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Weekend 3 Count 7.12 - 7.18 #WWE #TNA #ROH #GFW #LuchaUnderground

By @B_Rock1978

It's the Weekend 3 Count, brought to you by Triple Threat CLE. The W3C, brings you news and rumors going on around the wrestling world. Whether it's WWE, NXT, TNA, GFW, ROH, Lucha Underground or the independent wrestling scene, I'll talk about it.

*** WWE and NXT News ***

- This week on RAW, Kane was taken out by injury for the time being. Kane had his leg "broke" by Brock Lesnar who slammed the steel steps down on Kane's leg. Seth Rollins then turned on Kane and stomped on the injured leg. Kane is playing the part of being injured at the moment and WWE plans on returning him as a face in the future.

- WWE Intercontinental Champion, Ryback, suffered a knee injury this past Monday on RAW. WWE officially announced the WWE Intercontinental Championship Triple Threat Match at WWE Battleground will not happen. WWE has yet to announce if the match will be replaced or if Ryback's knee injury is serious. Further reports have stated that Ryback's knee injury includes a staph infection as well.

- NXT Women Debut On RAW: This past Monday on RAW, NXT's Sasha Banks, Charlotte and Becky Lynch made their main roster debuts. All three ladies have inserted themselves in a feud with The Bella Twins and Paige. As of now there are three Diva Factions. Team Bella, which consists of Nikki and Brie Bella and Alicia Fox. Team Paige, which consists of Paige, Charlotte and Becky Lynch. And Team BAD, which consists of Sasha Banks, Naomi and Tamina. Check out all three debuting here:

- NXT Women's Champion, Sasha Banks, tweeted out on Twitter the name of her stable with Naomi and Tamina will be called Team BAD. BAD standing for Best At Dominating.

- Dolph Ziggler is also playing the part of being injured at the moment. Rusev "crushed" Ziggler's throat last week on RAW with his crutch. Ziggler is taking time off to film a new WWE movie that he will star in.

- Huge rumors have been making rounds on the internet this week about The Undertaker making a return at WWE Battleground. Nothing has been made official yet about these rumors. WWE have booked and paid for Taker's travels to St. Louis, the site of WWE Battleground. Undertaker is for sure being advertised for Monday Night RAW the night after WWE Battleground.

- WWE have announced that both the Undertaker and Sting will appear at this year's SummerSlam event. WWE chose to not keep it a secret cause WWE is looking at getting more WWE Network subscribers by doing this.

- WWE and NXT officially announced that Japanese legend Jushin Thunder Liger will debut with NXT at NXT Takeover: Brooklyn.

- There is talk of NXT's Tye Dillinger introducing his "Perfect 10" gimmick soon. Dillinger grades matches with a sign that says "10" if he feels it's a great match. Many NXT fans have already started bringing their own "10" signs to the arena.

- Daniel Bryan's Autobiography: WWE officially announced that Daniel Bryan's autobiography, will be released next Tuesday, July 21st, in book stores everywhere. Bryan's book is called "YES! My Impossible Journey to the Main Event of Wrestlemania". The book tells Bryan's journey as an underdog to the main event of Wrestlemania through the eyes of DB himself.

- WWE Legends Contract Talk: WWE announced they have signed Japanese legend and WWE Hall of Famer, Tatsumi Fujinami, to a WWE Legends Contract. WWE also stated that they are in talk with former manager of the Four Horsemen, J.J. Dillion, for a WWE Legends Contract also.

- If you miss WWE Battleground on Sunday night, be sure to check back with Triple Threat CLE on Monday afternoon. I will provide the Battleground recap.

*** TNA News ***

- This week on TNA Impact we saw the big reveal of the new man in charge of Impact every week. Bully Ray has returned and will be the man running TNA Impact from this day forward.

- Interview With The Champ: New TNA World Heavyweight Champion, Ethan Carter III, took a moment of his time recently and sat down for an interview with Phoenix New Times. You can check out some of the big questions and catch the whole interview HERE.

- Hernandez Released: TNA officially announced that they have released Hernandez from TNA. Hernandez is currently still under contract with Lucha Underground, who filed the complaint to TNA. According to Hernandez's contract he can only appear on TV on Lucha Underground while under contract with them, which gave TNA no choice but to release Hernandez.

- MVP has been sending tweets out on Twitter, stating that he's done with TNA. TNA has yet to comment on the situation. MVP was originally under contract with TNA until February of 2016.

*** GFW News ***

- GFW announced that they will have four championships in four different divisions in the company. GFW announced the GFW Global Championship Division, Women's Championship Division, NEX*GEN Championship Division and the Global Tag Team Division.

- Last week I commented that GFW announced their TV show will be called "GFW Amped" when and if it makes a TV network premiere.

- GFW officially announced their tv play by play commentator. Cyrus Fees, known for announcing mixed martial arts promotions, will be GFW's commentator.

- Country Superstar, Toby Keith, announced that if GFW gets onto a TV Network, than Keith will provide Jeff Jarrett with money to back the company.

