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Wrestling Lockup with Brandon 9/16/15: The Future vs. The Icon #WWENOC

The Future vs. The Icon
By @B_Rock1978
WWE rolls into the Tokyo Center in Houston, Texas, this Sunday night September 20th, for WWE Night of Champions. One match that has been on everyone's mind is the WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match and how will it play out for future matches. Seth Rollins, who earlier in this event will be defending his WWE United States Championship against John Cena, pulls double duty and will meet the "Icon" Sting for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship in the main event.
Some fans feel that Sting being thrown into this match is either a way to push Seth Rollins more as a hated champion, by giving him a win over the Icon, or an out to get the title off of Rollins and onto Sheamus. 
**** The Scenario ****

Let's start with Seth Rollins, shall we. There are a few possibilities on what this does for Seth Rollins.

#1. Seth Rollins could possibly beat both John Cena to retain the WWE United States Championship and Sting to retain the WWE World Heavyweight Championship in one night. This would solidify Rollins' claims as being the future of the WWE and possibly make his title run a little bit more worthy. This would also give Rollins huge bragging rights, as he could state that he beat both Cena and Sting in one night. The last time something big like this happened was when Chris Jericho defeated The Rock and Steve Austin, in the same evening, and became the WWE Undisputed World Heavyweight Champion. Jericho capitalized off of this feat and still talks about it to this day, so this could be HUGE for Rollins as well.

#2. Seth Rollins could drop the WWE United States Championship back to John Cena, but still defeat Sting and retain the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. This is a definite possibility, because what exactly is Rollins going to do with the WWE United States Championship at the moment? And there is actually a funny rumor going around on Twitter, that WWE has an overstock on John Cena United States Champion shirts that they need to get rid of.

#3. Seth Rollins could end up losing both the WWE United States Championship and the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and leave with nothing. Honestly if this happened, I really don't think it would hurt Seth Rollins' status within the company. Win or lose, what other WWE Superstar could say that they went toe-to-toe with Sting and John Cena in the same night?

#4. Triple H. There is also the possibility of Triple H somehow getting involved and costing Seth Rollins the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. WWE have been hinting at a future Triple H vs. Seth Rollins match for sometime now. A Triple H turn on Seth Rollins would explain all of the Triple H name droppings that have been going on during Rollins' feud with Sting.

#5. Triple H and Sheamus. We all know Sheamus is going to eventually become the new face in The Authority. What better time than now, then to have Triple H have Sheamus cash in Money In The Bank, defeat Seth Rollins and Brogue Kick Seth Rollins to the curb. Which again, will open up to the Triple H vs. Seth Rollins feud.
What if the man, the myth, the legend, "The Icon" Sting, walks out of Night of Champions the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion?

#1. Rumors have stated that Sting, for being 56 years old, is actually still in great physical condition. If the Stinger can still go a couple months, why not give it a shot. It's not like Sting needs to be the set-up man for Wrestlemania. My thoughts are to give Sting a two month run, have Undertaker cost Sting the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, by laying the Stinger out and then Sheamus cashes in Money In The Bank. This opens up Sheamus as the main guy to get you into Wrestlemania and then it also opens up the rumored Undertaker vs. Sting match at Wrestlemania.

#2. Sheamus. Sheamus may also not wait at all and just cash in right after the Rollins vs Sting match. Sheamus has been hinting at doing it all month. Sting could defeat Rollins, get a quick two minute celebration and BOOM in comes Sheamus with the Brogue Kick. This opens up Sheamus as the new face of The Authority, kicks Rollins out and Sting moves on. The one downside to this is, many fans think it will be another WWE slap in the face to Sting, by only giving him a two minute world title reign.

#3. Sting takes the defeat. Many fans feel that Sting has already solidified his wrestling career and there is no need to even give him the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. The only thing that bothers me about this, is Sting jobbing again. This would make Sting 0-2 in WWE and a possible match with Undertaker at Wrestlemania, which there is no way Taker loses. Is Vince McMahon that bitter with WCW that he would make their biggest draw winless in his WWE part time run? Wait we're talking about Vince McMahon, so the answer is YES.

#4. WWE Hall of Fame Bound. Granted the Stinger is already set to be inducted this year. I honestly would really like to see Sting at least have one victory in the WWE, before he's inducted. Defeating Rollins would be that perfect win to have going into the Hall of Fame. If Sting can defeat Seth Rollins and win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, Sting would become the only NWA, WCW, TNA and WWE World Heavyweight Champion ever in history. That to me is pretty damn impressive and I would love to see that on Sting's resume come Hall of Fame induction time.

So there you have it, some of the scenarios that could go down at Night of Champions this Sunday on WWE Network. I'll be tuning in myself as I'm sure all of the many wrestling fans around the world will be too. I will be that Stinger fan hoping for a Sting WWE World Heavyweight Championship victory, even if it's only for a few minutes.

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