Friday, July 24, 2015

Wrestling Lockup with Brandon 7.24.15: #SmackDown & #NXT

By @B_Rock1978

Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, brought to you by Triple Threat CLE. It's this week's NXT and Smackdown recap for the week.

- This week's NXT took place at NXT's home base at Full Sail University in Orlando, Florida.

- Finn Balor kicks off the show in the ring with a microphone. Balor talks about wrestling all over the world, coming to NXT, and knew winning the NXT World Title made it all worth it. Balor puts over Kevin Owens, but reminds Owens he couldn't beat Balor in Japan. Balor says he'll be ready to sign the contract for NXT Takeover: Brooklyn later tonight to end the segment.

- Backstage, Eva Marie thanks NXT GM William Regal for this opportunity and she's spent the past few months putting everything into her training.

- Eva Marie defeated Cassie, by pinfall. Eva lands a series of kicks on Cassie, Eva irish whips Cassie and finishes it with Sliced Bread #2. Eva covers and scores the pin.

- Backstage, Tyler Breeze tells NXT GM William Regal he wants something big for NXT Takeover: Brooklyn. Regal says he's working on it.

- Baron Corbin defeated a Local Wrestler, by pinfall. Corbin with End Of Days for the pinfall in a quick squash match.

- Samoa Joe defeated Mike Rallis, by pinfall. Joe with a turnbuckle splash, an enzuigiri and lands a series of boots on Rallis. Rallis attempts a comeback, but gets hit with the S-T-Joe. Joe hits the Muscle Buster on Rallis and scores the pin.

- Bayley defeated Emma, by pinfall. Dana Brooke grabs Bayley by the hair and gets ejected from ringside by the referee. Bayley and Emma both attempt near fall roll ups. Bayley hits the belly to belly suplex on Emma and scores the pin.

- The Vaudevillians defeated Sawyer Fulton and Angelo Dawkins, by pinfall. Gotch hot tags English and both men clean house on Fulton and Dawkins. Gotch and English hit the Whirling Dervish for the pinfall.

- Finn Balor vs. Kevin Owens, NXT World Title Contract Signing, For NXT Takeover: Brooklyn. Owens asks Balor how it feels to be the champ and defend the title at an NXT huge event, reminds us he crippled Sami Zayn, he won the NXT World Title in only two short months in the company and he pinned John Cena. Owens says Japan was a fluke and he will become the only two time NXT World Champion. Balor says Owens is all talk, which escalates into Balor and Owens brawling. NXT closes out with Balor making a comeback on Owens, chasing him from the ring and celebrating.


- This week's Smackdown took place in Lincoln, Nebraska. 

- Sheamus defeated Dean Ambrose, by pinfall. Bray Wyatt's music hits, distracting Ambrose. Bray appears on the stage and Luke Harper appears on top of the commentary table. Ambrose goes after Harper, but gets laid out by Sheamus. Sheamus hits the Brogue Kick on Ambrose and scores the pin.

- Backstage, Neville says things are just starting between he and Stardust, calls Stardust a nut, a coward and the Altitude Era is kicking off. Neville walks off and Stardust appears and laughs.

- Neville defeated Adam Rose, by pinfall. Neville backdrops Rose to the floor and then hits a splash. Back in the ring, Neville hits the Red Arrow on Rose and scores the pin. After the match, Stardust appears on the titantron. Stardust dances around with party favors, tells Neville to be his hero and says only stars last forever.

- Kevin Owens is in the ring with a microphone. All he has heard is how he tapped out to John Cena, Cena's motto is "Never Give Up", but Owens' is "Live To Fight Another Day". Owens says he doesn't care what people think cause he brought the fight to Cena and is doing what's best for his career.

- Rusev defeated Kevin Owens, by countout. Owens gets a near fall with a cannonball and a codebreaker. Rusev and Owens trade punches. Rusev lands a couple kicks and goes for The Accolade. Owens rolls to the floor and walks out on the match, taking the countout loss.

- Backstage, Cesaro says he took John Cena to the limit twice, tonight he faces Seth Rollins and the American Dream is still alive. Kevin Owens interrupts and mocks Cesaro. Owens says he already beat Cena, Cesaro abandoned his family and will watch Cesaro lose to Rollins.  Cesaro says Owens walked out of another match and Owens should do what he's best at, keep walking.

- The Bella Twins defeated Naomi and Sasha Banks, by pinfall. Nikki hits a couple clotheslines and an Alabama Slam on Naomi for a near fall. Sasha runs in and spears Nikki, but then gets tackled by Brie. Nikki dodges Naomi with Rear View and lands a forearm. Nikki hits Rack Attack on Naomi and scores the pin.

- Seth Rollins defeated Cesaro, by pinfall. Cesaro hits the pop up uppercut for a near fall. Rollins tries to leave ringside, but Cesaro hits a diving uppercut and stops him. Rollins cheats, pokes Cesaro in the eye while the referee's back is turned and follows with the Pedigree to score the pin. After the match, Kevin Owens hits the ring, stomps on Cesaro and plants him with the pop up power bomb to close out the show.

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