks on. Bully then gets put through a table by EC3 and Dixie stands over Bully's body, still fearing no one.
- Angelina Love threw out an open challenge to any Knockout in the locker room for a TNA Knockout Title Match. Brittany answered the challenge but came up short as Love took the win with Velvet Sky's help. Love and Sky humiliate Brittnay after the match with their trademarked lip stick smear and brown paper bag over the head routine. Gail Kim hits the ring and makes the save.
- Jeff "Willow" Hardy faced Magnus in a "Last Man Standing Match" continuing their feud. Hardy wins as Bram is disgusted with Magnus losing again.
- James Storm and Mr. Anderson had a beer drinking contest. Anderson who was secretly drinking non-alcoholic beer ends up attacking Storm once Storm was drunk enough to attack and lays him out.
- Eric Young battled Bobby Lashley in the main event. Lashley picks up the win. Young gets beat down again by the trio till Austin Aries tries to make the save. Aries ends up getting beat down again too. Impact ends with MVP, King and Lashley celebrating as they dominated the whole show.

Quick Match Results:
- TNA Knockouts Title: Angelina Love (c) def. Brittany by pin.
- Austin Aries def. MVP by DQ.
- "Last Man Standing Match": Jeff "Willow" Hardy def. Magnus by pin.
- Bobby Lashley def. Eric Young by pin.

Twitter Corner:
- Bobby Roode sent out a tweet this week about his current suspension by MVP. Roode tweeted "Week 2 of my Bull S*** suspension.... @The305MVP you do realize, you can't keep me gone forever......." Roode looks like a man on a mission and has his sights set on the current money man of TNA.
- Dixie Carter tweeted out her comments on tonight after the show on Twitter with the following. "@REALBully5150 must REALLY love tables… he went through another one." I'm sure Bully has revenge on his mind, and a table with Dixie and Ethan's names on it.

That will wrap this week's recap of TNA Impact up. I will be back next Friday afternoon with another TNA Impact recap. If you get a chance take the time to follow me on Twitter at @BSA1978, and please tell your friends about Triple Threat Podcast. You can follow TTP on Twitter and like us on Facebook. Until next week, tap or snap.

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