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Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, 7.16.15: #TNA #ImpactWrestling

By @B_Rock1978

Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, brought to you by Triple Threat CLE.  It's this week's TNA Impact recap for the week.

- This week's Impact was live at the Impact Zone in Orlando, Florida.

- Dixie Carter is in the ring with a microphone in hand as the TNA locker room are all present. Dixie again apologizes for what she did in the past and promises to not let us down again. Dixie introduces the new sheriff in town, running the show now......Bully Ray. Bully says he believed Dixie's apology, TNA has the best roster in wrestling, it's time to take TNA to the promised land and announces a 20 Man #1 Contenders Battle Royal for a shot at the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

- 20 Man #1 Contenders Battle Royal: The match closes out with Eric Young, MVP and Drew Galloway as the final three. Young dumps MVP out of the ring and goes at it with Galloway. Galloway lands a high kick on Young, sending Young to the floor. Drew Galloway is the new #1 Contender and will face Ethan Carter III tonight for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

- The next inductee into the TNA Hall of Fame will be announced next week.

- Backstage, Mr. Anderson talks about his loss to Bram, having a dark side like Bram and mentions retirement.

- Backstage, Bully Ray gives Rockstar Spud a hug and gives him a match tonight.

- Backstage, Eli Drake wishes Drew Galloway good luck in his World Heavyweight Championship Match tonight.

- "TNA X-Division Championship, Fatal Four Way Match": Tigre Uno (c) vs. Zema Ion vs. Rockstar Spud vs Grado: The match closes out with Uno hitting the Phoenix Splash on Grado and scores the pin. Tigre Uno retains the TNA X-Division Championship.

- "TNA Knockout's Championship Match": Taryn Terrell (c) vs. Brooke Tessmacher: Marti and Jade try to get in cheap shots before the match starts. The match closes out with Taryn missing a drop kick and Brooke hitting a spear. Marti and Jade try to get involved again, but Gail Kim comes to the ring and lays both ladies out. Brooke hits Taryn with the X-Factor face plant and scores the pin. Brooke Tessmacher is the NEW TNA Knockout's Champion.

- Backstage, Kurt Angle tells Bully Ray that he has a great idea for TNA, but he knows a certain someone won't like it.

- Kurt Angle is in the ring with a microphone. Angle says he talked to Bully Ray about getting another match with Ethan Carter III in the future. Angle then announces he has a tumor in his neck and will be back in the near future after its removed to face EC3. Eric Young interrupts Angle, takes credit for Angle's neck problem and attacks Angle. EY goes for a piledriver, but Chris Melendez hits the ring to make the save. EY ends up attacking Melendez and pile driving him on the floor.

- Backstage, James Storm makes threats towards Mickie James and announces someone from Mickie's past will arrive in two weeks. It'll be Storm and the mystery woman vs. Magnus and Mickie in two weeks.

- Backstage, Ethan Carter III talks to Bully Ray and tries to get out of his World Title match tonight. Bully Ray refuses

- "TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match": Ethan Carter III (c) vs. Drew Galloway: Tyrus gets in some cheap shots behind the referees back, forcing Eli Drake to come out and stand in Galloway's corner. The match closes out with the referee going down and EC3 and Tyrus double teaming Galloway. Eli gets in the ring, pretends to chase Tyrus off, turns heel and busts a crutch across Galloway's back. EC3 hits the One Percenter and scores the pin. Ethan Carter III retains the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. Eli rips off his "The Rising" t-shirt and throws it at a knocked out Galloway to end the show.

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