Friday, September 4, 2015

Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, 9.4.15: #NXT & #SmackDown

By @B_Rock1978

Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, brought to you by Triple Threat CLE. It's this week's NXT and Smackdown recap for the week.

*** NXT ***

- This week's NXT was at their home base at Full Sail University in Orlando, Florida.

- Baron Corbin and Rhyno defeated The Ascension, by pinfall, in the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Tournament: The match closes out with Rhyno taking down Viktor and then Corbin follows up with a swinging slam on Viktor. Viktor hits an STO and gets a tag to Konnor. Konnor takes down Rhyno, but takes his attention away from Rhyno for a split second. Rhyno drills Konnor with the Gore, covers and scores the pinfall. Rhyno and Corbin advance in the tournament.

- Backstage, Neville and Solomon Crowe will team up tonight for the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Tournament. Neville says Dusty was instrumental in his career. Crowe is pumped up to team with Neville, stating Neville was the greatest NXT World Champion ever.

- Alexa Bliss defeated Blue Pants, by pinfall: The match closes out with Alexa putting an end to any attempted comebacks by Blue and staying in control of the match. Alexa hits double knees on Blue and follows that with the Sparkle Splash. Alexa covers and scores the pinfall.

- Backstage, Tommaso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano are talking to NXT GM William Regal about the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Tournament. Tyler Breeze interrupts and demands to be put in the tournament. Regal agrees to Breeze's demands and pairs him with Bull Dempsey.

- Apollo Crews defeated Martin Stone, by pinfall: Simple squash match victory for Crews. The match closes out with Crews hitting a press slam on Stone and the standing moonsault for the pinfall.

- Backstage, Chad Gable and Jason Jordan guarantee victory tonight on Neville and Solomon Crowe.

- Backstage, NXT World Champion Finn Balor states he'll be defending the title at the NXT Texas shows. Samoa Joe appears and we learn Balor and Joe will team together in the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Tournament.

- Eva Marie defeated Billie Kay, by pinfall: The match closes out with Billie landing clotheslines and a hip toss on Eva. Billie gets a near fall on Eva, that actually looked like a botched pin. Eva fires back, hits Sliced Red on Billie and scores the pinfall.

- Chad Gable and Jason Jordan defeated Neville and Solomon Crowe, by pinfall, in the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Tournament: The match closes out with Neville cleaning house and goes for Red Arrow on Jordan. Gable reaches in and pulls Jordan to safety. Neville hits a flying moonsault on Jordan while Crowe hits a suicide dive on Gable. Back in the ring, Neville and Jordan go at it until Crowe tags himself in. Crowe gets planted with a belly to belly and then hit with Gable and Jordan's double team finisher for the pinfall. Gable and Jordan advance to the next round of the tournament, to close out NXT.

*** Smackdown ***

- This week's Smackdown took place in Miami, Florida.

- Save The Tables!: The New Day kick off Smackdown still campaigning with anti-Dudley chants and telling us how important tables have been in American History. The Dudley Boys and Prime Time Players interrupt. PTP tell the Dudleys they have to earn their place here. Bubba says their here to break tables and win titles.

- The Dudley Boys defeated Prime Time Players, by pinfall: The New Day watch this one from ring side. The match closes out with Darren Young hot tagging Titus and Titus cleans house on the Dudleys. Bubba lands an elbow to the face on Titus and sets things up with Devon for the 3D. Bubba covers and scores the pinfall. After the match, Kofi Kingston hits Devon from behind as The New Day retreat to the back.

- Backstage, The New Day are still celebrating getting one over on the Dudleys when they are told they have to face Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose later in the main event.

- Stardust vs. Neville Is A No Contest: Neville makes his way to the ring, but gets jumped from behind by The Ascension. Stardust announces that The Ascension are now aligned with him. The Ascension finish Neville off with the Fall of Man.

- Backstage, Cesaro hypes his match against Sheamus tonight. Sheamus interrupts and says Cesaro will just disappoint his fans again like he always does. Cesaro tells Sheamus he looks stupid before walking away.

- Sheamus defeated Cesaro, by pinfall: The match closes out with Cesaro sending Sheamus into the barricade and hitting a cross body. Sheamus hits the Irish Curse back breaker and applies the Cloverleaf submission. Cesaro escapes, but gets laid out with a Brogue Kick. Sheamus covers and scores the pinfall.

- Miz TV With Summer Rae, Dolph Ziggler and Lana: Miz calls the Ziggler/Lana/Summer drama a soap opera. Summer is out first and says she has more to say about what happened on RAW. Summer says Ziggler kissed her and she feels guilty because Rusev is a great man. Dolph and Lana are out next. Summer says Dolph has had a crush on her, plays the clip of them kissing and says her and Dolph have been staying in hotels together. Lana goes after Summer, then leaves as Summer tells her it's all true.

- Bo Dallas defeated R-Truth, by pinfall: Dallas wants a match with Truth after Truth laughed at Dallas when he got laid out by Brock Lesnar on RAW. The match closes out with Truth hitting a side kick on Dallas. Dallas comes back and hits the spinning hangman's cutter and scores the pinfall.

- Backstage, Charlotte says Team PCB is supporting her in her match against Nikki Bella for the WWE Divas Championship. The Bellas interrupt and Nikki says the only thing that matters is Nikki's countdown to being the longest reigning WWE Divas Champion. Charlotte says she petitioned to get her title match before the record gets broken, this way Nikki loses her title and her record. Nikki says she can't do that, but Charlotte says she already did.

- Charlotte defeated Tamina, by pinfall: Quick Divas match. The match closes out with Charlotte hitting a spear on Tamina and nailing Natural Selection for the pinfall.

- Backstage, Kevin Owens says that since he silenced the Cesaro section it's time to stop another movement. Owens says he's been frowned upon for his looks his whole career, he has natural God given ability for wrestling and it's time to Feed Me More.

- Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose defeated The New Day, by DQ: The match closes out with Ambrose hitting the rebound clothesline and suicide diving onto Big E. Kofi hits a kick on Roman and goes for a springboard. Reigns nails the Superman Punch and goes for the pin. Xavier Woods breaks up the pin and causes the DQ. After the match, Ambrose hits Dirty Deeds on Woods as Reigns spears Big E. Ambrose and Reigns next double power bomb Woods. Ambrose dares Braun Strowman of the Wyatt Family to come out so he and Reigns can take another shot at him. Bray Wyatt appears on the titantron and says they can do it at Night Of Champions and Strowman ends Smackdown by telling Ambrose and Reigns to run.

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