Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, 3.16.16: TNA Impact

By Brandon Albright, @B_Rock1978

Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, brought to you by Triple Threat CLE, has returned with your TNA Impact Recap Edition.

TNA Impact took place at the Impact Zone in Orlando, Florida. Back from their taped shows from their United Kingdom tour, TNA arrived back home for tonight's show. After being put on the injured list by Eric Young, a 100% Jeff Hardy returned to even the score with EY. Mike and Maria Bennett continue their miracle campaign and battle Drew Galloway and Gail Kim in mixed tag team action. Abyss, Crazy Steve and Rosemary battled Beer Money and Eddie Edwards in a six person tag team match. Grado gets a shot at getting his job back in a ladder match against Eli Drake. In the main event Matt Hardy defended the TNA World Heavyweight Championship against Jeff Hardy and Ethan Carter. Would Matt Hardy retain or would there be a surprise new champion?

*** Impact ***

- "Winner Will Be Added To The TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match Tonight": Jeff Hardy vs. Eric Young: Dixie Carter came out in the middle of the match and made the special stipulation announcement that the winner would be added to the Matt Hardy vs. Ethan Carter TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match later tonight. The match closes out with, EY getting a near fall neck breaker on Hardy, then a near fall back elbow. Hardy dodges a flying headbutt, trades punches with EY, hits a flying forearm, lands a side russian leg sweep and hits a double leg dropkick on EY for a near fall. Hardy and EY trade punches while on the top rope. EY goes for a superplex, but Hardy counters and punches EY down to the mat. Hardy hits the Swanton Bomb on EY and scores the pinfall.
Winner: Jeff Hardy, by pinfall.

- Matt and Jeff Hardy Face To Face: Matt Hardy arrives and tells Jeff that he's happy for him, apologizes for not being there when EY drove Jeff through a table because he was protecting his wife and child. Reby says that night was rough on the whole family. Matt asks Jeff to give up his title shot tonight so Matt can prove that he can pin Ethan Carter. Matt promises Jeff a future title shot if he does this one little favor, but says Jeff can't cash it in till 2017 or 2018. Jeff declines Matt's ridiculous offer and asks Matt if he cares about his own well being. Matt says he and Jeff seem to never see eye to eye and demands Jeff to accept his offer. Matt goes after Jeff, but gets dropped with a Jeff Hardy Twist Of Fate.

- Backstage, Eddie Edwards talks about Davey Richards' leg injury, losing the TNA World Tag Team Championship to Beer Money and promises to still represent Wolf Nation. The Decay suddenly come out of nowhere and beat down Edwards.

- Backstage, Mike and Maria Bennett say that they changed TNA the day that they walked into the company. Tonight they promise to shut up Drew Galloway and Gail Kim and we'll finally witness a miracle.

- "Mixed Tag Team Match": Mike and Maria Bennett vs. Drew Galloway and Gail Kim: The match closes out with, Galloway hitting a belly to belly suplex on Bennett, but gets slapped by Maria. Galloway lands punches on Bennett, but gets sent to the floor. Gail tags in and hits a running drop kick on Bennett and follows with Eat Defeat. Galloway hits Bennett with the Claymore, however, Maria scores a rollup pinfall for the victory.
Winners: Mike and Maria Bennett, by pinfall.

- Bobby Lashley Promo: Lashley talks about his TNA and MMA accomplishments, but everyone wants to know why he attacked Kurt Angle. Lashley says he's a hero, is always over looked and was waiting for the right time to strike. Lashley says he has no friends and anyone that crosses him will get hurt. Lashley attacks commentator Josh Matthews and then hits the Spear on The Pope when Pope tries to stop Lashley.

- Backstage, The Decay take credit for what they did to Eddie Edwards, claim its a new, darker world and promise to drag Edwards and Beer Money into the Black Hole void with them tonight.

- "Six Person Tag Team Match": The Decay vs. Beer Money and Eddie Edwards: The match closes out with, Edwards hitting a chin checker on Steve for a near fall. Edwards hits a suicide dive to the floor and takes out Abyss. Roode plants Steve with a spine buster, but Rosemary tries to attack Roode. Beer Money goes for their DWI finisher, but Steve grabs Rosemary and sends Storm to the floor. Rosemary spits green mist at Roode, as Steve lands a low blow on Roode and scores a roll up pinfall.
Winners: The Decay, by pinfall.

- Backstage, Ethan Carter welcomes Jeff Hardy back and never thought their paths would cross again. Hardy warns EC3 that he's focused on winning the TNA World Heavyweight Championship tonight.

- Backstage, Billy Corgan tells Grado that after reviewing all the evidence of what happened in Feast Or Fired, a decision will be made tonight about Grado's future.

- Eli Drake Promo: Drake demands that Billy Corgan give back Drake's TNA King Of The Mountain briefcase. Grado and Billy Corgan come to the ring. Corgan makes Grado give back the briefcase, but then makes a match. It'll be Grado vs. Drake in a ladder match. If Grado retrieves the TNA contract then he gets his job back. If Drake gets the contract then Grado is officially fired.

- "Ladder Match": Grado vs. Eli Drake: Jesse Godderz and Mahabali Shera end up at ringside during the match. The match closes out with, Shera and Godderz brawling on the floor. Drake attacks Shera with his briefcase. Grado hits a flying crossbody off the ladder and takes out everyone on the floor. Grado and Drake both climb the ladder. Grado gets Drake on his shoulders and both men fall to the mat. Grado and Drake end up at the top of the ladder again. Drake rakes Grado's eyes and lands a series of punches. Grado hits the Bionic Elbow on Drake, sending Drake to the mat. Grado grabs the contract and wins his job back.
Winner: Grado, by contract retrieval.

- "TNA World Heavyweight Championship, Triple Threat Match": Matt Hardy (c) vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Ethan Carter: The match closes out with, Eric Young and Bram hitting the ring and attacking Jeff. EY plants Jeff on the concrete floor with a pile driver, forcing TNA officials to help Jeff backstage. EC3 unloads on Matt with a back suplex, a clothesline, a back elbow, a jawbreaker and a splash. Rockstar Spud and Tyrus hit the ring and attack EC3. EC3 hits a TKO on Tyrus, scoops up Spud and throws him on top of Tyrus. Mike Bennett hits the ring and unloads a steel chair shot on EC3. Matt covers, but gets a near fall. Matt hits the Twist Of Fate on EC3 for another near fall. EC3 escapes to the floor and brawls with Mike Bennett around ringside. TNA Security finally break up the brawl and the match is thrown out by the referee.
Winner: No-Contest, Matt Hardy retains the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. 

- After The Match: Matt Hardy grabs his TNA World Heavyweight Championship and a microphone. Matt mocks the fans and brags that he's still the world champion. Drew Galloway suddenly attacks Matt from behind and tosses Matt back into the ring. Galloway turns in his TNA World Heavyweight Championship Feast Or Fired briefcase and takes his title shot right now.

- "TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match": Matt Hardy (c) vs. Drew Galloway: The match closes out with, Matt landing headbutts and then goes for the Twist Of Fate on Galloway. Galloway counters and hits the Claymore on Matt. Galloway plants Matt with the Future Shock DDT, covers, scores the pinfall and wins the TNA World Heavyweight Championship to close out the show.
Winner: Drew Galloway, by pinfall, to win the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

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