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Weekend 3 Count 6.28 - 7.4 #WWE #TNA #ROH #GFW #LuchaUnderground

By @B_Rock1978

It's the Weekend 3 Count, brought to you by Triple Threat CLE. The W3C, brings you news and rumors going on around the wrestling world. Whether it's WWE, NXT, TNA, GFW, ROH, Lucha Underground or the independent wrestling scene, I'll talk about it.

*** WWE and NXT News ***

- Be sure to go back and read my recaps on this week's RAW, SmackDown and NXT shows for the week. WWE continues their build up to WWE Battleground.

- Also check out my recap of WWE Beast In The East. Kevin Owens defended the NXT World Title against Finn Balor. Chris Jericho faced Neville. Brock Lesnar faced Kofi Kingston. All that and more.

- In case you missed it or didn't catch my blog about it. Dolph Ziggler has re-signed with the WWE. Ziggler says he's happy there and wouldn't have felt right going somewhere else. Ziggler plans to stay and retire with WWE.

- A poster leak for SummerSlam has been spotted going around the internet. It hasn't officially been announced as a legit poster for the event yet. On the poster it's being advertised as Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns. There has also been rumors of a Triple H vs. Seth Rollins match for quite sometime for SummerSlam.

- WWE held tryouts this weekend while in Japan. Top New Japan Pro Wrestling stars Shinsuke Nakamura and Kazuchika Okada both had WWE tryouts.

- Vince McMahon is beginning ideas for Wrestlemania 32, next year. As of right now rumors are pointing at Undertaker vs. Sting, The Rock vs. Triple H or The Rock vs. Brock Lesnar, Hulk Hogan vs. John Cena and a possible last match from Steve Austin. If Austin can wrestle, then there is talk of Steve Austin vs. Brock Lesnar.

- WWE will be revealing the cover to WWE 2K16 this Monday night on RAW. The game will have 120 playable characters, the most ever in a WWE game. The game will feature the main roster, the NXT roster, a legends roster and some ECW superstars. WWE is attempting to have the game as updated as possible, as they are currently working on getting late hires, like Samoa Joe in the game. The game will be released sometime in October.

- NXT women's wrestler, Becky Lynch, revealed that she has a hip flexor strain and will be out of action for a couple weeks.

*** TNA News ***

- TNA Slammiversary was last Sunday night. If you have yet to read my recap, be sure to check it out. The first ever King of the Mountain Champion was crowned, Magnus and James Storm battled it out, the TNA X-Division Championship was defended, Austin Aries faced Davey Richards to decide the stipulation in the fifth and final best of five series match. All that and plenty more action.

- Be sure to also go back and read my recap of this past Wednesday's TNA Impact show. Kurt Angle defended the TNA World Heavyweight Championship against Ethan Carter III in the main event. Taryn Terrell defended the TNA Knockout's Championship. We found out who won the best of five series and who was crowned the new TNA World Tag Team Champions.

- Eric Young made his voice heard loud and clear on Twitter, after TNA Slammiversary went off the air. Many fans ripped into TNA and tweeted out how bad the pay per view was. Eric Young tweeted out on his page:

Eric Young would later go on to delete the tweet.

- TNA President, Dixie Carter, has also taken to Twitter and tweeted out that the rumors of James Storm and Magnus leaving TNA are completely false. Both Storm and Magnus tweeted out last weekend that TNA Slammiversary would be their last live show.

- Rumors have also circulated that all the TNA talent that have left the company are actually playing the part and signing with GFW. Why? So we can have the possibly planned TNA vs. GFW invasion.

- Kurt Angle announced that he will again be taking a little bit of time off for health reasons. Angle stated that his doctors have found a tumor on his neck and needs to take time off to get it removed. As of now, Angle has had surgery and had the tumor removed with no problems as of yet.

- According to Pro Wrestling Illustrated magazine, they will no longer recognize the TNA World Heavyweight Championship as a World Title. The only title they consider a World Title in the business is the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. This sounds stupid, in my opinion. Reminds me of when ECW's World Title wasn't considered a World Title. My opinion, I don't care if you're promotion is the top dog or not. I will consider the top title in that promotion as a World Title.

*** GFW News ***

- If you missed TNA Slammiversary, GFW owner, Jeff Jarrett, was crowned the first ever TNA King of the Mountain Champion.

- GFW announced Santana Garrett, Colt Cabana, Cherry Bomb and Johnny Gargano have been added to the Grand Slam tour.

- TNA's Bobby Roode will be competing in GFW's very first tv taping in Las Vegas. Granted GFW has yet to find a network to show their events, but they are still tv taping. Here's a video of Roode making his presence felt in GFW.

- Magnus will debut with GFW on July 9th.

*** ROH News ***

- This week on Ring Of Honor on Destination America: Christopher Daniels and Kazarian defeated Okada and Gedo to kick off ROH. After the match Okada lays out Daniels with The Rainmaker. Adam Page defeated Watanabe. Colby Corino helped Page many times during the match. The main event saw A.J. Styles defeat Adam Cole. After the match, Styles refused to follow the code of honor and shake Cole's hand. Cole grabs Styles' hand and forces him to shake it to close out the show.

- Ring Of Honor will be holding their Death Before Dishonor XIII show on July 24th. The main event will be Jay Lethal defending the ROH World Heavyweight Championship against Roderick Strong.

*** Lucha Underground News ***

- This week on Lucha Underground: Texano defeated Daivari. Big Ryck tried to help Daivari throughout the match with interference. Konnan talks to a mystery man and puts out a hit on Chavo Guerrero, for what Chavo did to Blue Demon. Drago defeats Hernandez by DQ, after Hernandez choked Drago out with a belt. Alberto El Patron defeated Marty The Moth. El Patron thanks Johnny Mundo for awakening the beast inside him. Prince Puma defeated Chavo Guerrero to retain the LU World Title. During the match Puma gets beat down by Chavo's gang, but Texano comes out and helps Puma retain his title. Puma thanks Texano and Blue Demon returns and seeks revenge on Chavo Guerrero.

*** Other Wrestling News ***

- The Blue World Order is taking over! "Big Stevie Cool" Stevie Richards, "Da Blue Guy" Blue Meanie and "Hollywood" Nova are reuniting for CHIKARA wrestling shows from September 4th to September 9th in Easton, Pennsylvania.

In closing I hope everyone had a safe and happy fourth of July weekend. Before I end this week's W3C, let's take us back to July 4th 1993. It was Yokozuna vs. The U.S.A. in a Stars and Stripes Body Slam Challenge.

And that's your Weekend 3 Count. Join me next Sunday afternoon for more news and rumors around the wrestling world.

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