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Roman Reigns vs. The WWE Universe #WWE #RomanReigns

By Brandon Albright, @B_Rock1978

What's up gang, its Brandon, from Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, brought to you by Triple Threat CLE. I am back with my third wrestling blog of 2016. If you missed my first two blogs entitled "Is Shane McMahon vs. The Undertaker Best For Business?" and "Why I Want Kurt Angle Back In The WWE". Be sure to head into our archives and check them out!

In this blog, I'm going to talk about a man that seems to just not be able to get over as a fan favorite in the WWE, Roman Reigns. You see the WWE Universe can be very very picky on who they want to see succeed in wrestling and who they really don't care about. Unfortunately for Roman Reigns he is that guy right now. Face it, like it or not Roman is the next John Cena. Now I'm not talking as in wrestling and microphone skills, I'm talking about his overall presence in the company. Who is to blame for this?? Many point the finger at Vincent Kennedy McMahon, because Vince has a thing for big guys in the main event and doesn't care what the WWE Universe thinks. You could babble broken english, your move set could consist of only chops, kicks, headbutts and a painful to watch two handed throat slam, but Vince McMahon would still have a hard on for you, cause you're seven feet tall and he'd throw the World Title on you next week. Yes I just described The Great Khali. It sadly happened!

Roman Reigns seems to have had a rollercoaster ride with being liked and hated in the company. When The Shield were still running strong, the WWE Universe loved him. But as soon as The Shield broke up, Roman was already casted off as the Marty Jennetty of the group and expected to fall to the mid card range. Things, however, seemed to start looking up for Roman as he entered and dominated in the Royal Rumble. Roman stood alone in the ring with Batista and the WWE Universe was gobbling up the hopes of Roman winning the Rumble. Unfortunately for Roman, the only reason he was so heavily cheered at this moment was because the WWE Universe's golden boy Daniel Bryan was denied entry and CM Punk was eliminated late in the Rumble. The WWE Universe also hated the fact that Batista, a part timer, was about to win the Rumble and main event Wrestlemania.

So Royal Rumble ends, Roman Reigns is 50/50 on the fan level right now, then Vince McMahon basically already pencils in Reigns as the following years Royal Rumble winner and Wrestlemania main eventer. Here comes the WWE Universe hatred again. The same people who cheered Reigns at the Rumble, now despise the man because he's got a shot at a bright future. Many felt Reigns didn't earn that right yet, he was still too young and wet behind the ears to main event the Super Bowl of Sports Entertainment. No matter what Reigns did, or who he'd fight, he'd catch the WWE Universe backlash.

Reigns would next suffer a shoulder injury, was off TV for a few months and the WWE Universe cheered this. Really? Come on! How can people be so cold hearted that they would cheer a man's injury? That's the WWE Universe right there! Many felt this just opened the door to their golden boy, Daniel Bryan, yet again to main event Wrestlemania. What the WWE Universe didn't expect was Roman returning and fully recovered from his injury. The Roman winning the Rumble talks behind the scenes picked right back up and angered the WWE Universe yet again.

Reigns would go on to win the Rumble and even The Rock appearing and helping Reigns win didn't change the fact that the WWE Universe hated Reigns and booed he and The Rock out of the building. The WWE even stuck the knife further in the backs of the WWE Universe by having Reigns defeat Daniel Bryan in a #1 Contenders Match at WWE Fastlane. Yep, the WWE Universe really thought the WWE was going to listen to them and give the match to Bryan? HA WRONG! So the WWE Universe just got slapped in the face and unfortunately for the WWE they now have their man, who is supposed to be the good guy battling Brock Lesnar, who's supposed to be the bad guy at Wrestlemania. The company's top babyface is getting booed and cheered when Lesnar beats him up. Luckily for the WWE, Seth Rollins saved the day at Wrestlemania, cashing in his money in the bank briefcase and stopped any serious backlash from the WWE Universe from happening.

Another year goes by and still Reigns is jeered everywhere he goes and is being what the WWE Universe call it "Jammed Down Our Throats". Reigns is again set to main event Wrestlemania against Triple H. Reigns is still being booed and Triple H, who's supposed to be the evil boss, is getting cheered when he beats up Reigns.  So now the WWE has again put themselves in a predicament with Reigns at Wrestlemania. There is again talk about trying to change the main event a little bit to take the cheers off Triple H, but what they do I haven't a clue.

So what should the WWE do about this? They need to turn Roman Reigns heel and do it right after Wrestlemania. Hell maybe do it at Wrestlemania. No matter how hard the WWE tries, they can't make the WWE Universe like someone. The WWE need to open their ears and eyes and see that Reigns is hated right now and build off of that momentum. Have Reigns beat up his cousins The Usos, or viciously attack a fan favorite right now, like AJ Styles. The WWE need to stop trying to force the WWE Universe to like someone that they hate and build off of that hatred. If done right, Reigns could be one of the most vicious superstars in the company. Give Reigns that one "I've had enough of this crap from the fans" promo. It has to seem like it's from the heart though and not faked.

Then have Reigns just target superstars like an assassin and start putting superstars on notice. If you're going to have your champion booed, then at least work it out to make something great out of it. I'd do the Reigns heel gimmick from Wrestlemania 32 and build it all the way to Wrestlemania 33 where a real fan favorite that the WWE Universe loves and cheers (AJ Styles) can finally dethrone Reigns.

So one thing I'm asking is the WWE needs to stop already with trying to force us to like someone and just listen to the fans. They will tell you what they like and what they hate. If the WWE would just listen and follow what the WWE Universe likes and hates, they really could work out some great ideas and make the company a better product.

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