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Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, 3.30.16: TNA Impact

By Brandon Albright, @B_Rock1978

Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, brought to you by Triple Threat CLE, has returned with your TNA Impact Recap Edition.

TNA Impact took place at the Impact Zone in Orlando, Florida. Ethan Carter continues his war with Matt Hardy and Mike Bennett as we get a handicap match and a six man tag involving all three men. The Beautiful People, Madison Rayne and Velvet Sky, go one on one to determine a second #1 contender to the TNA Knockouts Championship. The Pope makes a challenge to Bobby Lashley. The now reunited BroMans take on Eric Young and Bram in tag team action. Shane Helms has a proposition for Eddie Edwards of The Wolves. In the main event, Drew Galloway defends the TNA World Heavyweight Championship against Jeff Hardy.

*** Impact ***

- Matt Hardy Promo: Matt promises a protest, calls Jeff Hardy a traitor and demands his rematch now. Mike Bennett's music hits and out comes Mike and Maria Bennett. Bennett says Hardy needs to relax, cool down, no one wants to see either of the Hardy's wrestle for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship, TNA needs a miracle and when Bennett wins the title we'll believe in miracles. Reby Hardy says the Bennett's need to leave, Matt is the greatest wrestler ever, calls Maria "fire crotch" and threatens to shove her ear ring down Maria's throat after Maria asks Reby if she knows how to be a lady. Matt says they could all be friends, but Bennett has no respect and needs to get in the back of the line on the pecking order. Bennett says he used to respect Matt, Matt is a future hall of famer, but is now washed up. Matt calls Bennett insignificant like Ethan Carter and says he'll fight Bennett right now. EC3 arrives and says Matt, Tyrus and Spud are TNA's three stooges, except they are really EC3's "Three Bitches". EC3 says he prayed to GOD to find Bennett a spot for his career in the after life, thinks he's going to use EC3 to make a name for himself, but EC3 will make sure Bennett's career rots in hell. Bennett says TNA needs a miracle and will decide where and when to fight EC3. EC3 tells Bennett to leave, go get his $4 haircut and isn't leaving till he's fighting someone tonight. Matt says EC3 can fight Matt, Tyrus and Spud tonight. EC3 accepts even though Reby is the only one with balls on Team Hardy.

- "3-on-1 Handicap Match": Ethan Carter vs. Matt Hardy, Tyrus and Rockstar Spud: The match closes out with EC3 dumping Tyrus to the floor and catching Spud in mid air as he attempted a cross body. EC3 goes for a press slam, but Spud rakes the eyes to escape. Spud goes for a Twist Of Fate, but EC3 traps Spud in a cobra clutch submission. Mike Bennett hits the ring and attacks EC3, causing a DQ. After the match, EC3 gets the 4-on-1 beat down until Beer Money hits the ring. Beer Money clears the ring and grabs a mic. Beer Money was drinking beer and heard that everyone wants to fight tonight, so Beer Money and EC3 are ready to go and demand a six man tag team match right now.
Winner: Ethan Carter, by DQ.

- "Six Man Tag Team Match": Beer Money and Ethan Carter vs. Matt Hardy, Tyrus and Mike Bennett: The match closes out with Bennett running away after getting a EC3 clothesline to the floor. Tyrus knocks Roode off the top rope, but catches a Last Call from Storm. Beer Money double suplex Tyrus and Hardy. Beer Money goes for the DWI, but Tyrus dumps Storm to the floor. Roode goes for the Roode Bomb on Hardy, but Tyrus breaks it up. Hardy hits the Twist Of Fate on Roode and scores the pinfall.
Winners: Matt Hardy, Tyrus and Mike Bennett, by pinfall.

- Backstage, Gail Kim says she's been waiting two months for a match with Maria Bennett, but Maria's all talk and talked her way out of her match and gave it to Jade. Gail offers Madison Rayne and Velvet Sky a shot at becoming a #1 contender too, so they can throw off Maria's plan.

