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Weekend 3 Count 7.5.15 - 7.11.15 #WWE #TNA #GFW #ROH #LuchaUnderground

By @B_Rock1978

It's the Weekend 3 Count, brought to you by Triple Threat CLE. The W3C, brings you news and rumors going on around the wrestling world. Whether it's WWE, NXT, TNA, GFW, ROH, Lucha Underground or the independent wrestling scene, I'll talk about it.

Before we get started, be on the lookout Monday afternoon for our latest episode (7/10/2015) of the Triple Threat CLE Radio Show on No Static Radio, where we had a lengthy, fun wrestling discussion!

*** WWE and NXT News ***

- Current rumors with the WWE Divas Division are going as follows: Charlotte, Sasha Banks and a couple other NXT ladies will make main roster appearances soon. They will team up with Paige and help her with her current feud with the Bella Twins and Alicia Fox. A match is being planned out for SummerSlam involving all of the above.

- WWE released Monday Night Wars Vol. 1: Shots Fired on DVD/Blu-Ray this past Tuesday. Monday Night Wars was a very well put together documentary on the Monday Nitro vs. Monday Night RAW war in the late 90's. You can still catch the whole documentary on the WWE Network.

- The following is a fan cam of Brock Lesnar tossing the car door into the crowd which hit a fan this past RAW:

- Jamie Noble was injured again this past Monday on RAW. Noble had to receive stitches to close a wound on his back, suffered during the segment with Brock Lesnar destroying Mercury and Noble's car. Noble suffered broken ribs a few weeks back, also in a segment with Brock Lesnar. Bottom line? Noble needs to stay the hell away from Brock Lesnar.

- It was announced that Charlotte will face Sasha Banks on Wednesday's NXT show with the NXT Women's Championship on the line.

- It was announced that Finn Balor will defend the NXT World Title against Kevin Owens at NXT Takeover: Brooklyn.

- So you want to be a WWE Announcer? The following eight page document was leaked online this week of Vince McMahon's "Do's and Don'ts to commentating in the WWE. After reading some of this, it made my brain hurt. Check out the document HERE.

*** TNA News ***

- Dixie Carter returned to TNA this past Wednesday on Impact. Dixie stated someone new will be here soon to take charge and make the decisions in TNA. It won't be a Carter.

- TNA is expected to kick off the planned TNA vs. GFW invasion angle at a live Impact show at the end of July.

- MVP is currently taking matches at independent shows. MVP is still under contract with TNA until February 2016.

- Former TNA World Heavyweight Champion, Kurt Angle, recently under went successful surgery, removing a tumor from his neck. Angle will be cleared to wrestle again in four weeks.

*** GFW News ***

- GFW announced that IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion Kushida will be appearing at their July 24th TV tapings in Las Vegas.

- TNA's Eric Young showed up at a GFW show this week and cut a promo making fun of GFW and was pissed that Jeff Jarrett had a TNA title in his possession. Jarrett offered EY a match for the title, but EY declined. EY then attacked Jarrett from behind and stole the TNA King of the Mountain Championship.

- Mickie James has been officially announced to compete in the GFW Women's Championship tournament. Lei'D Tapa has also been announced for the tournament. No other ladies have been revealed as of yet.

- GFW announced their TV show will be called "GFW Amped" when it premieres. The bigger goal is still trying to find a network to show it on.

*** ROH News ***

- This week on Ring Of Honor: Dalton Castle defeated Watanabe. After the match, Castle says he's the only real man in ROH, which brings out Silas Young. Castle and Young have a stare down. ROH World and Television Champion, Jay Lethal, refuses to vacate one of his titles and states he'll defend both if he has to. Roderick Strong gets a World Title shot at the next ROH pay per view and Mark Briscoe gets a Television Title shot next week. Michael Elgin and reDRagon defeated The Kingdom. Cole of The Kingdom walks out and leaves Taven, Bennett and Maria after the match.

- ROH officially announced that Austin Aries will be returning to Ring Of Honor in July. Aries recently left TNA after his contract expired.

*** Lucha Underground News ***

- This week on Lucha Underground: Pentagon talks to The Master and swears revenge on Vampiro. The Mack defeated Cage. Catrina tells Son Of Havoc that death is coming for him. Vampiro apologizes to Pentagon and says he doesn't want to fight. Pentagon mocks Vampiro and calls Vampiro a coward. Muertes defeated Son Of Havoc. Catrina argues with Ivelesse and Angelico and gives Havoc the kiss of death. Texano challenges Chavo Guerrero. Guerrero and his crew attack Texano. Blue Demon makes the save, then turns on Texano. Demon challenges Texano to a match after beating Texano down with a series of kendo stick shots. Team Johnny Mundo defeated Team Alberto El Patron. Pentagon attacks Vampiro after the match.

- Season two of Lucha Underground will begin filming in September.

*** Other Wrestling News ***

- OH HELL YEAH!: WWE officially revealed the cover of their new WWE 2K16 video game that will be released this October. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin makes his presence felt on the cover. WWE also released the first teaser trailer for the new game, you can check that here:

- Speaking of the hellraiser himself. Steve Austin was recently asked about a return match at Wrestlemania 32. Austin denied returning to wrestle, says he has nothing left to prove, and says his match with The Rock at Wrestlemania 19 was his official last match. We shall see, Wrestlemania 32 is in his home state of Texas, I'm sure the temptation is there. Rumors pointed at him facing Brock Lesnar or John Cena at the event. Many are predicting that Austin is just faking his "I'm not wrestling" story right now to build it up more.

- Even more news about Steve Austin this week. Steve Austin is currently being blamed for "Rowdy" Roddy Piper being fired from his podcast this week. It was led to believe that Austin complained about Piper's guest, comedian Will Sasso, who was on Piper's show. Sasso imitated Austin throughout the podcast and took some shots at the WWE Hall of Famer. Sasso claims to be good friends with Austin and didn't think he would care. Piper took some shots at Austin on Twitter, after hearing of Austin's complaints, which also led to the firing. Austin stated that Piper wanted out of his podcast contract and didn't want to do it anymore. Austin stated that Piper seen an opportunity to get out and took it. Piper has also been dropped from his WWE Legend's contract, due to his issues with Austin.

- Former TNA X-Division Champion, Sanada had a tryout with WWE last week while they were in Japan.

- Combat Zone Wrestling announced that they will be entering the online streaming business that many promotions have been entering now. As we all know WWE started this off with the WWE Network. Since then, there have been a few online streaming wrestling channels that have been created. Tommy Dreamer's House of Hardcore, NWA 24/7, many local and independent promotions and now CZW. I personally own a ROKU and it has a nice selection of internet wrestling channels to purchase with a small subscription fee. A lot of the local and independent shows are free channels too, which gives me my wrestling fix when I need it and see possible up and comers. 

And that's your Weekend 3 Count. Join me next Sunday afternoon for more news and rumors around the wrestling world.

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