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Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, 7.14.15: #RAW Recap

By @B_Rock1978

Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, brought to you by Triple Threat CLE. It's time for this week's RAW recap. 

- RAW was live this week in Atlanta, Georgia. This week's RAW is the go home show for this Sunday's WWE Battleground pay per view on WWE Network for only $9.99.

- Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman arrive to kick off RAW. Heyman calls Brock "The Beast Of Battleground" and will leave the champion. Heyman says Seth Rollins will get his ass kicked, suplexed, F5'D and defeated. Seth Rollins and Kane come out to interrupt. Rollins says he can't wait to wipe off Brock's stupid smile, calls Brock a coward and is still pissed about Brock destroying Mercury and Noble's car. Rollins calls Brock a thug and plans to burn down Suplex City. Lesnar offers to take Rollins to Suplex City tonight and calls Rollins a bitch.
Kane announces a contract signing later between Lesnar and Rollins and will make sure it goes smoothly. Heyman and Lesnar make fun of Kane for being Undertaker's "baby brother", remind us of Lesnar ending the streak and promise nothing will happen during the contract signing, to close out the segment.

- Randy Orton and Ryback vs. Sheamus and Big Show: The Miz was on commentary for this match. The Miz will face Ryback and Big Show at WWE Battleground with Ryback's WWE Intercontinental Championship on the line. Randy Orton and Sheamus will go one on one at WWE Battleground. The match closes out with Orton hitting Sheamus with the RKO. Ryback then hits a splash on Sheamus and scores the pin.

- Dean Ambrose vs. Bray Wyatt: Before the match even begins, Roman Reigns hits the ring and attacks Bray from behind as he walked to the ring. Reigns beats down Bray, until Bray grabs his lantern and smacks Reigns with it. Bray escapes to the backstage area. Roman Reigns and Bray Wyatt go one on one at WWE Battleground.

- The Bella Twins are in the ring with microphones. The Bellas talk about how dominant they are. Stephanie McMahon interrupts and talks about how women are taking over sports today. Stephanie says it's time for a revolution in the WWE and introduces Paige and NXT's Charlotte and Becky Lynch.
Naomi and Tamina are out next and claim to have unfinished business with the Bellas and Paige. Stephanie says there is someone else that thinks like them and introduces the NXT Women's Champion, Sasha Banks. A huge catfight breaks out which concludes with The Bellas getting beaten down. Paige raises Charlotte and Becky's hands while Naomi raised Sasha's to end the segment.

- "Six Man Tag Match": The Prime Time Players and Mark Henry vs. The New Day: The match closes out with Henry planting Xavier Woods with the World's Strongest Slam and scoring the pin. The Prime Time Players defend the WWE World Tag Team Championship against The New Day at WWE Battleground.

- King Barrett vs. R-Truth: The match closes out with Truth hitting Barrett with the Lie Detector and scores the pin. After the match, Truth again grabs Barrett's cape, crown and scepter and dances around with it.

- John Cena comes out for his United States Open Challenge. Rusev answers the challenge. Rusev says he'll destroy Cena like he did to Dolph Ziggler. Kevin Owens interrupts and says he'll face Cena tonight and give Cena his rematch at WWE Battleground, Rusev says no and argues with Owens. Cesaro interrupts next and starts arguing with Owens and Rusev over a title shot tonight. It's decided on Owens vs. Rusev vs. Cesaro with the winner facing Cena, tonight.

- "Triple Threat Match": Cesaro vs. Rusev vs. Kevin Owens: Owens decides he doesn't want anything to do with this match and heads to the backstage area. The match closes out with Rusev going for The Accolade, but Cesaro escapes, lands the Cesaro Swing and then locks Rusev in the Sharpshooter. Rusev crawls to the floor to escape, but gets blasted with a Cesaro running uppercut. Cesaro throws Rusev back in the ring, but eats a Rusev thrust kick as he re-entered the ring. Rusev covers and scores the pin.

- "WWE United States Championship Match": John Cena (c) vs. Rusev: The match closes out with Rusev locking Cena in The Accolade submission. Kevin Owens hits the ring and attacks Rusev, causing a DQ. After the match, Owens beats down Rusev and plants Cena with the pop up power bomb. Owens yells that no one will take the U.S. Title from Cena, except for Owens.

- Backstage, Seth Rollins is worried about Kane's plan not working tonight.

- WWE Hall of Famer, Lita, introduces this years Tough Enough cast, one by one.

- Backstage, Stardust returns and pays homage to his late father, Dusty Rhodes. Stardust then cuts a promo on Neville.

- Stardust vs. Neville: The match closes out with Stardust avoiding a Red Arrow attempt from Neville. Neville gets a near fall roll up. Neville and Stardust go back and forth until Stardust scores a rollup pinfall.

- Seth Rollins vs. Brock Lesnar WWE Battleground Contract Signing: Kane is in the ring to supervise. Seth Rollins is sick of seeing the footage of Lesnar destroying Mercury and Noble's car and shows footage of Rollins beating down Lesnar two weeks ago. Rollins says he's not afraid of Lesnar, he will conquer the Conqueror and demolish Suplex City. Paul Heyman says people are going to watch Battleground just to watch Rollins get his ass kicked and the fans will get their money's worth. Rollins and Lesnar sign the contract to make it official.
Heyman and Rollins talk trash with each other and Lesnar flips the table over. Lesnar grabs an axehandle he hid under the table and corners Rollins. Lesnar sets the axehandle down and dares Rollins to reach for it. Rollins reaches for it, but gets a gut shot with the table by Lesnar. Lesnar drops Kane, then german suplexes Rollins. Kane pulls Lesnar to the floor, where he and Rollins beat down Lesnar. Lesnar is tossed into the ring post and smacked with the axehandle by Rollins. Rollins tosses Lesnar into the ring steps and joins Kane in another beat down.
Lesnar counters a Pedigree and sends Rollins into the barricade. Lesnar counters a Kane choke slam and F5's Kane on the floor. Rollins escapes through the crowd and leaves Kane alone with Lesnar. Lesnar slams the steel steps on Kane's leg, injuring Kane. Lesnar and Heyman celebrate and finally leave ringside. Rollins comes back to the ring, flips the table and chairs and guarantees he'll beat Lesnar at Battleground. Rollins stomps on Kane's injured leg and calls Kane a failure and a wannabe Hall of Famer. Rollins storms off as WWE Medics check on Kane to end the show.

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