- Magnus Interview: GFW's Nick "Magnus" Aldis recently sat down with Rolling Stone for an interview. Aldis talks why he left TNA, promoted GFW and a possible TNA/GFW merger. You can check that interview and get the link to the whole interview HERE.

- GFW's P.J. Black, aka WWE's Justin Gabriel, spoke recently about why he quit WWE. Black stated that he was tired of waiting for WWE to come up with ideas for his character and wanted to move on and do his own thing. Black also admitted to being The Bunny in Adam Rose's Rosebuds. Black hated it at first, but eventually came up with ideas for The Bunny. WWE however never used any of his ideas.

- WWE's own, Hornswoggle, was spotted checking out a GFW live event last weekend. Watching the show or spying for WWE??

*** ROH News ***

- This week on Ring Of Honor: Matt Sydal defeated Adam Page to kick off the show. Page and Decade attacked Sydal after the match until ACH tries to make the save. ACH gets beat down too and forced to watch Sydal get reverse pile driven on a stack of steel chairs by Page. Veda Scott hypes up her man Cedric Alexander and says her leadership will lead Alexander to a win over the undefeated Moose. Will Ferrara defeated Silas Young after Dalton Castle and his posse distracted Young. Jay Lethal defeated Mark Briscoe to retain the ROH Television Championship. The House of Truth, Roderick Strong, Jay Briscoe and ODB all get involved in the match. ROH closes out with The House of Truth vs. Strong, The Briscoes and ODB announced for next week.

*** Lucha Underground News ***
This week on Lucha Underground: The show opens up with LU owner, Dario, wanting to meet Pentagon's master. Pentagon wants Vampiro and says his master will reveal himself when he's ready. Bengala defeated Daivari to win a Aztec Medallion. Vampiro accepts Pentagon's challenge for Ultima Lucha and lays Pentagon out with a choke slam. Cuerno defeated Killshot to win another Aztec Medallion. Sexy Star defeated SuperFly to win an Aztec Medallion. Sexy Star accepts a challenge from Marty The Moth and wins again to retain the Aztec Medallion. Lucha Underground closes out with Mil Muertes and his posse beating down Prince Puma. Konnan tries to help Puma, but gets beaten down and shoved into a coffin. Prince Puma defends the Lucha Underground World Title at Ultima Lucha against Mil Muertes.

- Fenix, Aerostar, Bengala, Killshot, Sexy Star and Jack Evans each hold an Aztec Medallion. There is one more Aztec Medallion left. All seven that hold a medallion will be told their reward at Ultima Lucha.

- Here is the card for Ultima Lucha:
– Blue Demon Jr vs. Texano
– Pentagon Jr. vs. Vampiro
– Drago vs. Hernandez
– Alberto El Patron vs. Johnny Mundo
– Lucha Underground Trios Title Match: Ivelisse, Son of Havoc and Angelico (c) vs. The Disciples of Death
– Lucha Underground World Title Match: Prince Puma (c) vs. Mil Muertes

*** Other Wrestling News ***

- Actor Stephen Ammell of the hit CW show Arrow was interviewed this week. Over the spring, Ammell got into a argument with Stardust at an episode of RAW, while sitting in the front row. Many rumors began circulating that Ammell was going to face Stardust at SummerSlam in a one on one match. Ammell went on record and stated he'd love to do more work with WWE in the future, but a match with Stardust isn't going to happen. The Miz and Stardust, however, are still having Twitter wars with Ammell, so something may go down at SummerSlam.

- Alberto El "No Show": Alberto El Patron of AAA Mexico wrestling and Lucha Underground, no showed an event this past week. El Patron was supposed to wrestle for Lone Star Championship Wrestling for their "Bustin' for Autism" event. El Patron no showed the event and no reason of why it happened have come from El Patron. LSCW had to change their main event of the evening due to El Patron's no show. El Patron was found at home in good health, but had no explanation on why he no-showed. El Patron later tweeted that he no-showed due to personal reasons.

- Former TNA wrestler, Gunner, was interviewed this week and stated that his current goal is to end up in the WWE or with a promotion that will benefit him. He stated his ultimate goal was to be a WWE superstar.

- CM Punk News: CM Punk stated recently that he is still training hard for his UFC debut. Punk is expecting to be ready by December of 2015 or January of 2016 to make his official first fight. Punk stated he just goes in and does what his coaches tell him to do and never asks them if he's ready. Punk also stated that he may be targeting 170 as is debut fighting weight. Punk is currently weighed in at 190.

- Roddy Piper vs. Steve Austin Continues: Roddy Piper went to Twitter this week and announced that he has been served with a cease and desist letter. Piper is no longer allowed to make podcasts on any podcast channel again. This all stemmed from Steve Austin getting a podcast episode of Piper's "Piper's Pit Podcast" pulled. Piper had comedian Will Sasso on his show and Sasso imitated Austin throughout the show, which Austin took offense to.

- Good Ol' J.R., Jim Ross, was asked if he would continue doing play by play for GFW. J.R. stated in his blog that he supported Jeff and Karen Jarrett with GFW, but has no plans at this time to do anything with the company.

And that's your Weekend 3 Count. Join me next Sunday afternoon for more news and rumors around the wrestling world.

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