Monday, June 20, 2016

Krunch Time With Katelin 6.20.16: CLEVELAND = CHAMPION #Cavs

By Katelin Marshall, @KatelinKnowsCLE

The Cleveland Cavaliers are NBA Champions...Cleveland is finally a CHAMPION! I don't have to go through the 52 year drought or anything like that, but while I sit here on my computer at 2:16 AM after the greatest game in Cleveland sports history I just wonder what this all means.

My entire life I've wondered what I would do if any Cleveland team won and to be frank I still don't really know. This city has been loser town USA, our entire I.D, has been heartbreak after heartbreak. I would ask myself why do I keep rooting for these sorry ass teams every day, after every coaching change, and again after every heartbreak.

But as I sit and reflect I think about what the Cavaliers had to go through this year...whether it was starting the season without the Best PG in the game, firing the head coach after one of the most embarrassing losses in the regular season, almost trading Kevin Love to Boston at the Trading Deadline... and most importantly coming back from 3-1 to defeat arguably the greatest regular season team of ALL TIME. It seems to be fitting this team gets CLEVELAND their long awaited championship.

Us Cleveland Fans are unique, we bitch about the dumbest stuff all the time, we have favorite teams within the city...hell we even have different cliques on twitter who hate pretty much hate each other which maybe will change with a new way of thinking. (I know I troll #IndiansTwitter so remain calm)

But what I do know... is that This Championship is for ALL CLEVELAND FANS!!!!

Whether you live here in Northeast Ohio or not, this is for you. This is for everyone who had a family member or friend that missed out on seeing a Champion in their lifetime but their fandom remains through you. This is for every fan who has live through all of the heartbreaks and still kept coming back for more, who always stuck by their teams whether you hope for 90 wins, 50 wins or just 6 wins this is for YOU!!!!!

But most importantly this Championship is for the next generation of Cleveland Fans. The next generation of fans who will hopefully not have to wait 52 years for the next championship, a generation that won't be synonymous of losing. But hopefully, that generation of fans can continue to help build up this city to its rightful status as one of the BEST DAMN CITIES IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!



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