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Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, 7.28.15: #RAW

By @B_Rock1978

Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, brought to you by Triple Threat CLE. It's time for this week's RAW recap. 

- RAW was live this week in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

- Triple H, Stephanie McMahon and Seth Rollins are in the ring to kick off the show. Triple H announces there'll be a fourth hour added to SummerSlam and announces tonight's card. Seth Rollins asks the fans to stand up and admit that Rollins is the greatest champion of all time. John Cena interrupts The Authority with a microphone. Cena calls Rollins a arrogant jackass, thinks Rollins is a joke, calls Rollins a coward for running last week and asks Triple H for a title shot tonight so Rollins can prove he's a man. Stephanie says Cena has to earn a WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match against Rollins. Triple H announces that Cena, however, will defend his WWE United States Championship tonight against Rollins.

- Big Show defeated Dean Ambrose, by countout. The Miz was on commentary for this match. Ambrose and Show fight on the floor. Show hits a spear on Ambrose and tosses Ambrose back in the ring. Ambrose lands a kick and goes for a dive on Show, but gets hit with the Knockout Punch and falls to the floor. Ambrose gets counted out. After the match, Show goes to spear Ambrose, but Ambrose dodges it, causing Show to crash through the barricade.

- Neville defeated Fandango, by pinfall. Neville makes a comeback on Fandango and tosses him to the floor. Neville hits a suicide dive and tosses Fandango back in the ring. Neville hits the Red Arrow and scores the pin. After the match, Stardust appears on the titantron mocks Neville and cuts a promo about super heroes and mentions Stephen Amell from the tv show Arrow. Stardust says he'll rescue the WWE from all the do-gooders.

- Backstage, Paige says the fans are loving the Divas Revolution. Sasha Banks interrupts, calls Paige a loser and says Stephanie McMahon created the Revolution. Naomi says the Revolution is all about Team BAD. Sasha calls Charlotte "daddy's little girl". Sasha, Becky Lynch, Paige and Tamina all have words until Team BAD finally leaves.

- Sasha Banks defeated Paige, by submission. Paige locks in a submission hold, but Sasha makes it to the ropes to break it. Sasha hits the Backstabber on Paige and applies the Bank Statement. Paige has no choice but to tap out.

- Backstage, Seth Rollins says tonight the future will pass John Cena by.

- Rusev is in the ring with a microphone. Rusev says Summer Rae healed his soul and will teach American men how to treat special women. Rusev gives Summer Rae a puppy and calls it Dolph Ziggler, cause it's ugly, neutered and pees on itself. Rusev next gives Summer a headless fish and calls it Lana. Lana interrupts and calls Rusev pitiful and pathetic for dating Summer Rae. Lana kicks Summer and rubs the dead fish in her face. Lana then slaps Rusev and leaves Rusev in the ring pissed and screaming.

- The Lucha Dragons defeated Los Matadores, by pinfall. The New Day come out to the ring and run distraction on both teams. The Prime Time Players are out next to confront New Day. The Lucha Dragons steal a rollup pinfall during the distraction at ringside.

- Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper are in the ring with a microphone. Bray says Harper was once damaged, but Bray fixed him. Harper says there was a time when he wondered why he existed and Bray showed him the truth. Harper says Bray saved him and made him stronger. Bray next mocks Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose. Bray says if Reigns really cared about Ambrose, he'd tell him to walk away. Bray will seal Reigns' fate. Follow the Buzzards.

- Charlotte and Becky Lynch defeated Nikki Bella and Alicia Fox, by submission. Becky lands a t-bone suplex on Alicia, but Nikki breaks up the pin. Charlotte nails a spear on Nikki, taking Nikki out. Alicia rolls up Becky, but Becky rolls through and applies the Disarm-Her submission. Alicia has no choice but to tap out.

- Randy Orton defeated Kevin Owens, by DQ. Orton and Owens brawl on the floor. Sheamus runs in and hits a Brogue Kick on Orton causing the DQ. Cesaro hits the ring, lands an uppercut on Sheamus and leaps on top of Owens. Cesaro hits another uppercut on Sheamus, but then gets dropped by an Owens pop up power bomb. Owens talks trash and Sheamus raises his briefcase to end the segment.

- Backstage, John Cena says how important tonight's match is, either Rollins proves himself and wins the WWE United States Championship or Cena wins and will prove that the champ is still here.

- John Cena defeated Seth Rollins, by submission, to retain the WWE United States Championship. Cena caught a knee to the face by Rollins and had to be checked by WWE Medical twice. Cena may have suffered a broken nose. Cena catches Rollins and locks in the STF submission. Rollins has no choice but to tap out. RAW ends with Cena celebrating.

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