Friday, May 20, 2016

Wrestling Lockup with Brandon: SmackDown Results #SmackDown #WWE

By Brandon Albright, @B_Rock1978

Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, brought to you by Triple Threat CLE, is here with your Smackdown Recap Edition.  

This week's Smackdown took place in Greenville, South Carolina. Tonight was Smackdown's go home show to this Sunday's WWE Extreme Rules. Kevin Owens went one on one with Cesaro to kick off the show. Paige took on Dana Brooke one on one in women's division action. Dolph Ziggler went one on one against Sheamus. Big Cass and The New Day battled The Dudley Boys and The Vaudevillains in eight man tag team action. In the main event, Luke Gallows of The Club battled WWE World Heavyweight Champion Roman Reigns one on one.

*** Smackdown ***

- Cesaro vs. Kevin Owens: The Miz, Maryse and Sami Zayn were all on commentary for this match. The match closes out with Owens punching Zayn at ringside, Cesaro hitting a senton on Owens and Cesaro hitting Miz. Cesaro hits a springboard uppercut on Owens and goes for the Cesaro Swing. Miz distracts Cesaro and Owens gets a near fall super kick. Zayn tries to go after Owens, but Cesaro hits Zayn. Owens rolls up Cesaro during the distraction and scores the pinfall. After the match, Zayn hits Helluva Kick on Cesaro. Miz hits the Skull Crushing Finale on Zayn. Owens escapes the ring and stares down Miz.
Winner: Kevin Owens, by pinfall.

- Paige vs. Dana Brooke: Becky Lynch was on commentary for this match. The match closes out with Paige in control and landing a series of knees. Dana comes back and takes control of Paige. Dana hits a Samoan Driver on Paige and scores the pinfall.
Winner: Dana Brooke, by pinfall.

- Backstage, Rusev says he'll beat Kalisto this Sunday and regain the WWE United States Championship. After Rusev wins the fans will all be chanting "Mach-ka".

- Dolph Ziggler vs. Sheamus: The match closes out with Sheamus missing a Brogue Kick, allowing Ziggler to hit a Fameasser for a near fall. Sheamus hits the Irish Curse for a near fall. Ziggler misses the Zig Zag, but hits a super kick instead for the pinfall. After the match, Baron Corbin arrives and says their No DQ match at Extreme Rules means no one will stop him from ending Ziggler.
Winner: Dolph Ziggler, by pinfall.

- Chris Jericho Promo: Jericho says he's been in every first stipulation match WWE has ever had so he already has the advantage over Dean Ambrose. Jericho says he's smarter, crazier and has already put Ambrose in the hospital once. Jericho has the Asylum Cage lowered so he can examine it and shows off all the weapons inside. A ringside technician gets in the ring and attacks Jericho from behind. The technician reveals himself as Dean Ambrose. Ambrose unloads a series of kendo stick shots on Jericho and chases Jericho out of the cage.

- Bob Backlund's Training: Backlund tells Darren Young to stop writing down notes and tell him all the president's in alphabetical order. Backlund does it himself and Young says "Damn, Coach Bobby B". Backlund makes Young do 100 jumping jacks for cursing.

- "Eight Man Tag Team Match": Big Cass and The New Day vs. The Vaudevillains and The Dudley Boys: The match closes out with Cass hot tagging and cleans house. Big E hits suplexes on everyone that escapes to the floor. Big E tosses Kofi on top of English, taking English out. Cass misses the East River Crossing finisher on Bubba, but hits the Empire Elbow instead for the pinfall.
Winner: Big Cass and The New Day, by pinfall.

- Luke Gallows (w/ The Club) vs. Roman Reigns (w/ The Usos): The match closes out with Reigns nailing Gallows with a series of corner clotheslines, a second rope clothesline and finally a big boot to the face. Reigns hits the Superman Punch on Gallows as The Usos, AJ Styles and Karl Anderson brawl on the floor. Reigns goes outside and hits the drive by drop kick on Styles. Reigns gets back in the ring and gets dropped by Gallows with the Gallows Pole. Reigns kicks out at two, Anderson hits the ring and attacks Reigns, causing the DQ. After the match, we have a six man brawl break out. Smackdown closes out with Styles getting slammed on a table by Reigns and The Usos and The Club still brawling.
Winner: Roman Reigns, by DQ.

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