Friday, September 25, 2015

3 Rivers Rundown 9.25.15: Pittsburgh, We Have Life! #Steelers

By @Kratoslives

Ok Carnell Lake, your crew has been given life by being hit with a defibrillator. Now what do you got for us Steelers faithfuls? They responded better this time around until the fourth quarter. Then they got beside themselves and started making "excitement mistakes", which turned them sloppy. Tell them to slow their roll and focus on concentration.

Now comes a even harder test. Can they get an interception and contain a weaker wide receiver and tight end unit? The Rams offense isn't as strong as the Patriots or 49ers, so will they play down to the competition? Or will they shut them down and make the Rams one dimensional? In theory, it sounds easy. But the Steelers as a whole will play down to a lesser opponent. Just look how they always seem to lose to the Raiders.

Just odd and weird.

We will be facing a team with a QB who just put on a shaky performance. So it is up to the defense, mainly the secondary, to keep doubt in Rams QB Nick Foles' mind. The best way to make him second guess himself is to try to confuse him with different looks and formations while trying to force an interception. This will make him hold on to the ball longer on pass plays, making him over think his decisions and reads. Which in turn will give our front seven more time to get to him in the pocket. Also, it will make him press and we all know what happens after that. Correct, turnovers! These are the things that lead to victories and championships.

This game will be the final chapter of bad press or the beginning of "Make it stop" quotes and heckling. The best part of it all, is LeVeon Bell will be back and that the Rams gives up yards on the ground. So the defense should get some good rest in between offensive and defensive positions. However remember this is a Jeff Fischer team so your going to impose your will on them. If you do this and play to "The Standard Is The Standard" we should come out victorious.

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