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Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, 9.24.15: TNA Impact

By @B_Rock1978

Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, brought to you by Triple Threat CLE. It's time for this week's TNA Impact recap for the week.

- This week's Impact was live at the Impact Zone in Orlando, Florida. TNA President Dixie Carter stated that she had a big announcement for tonight involving Bound for Glory. Gail Kim defended the TNA Knockout's Championship against Jade of The Dollhouse. Ethan Carter III announced last week that he would defend his TNA World Heavyweight Championship against his former lackey Rockstar Spud, tonight in the main event. Let's get to this week's TNA Impact recap.

- Dixie Carter's Big Announcement Involving Bound For Glory: Team TNA are present with Dixie Carter inside the ring. Dixie thanks Team TNA for their sacrifices in Lethal Lockdown last week. Drew Galloway says they all love to perform for the fans, everyone in TNA is equal and all battles ahead, they will all stand up for. Dixie announces that everyone in Team TNA will have a match tonight to crown a #1 Contender to Ethan Carter III and the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. Dixie says TNA has been a tight family, except for one man....Eric Young. Dixie calls out EY, who comes out and goes face to face with Dixie. Dixie says EY turned his back on her, TNA and the locker room. EY says it's because he has an iron clad contract with Impact wrestling so he'll do what he wants. EY admits to having connections with GFW, makes fun of Team TNA and says no one can touch him. Dixie announces that EY will face a man that sacrificed everything for his country in a Lumberjack Match, tonight. That man is Chris Melendez and that match is now.

- Chris Melendez defeated Eric Young, by pinfall, in a Lumberjack Match: The match closes out with Melendez hitting forearms and a samoan drop on EY. Referee Earl Hebner gets distracted, allowing EY to eye poke Melendez. EY grabs Melendez's prosthetic leg and jams it in Melendez's face. EY places Melendez on the top rope and follows. Melendez knocks EY off the ropes and hits a top rope drop kick. Melendez covers, scores the pinfall and celebrates with the good guy lumberjacks.

- Gail Kim defeated Jade, by pinfall, to retain the TNA Knockout's Championship: The match closes out with Gail hitting a clothesline for a near fall. Gail goes for Eat Defeat, but Jade counters with a power bomb for a near fall. Jade goes for a german suplex, but Gail counters, hits Eat Defeat and scores the pinfall, to retain the TNA Knockout's Championship. After the match, Marti and Rebel hit the ring. Rebel spears Gail and Gail gets a Dollhouse beat down. The Beautiful People hit the ring and brawl with The Dollhouse all over the Impact Zone. Awesome Kong makes her way to the ring and stares down Gail Kim.

- Backstage, Rockstar Spud says he knows exactly what Jeff Hardy is going through right now, being Ethan Carter III's personal assistant. Spud has his sights set on winning the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

- Backstage, Ethan Carter III says he'll retain the TNA World Heavyweight Championship tonight, goes over with Jeff Hardy what his role will be in the match and if he refuses he'll be fired.

- Tigre Uno defeated Kenny King, by pinfall, to retain the TNA X-Division Championship: The match closes out with Uno hitting a head scissors and a side kick for a near fall. King comes back, hits a back breaker and an exploder suplex for a near fall. King still in control lands a spine buster on Uno for another near fall. Uno hits a tilt-a-whirl DDT and hits the Uno splash to score the pinfall, to retain the TNA X-Division Championship.

- Ethan Carter III defeated Rockstar Spud, by pinfall, to retain the TNA World Heavyweight Championship: The match closes out with Spud hitting a flying forearm and goes for a stunner. EC3 counters and hits a power bomb for a near fall. EC3 lands elbows on Spud and goes for the One Percenter. Spud counters by biting EC3's hand. EC3 hits the TKO on Spud and then hits the One Percenter on the second attempt. EC3 covers, scores the pinfall and retains the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. After the match, EC3 tells Jeff Hardy to hit Spud with a Twist Of Fate. Hardy takes off his suit and says no. EC3 threatens to end Hardy's career. Matt Hardy hits the ring, but Tyrus drops Matt. EC3 orders Jeff to hit his brother. Matt lowblows Tyrus and Jeff knocks down EC3. EC3 has a temper tantrum on the entrance ramp to end the segment.

- The Revolution Implodes: James Storm says he created The Revolution to help the lost and the weak, but there’s people that can’t get the job done. Abyss tells Storm to shut the hell up, he’s no longer one of his pathetic sheep followers, he's a TNA original and helped build TNA from the ground up. Abyss walks out as Manik takes the microphone. Manik says that Khoya's name is Mahabali Shera. Storm knocks down Manik, takes credit for Manik and Khoya and orders him to say Shera's real name, Khoya. Manik takes off his mask and says Storm never made him or Shera and then walks out. Shera comes out and says that The Revolution is over, and want's to fight. Storm says that he fights on his own time and tells Shera sorry about your damn luck to end the segment.

- Drew Galloway defeated Bobby Lashley, Eddie Edwards, Davey Richards and Bram, in a Elimination Match, to crown a new #1 Contender to the TNA World Heavyweight Championship: The Wolves hit their double stomps from the top rope on Bram, to score the pinfall and eliminate Bram. Lashley spears Richards as Drew hits the Future Shock DDT on Edwards. Both men make covers and score pinfalls, eliminating both Wolves. The match closes out with Lashley hitting a release suplex on Galloway and going for the spear. Galloway dodges and gets a near fall rollup. Galloway connected with a running boot on Lashley, covers and scores the pinfall, to become the new #1 Contender to the TNA World Heavyweight Championship at Bound for Glory.

- Ethan Carter III Orders Jeff Hardy To Beg For His Job: EC3 calls out Jeff Hardy and demands him to explain his actions. Hardy says we live to create, the creatures don’t live in EC3's reality and he isn't afraid to be fired. EC3 says he knows Hardy is hot headed, but Hardy will no longer have a platform to care for his family if he doesn't get on one knee, beg for his job and kiss the TNA World Title. EC3 coaches Hardy on what to say to keep his job. Hardy tells EC3 he can't fire him because he quits. Hardy walks out as EC3 tells Hardy to leave cause he's fired. EC3 says the shows over as Impact closes out.

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