- Backstage, The BroMans are back, but feel rusty. Eli Drake interrupts and mocks Jesse Godderz for his alliance switch. The BroMans mock Drake and his bad breath. Drake tells the BroMans to go back into their hole and not come back. Godderz says no, they need to go tan.

- "#1 Contenders Match": Madison Rayne vs. Velvet Sky: The match closes out with Madison landing a northern lights suplex. Velvet lands a boot, a neck breaker and a near fall running bulldog on Madison. Velvet sends Madison into the ring post and goes for In Your Face. Madison counters and backslides Velvet for the pinfall.
Winner: Madison Rayne, by pinfall, making Madison Rayne and Jade both #1 Contenders to the TNA Knockouts Championship.

- Backstage, TNA World Heavyweight Champion, Drew Galloway, calls Jeff Hardy the real deal and Matt Hardy a son of a bitch. Galloway looks to beat Jeff and further cement his TNA legacy. 

- The Pope Promo: Pope says he's been a loyal TNA staff member, but needed to step up and help Josh Matthews when Bobby Lashley attacked him. Lashley wastes no time and interrupts The Pope. Lashley says Pope is just an announcer, needs to apologize and go back to calling matches or else take a Lashley beating. Pope says he and Lashley started in the business together, but somewhere along the way Lashley got lost. Pope refuses to apologize, has no regrets, but would regret if he didn't challenge Lashley to a match. Lashley says if its a fight Pope wants, than Pope is getting hurt really bad. Lashley tells Pope to leave, but Pope instead hits Lashley with the microphone. Lashley storms back and unloads punches on Pope. TNA Officials hit the ring and separate both men. Pope goes right back after Lashley, but gets planted with a Lashley spine buster. Pope dodges the spear and sends Lashley to the floor. Pope takes out some TNA Officials and then hits a flying cross body on Lashley. Lashley attacks TNA Security as both men are finally held back.

- Backstage, Matt Hardy is still fuming over Jeff Hardy getting a match against Drew Galloway for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

- Eric Young and Bram vs. The BroMans: Before the match Eric Young flies off the handle about Jeff Hardy. EY blames Bram for them being on a losing streak and says he's just going to sit back tonight, watch Jeff Hardy win the TNA World Heavyweight Championship, just so EY can swoop in and take it from Hardy. The match closes out with The BroMans hitting the Hart Attack Clothesline and score the pinfall.
Winners: The BroMans, by pinfall.

- Backstage, Al Snow attacks Grado and Mahabali Shera from behind with a lead pipe. Snow beats both men down and tells Grado he doesn't belong in TNA.

- Shane Helms and Eddie Edwards Face To Face Promo: Helms says when you think of revolutionary tag teams, The Wolves come to mind. Edwards shows his gratitude and says he and Davey Richards need to show that they are the best. With Richards out with an injury, Edwards wants to prove he can wrestle as a singles wrestler too. Helms offers to be Edwards' tag team partner so they can go after Beer Money and the TNA World Tag Team Championship. Helms says he'll give Edwards a week to think about it.

- "TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match": Drew Galloway (c) vs. Jeff Hardy: The match closes out with Jeff getting a near fall Swanton Bomb. Jeff sends Galloway outside and onto the steel steps. Jeff goes for another Swanton Bomb, but Galloway gets the knees up for the block. Galloway tosses Jeff back into the ring and nails the Future Shock DDT to score the pinfall. After the match, Matt Hardy comes out. Matt says he's getting what he wants, wanted Jeff to win, but enjoys seeing Jeff's fans cry. Matt says next week he's getting his revenge and getting his rematch for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. Galloway says the only thing Matt is good at is pissing Galloway off and is willing to defend the title now. Bram and Eric Young hit the ring and attack Jeff Hardy. Galloway makes the save by hitting a double Claymore on EY and Bram. Jeff challenges EY to a Six Sides Of Steel Cage Match next week to end the show.
Winner: Drew Galloway, by pinfall, to retain the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

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