Tuesday, September 15, 2015

3 Rivers Rundown 9.15.15: The Steelers Secondary #Steelers

By @Kratoslives

Excuse me folks, I'm still spitting up.

I know it sounds nasty, but after Thursday night's defensive garbage that was the Pittsburgh Steelers, it's the only way to get this taste out of my mouth.

I've tried mouth wash and toothpaste, but it didn't work. If I'm sick with this taste in my mouth, I wonder what Carnell Lake's mouth tastes like. Who's Carnell Lake you ask? That's our secondary coach who's players forgot they played Thursday night in the NFL opener against the New England Patriots. For all of the things that went wrong, they stand out the most.

Carnell! Carnell! Carnell! Oh forget it then. Hey everybody I'm playing Where's Carnell & The Secondary. What you never heard of this game? It's easy just prepare to play the Patriots, then let Rob Gronkowski run free.

What do you mean that isn't funny? Now try being a Steelers Fan and watching that. Hold on again, Carnell! Carnell! Man, still no response. Let's get back to the game.

Quick question for the secondary? Who's Rob Gronkowski? Anyone? Hello anyone!? He's the 6'6" white guy who's their number 1 weapon!

What? Really? He's their number one weapon? So why in HELL is he uncovered lining up as the number 2 wide receiver? This is unacceptable by any standard including the one posted, "The Standard Is The Standard".

Don't worry there's more.

Who's idea was it to let him run a skinny post from the TE position uncovered again? Now he's scored twice, but the wild part is that the third one I could live with. You want to know why? He was covered and made a great play to score. I'm pissed. Excuse me again I have to gargle and spit again. Uhhhh this stuff is nasty, man. Scope isn't helping.

Further more, Gronkowski lined up as a wide receiver, then nobody moved towards him until he was running up the sideline. After that he lined up as a tight end, his true position, and he runs an uncontested seam route for a touchdown.

I'm sorry, just typing that has upset me. CARNELL! CARNELL! What happened to the "Standard Is The Standard"? I'm not sure what you think they seen, but what I and America seen was horrible. So I've come up with a way to help show them this secondary playing together.

Here are some players: Rod Woodson, Darren Perry, Carnell Lake and Deon Figures. These guys played together in 1994. You know and I know they wouldn't have done something that bone headed as to leave the best weapon uncovered. Did you see the starting strong safety's name from 1994? Thats right, none other than Carnell Lake. Yes, the Steelers starting free safety was Carnell Lake.

The same coach who's secondary just gave up two uncontested touchdowns.


Ahh, screw it. I'm not going to get a response, so please Carnell Lake if you're not going to respond to me, do me a favor? Just don't let that crap happen again. Oh and if you think I'm not pissed at you Josh Scobee, don't get it twisted. I thought they should've left you in Foxborough.

Time to grab a beer and some mouth wash so I can get this taste out of my mouth.

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