Thursday, September 10, 2015

3 Rivers Rundown 9.10.15: The Quest For 7 #Steelers

By @Kratoslives

Ok Steelers fans, it's time to start our quest for Lombardi Trophy number 7.

This journey starts with dealing with the strongest schedule in the league. This season will make us a strong favorite, with a dash of uncertainty. We're coming in to the season topsy-turvy, by Steelers standards, as we have a strong offense with a suspect defense. We're doing this without long-time defensive coordinator Dick Lebeau which has some faithful fans ready to jump off the Cathedral of Learning.

Guess what Steelers Nation? BRING IT ON!!!!!!

The last time we had the strongest schedule, we won Super Bowl XLIII over the Arizona Cardinals to capture our franchises’ sixth Lombardi Trophy.

The new guard taking the lead of the Steel Curtain is long time Steelers linebacker coach Keith Butler. “Keith who?”, you may be asking. Let me give you a quick resume of Mr. Butler. Porter, Bell, Harrison, Gildon, Farrior. All of these men had the Steelers Nation drooling. If you know these last names, meet their teacher, Mr. Butler. The man who worked with and developed them. To add to his credit, he has two of his star pupils on his coaching staff, Jerry Olavsky and Joey Porter. This franchise went thru this with roles reversed during Big Ben's second year, Super Bowl XL over the Seattle Seahawks.

Now with that out the way, I'm calling on John Mitchell, the Steelers defensive line coach. Let Cam Heyward loose, please!

He is our key to future Lombardi trophies plus our leader on the defense. No disrespect to James Harrison, but the changing of the guard is ready to happen.

From this point on, our defense must go old school 3-4 zone blitz violent. Forget trickery, forget finesse and guile. Pick up the biggest stick you can find and hit your opponent. In other words, make your mark with pure violent hitting, until everyone on defense is ready to use guile.

The perfect opportunity to show this is, with the season opener against the Super Bowl XLIX Champion New England Patriots.

No playing around with them. Just keep punching them in the mouth until they quit. By doing this you, will punk all 31 other offenses in the league and give our secondary time to gel. Especially since our secondary has just been put together during this offseason. This new philosophy would serve us well since we are going to be without 3 key offensive players. LeVeon Bell will miss two games, Martavis Bryant four games and Maurkice Pouncey won't be back until after the Week 11 bye-week.

Which brings us back to the top of my article. Offense, it's time to hold it down. Remember the defense held you down for many years including two of three Super Bowl rings with Ben as your QB. Now it's time for Ben to return the favor with this high powered offense. If all parts pay it's dues, I see the seventh Lombardi coming home to the Three Rivers.

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