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Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, 3.25.16: NXT & Smackdown

By Brandon Albright, @B_Rock1978

Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, brought to you by Triple Threat CLE, is here with your NXT Recap Edition.

This week's NXT took place at Full Sail University in Orlando, Florida. The undefeated Elias Samson went one on one with Johnny Gargano to kick off this week's show. NXT World Champion, Finn Balor, went one on one in a non-title match against Rich Swann. Alexa Bliss battled Sarah Dobson in Women's Division action. Samoa Joe sends a message to Finn Balor. The main event saw Emma battle Asuka one on one in Women's Division action.

*** NXT ***

- Elias Samson vs. Johnny Gargano: The match closes out with, Samson landing an axehandle on Gargano. Gargano does a roll through and lands a kick on Samson. Gargano goes for the slingshot spear, but Samson counters, catching Gargano with a knee. Gargano pulls out a roll up on Samson and steals a pinfall, handing Samson his first pinfall loss in NXT. After the match, an irate Samson attacks and beats down Gargano. Apollo Crews hits the ring and makes the save for Gargano.
Winner: Johnny Gargano, by pinfall.

- Finn Balor vs. Rich Swann: The match closes out with, Swann hitting a superkick and a top rope hurricanrana on Balor. Balor comes back and hits the charging dropkick in the corner on Swann. Balor hits the top rope double stomp followed by Bloody Sunday and scores the pinfall.
Winner: Finn Balor, by pinfall.

- Backstage, Emma says her match against Asuka will have a different outcome than last time they battled. Dana Brooke says she wants revenge on Asuka.

- Alexa Bliss vs. Sarah Dobson: The match closes out with, Dobson landing a boot on Bliss, followed by a cross body for a near fall. Buddy Murphy helps Bliss regain control and land the Sparkle Splash on Dobson for the pinfall.
Winner: Alexa Bliss, by pinfall. 

- Bull Dempsey vs. Danny Burch: The match never happens as Samoa Joe hits the ring and chokes out both Dempsey and Burch with the Coquina Clutch, sending a message to the NXT World Champion, Finn Balor.

- Emma vs. Asuka: The match closes out with, Dana Brooke helping distract Asuka, allowing Emma to hit the Emma-Bite-Sandwich for a near fall. Asuka hits a butt bunt, unloads a series of kicks and a back fist to Emma. Emma rolls Asuka up, but the referee catches Emma with her feet on the ropes, trying to cheat. Asuka lands a suplex on Emma and follows it up with a running dropkick. Asuka locks in the Asuka Lock submission and forces Emma to tap out. 
Winner: Asuka, by submission.

- This closed out this week's NXT.


Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, brought to you by Triple Threat CLE, is here with your Smackdown Recap Edition.  

This week's Smackdown took place in Boston, Massachusetts. WWE Divas Champion, Charlotte, battled Sasha Banks one on one in a non-title match. Kofi Kingston of The New Day faced Sheamus of the League Of Nations one on one. In tag team action, we saw The Usos take on The Ascension. Dolph Ziggler and Sami Zayn teamed up to battle The Miz and WWE Intercontinental Champion, Kevin Owens, in tag team action. Roman Reigns took on Bubba Ray Dudley one on one. AJ Styles battled Tyler Breeze one on one. Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman arrived to talk about Wrestlemania and Dean Ambrose.

*** Smackdown ***

- Charlotte Promo: Charlotte says she's ending the Divas Revolution at Wrestlemania, starting the WOOOOO Revolution and will put an end to Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch.

- Charlotte vs. Sasha Banks: Becky Lynch is at ringside to watch her Wrestlemania opponents. The match closes out with, Sasha hitting a baseball slide that sends Charlotte crashing into Becky. Charlotte grabs Sasha and throws her into Becky, which forces Sasha to shove Becky away. Back in the ring, Charlotte hits a spine buster on Sasha and goes for the Figure Eight submission. Sasha counters, rolls Charlotte up and scores the pinfall. After the match, Becky hits the exploder suplex on both Charlotte and Sasha. Sasha gets back to her feet and locks Charlotte in the Bank Statement submission.
Winner: Sasha Banks, by pinfall.

- Kofi Kingston vs. Sheamus: The match closes out with, Kofi getting a near fall cross body on Sheamus. Sheamus lands a back elbow, sends Kofi into the turnbuckle and hits a front face slam on Kofi for a near fall. Kofi hits a spinning back kick on Sheamus, but can't get the pinfall as Rusev put Sheamus' foot on the ropes. Barrett distracts Kofi next, allowing Sheamus to hit the Brogue Kick on Kofi and score the pinfall.
Winner: Sheamus, by pinfall.

- The Usos vs. The Ascension: The match closes out with, Jimmy hitting an Uso Kick on Konnor. The Usos then hit double Uso Kicks on Viktor to score the pinfall. After the match, The Usos bust out the lumber as they bring a couple tables into the ring. The Usos place Viktor and Konnor on both tables and drive both men through the tables with top rope Uso Splashes. The Dudley Boys look on from backstage as The Usos send their warning to them.
Winners: The Usos, by pinfall.

- Backstage, Devon Dudley says the Dudleys won't be defined by tables, but by their incomparable careers. Bubba says The Usos are good but will never be as good as The Dudley Boys. The Dudley's plan on stealing the show at Wrestlemania and end The Uso family. Roman Reigns interrupts and says he's shutting Triple H's mouth just like he's going to do to Bubba tonight. Bubba laughs as Reigns asks not for a match but for a fight.

- Dolph Ziggler and Sami Zayn vs. Kevin Owens and The Miz: The match closes out with, Miz and Zayn hitting double cross body blocks on each other. Owens grabs his I-C Title and leaves, but gets stopped by Sin Cara, Stardust and Zack Ryder. Miz grabs Owens and drops his partner with a Skull Crushing Finale. Ziggler lands a superkick on Miz and Zayn hits Miz with Helluva Kick for the pinfall. After the match, all seven men brawl. Ziggler hits a superkick on Sin Cara. Owens drops Ziggler with the pop up power bomb. Ryder hits the Rough Ryder on Owens.
Winners: Dolph Ziggler and Sami Zayn, by pinfall.

- Roman Reigns vs. Bubba Ray Dudley: The match closes out with, both men brawling at ringside and getting counted out. Reigns lands a Superman Punch on Bubba. Bubba sends Reigns into the steel steps and Reigns sends Bubba into the announcers table. Reigns hits a Superman Punch on Devon for trying to help Bubba. Reigns hits Devon with the steel steps and then spears Bubba.
Winner: Double Countout.

- Backstage, Goldust still refuses to be R-Truth's tag team partner and the only reason he came out to help Truth the past few weeks is cause he had his pajamas hidden under the ring. Goldust paints NO on Truth's head, but in the mirror it spells ON so Truth says that means their team up is a go.

- Backstage, Kalisto says that both he and Sin Cara will be champions after Wrestlemania. Ryback interrupts and mocks Kalisto for being so short compared to Ryback. Kalisto says he'll defy the odds and the little guy will beat the big guy at Wrestlemania.

- AJ Styles vs. Tyler Breeze: The match closes out with, Breeze going for a superplex, but Styles counters and sends Breeze into the turnbuckle. Breeze sends Styles onto the apron, but Styles comes back and hits a stunner on Breeze. Styles hits the Springboard Forearm on Breeze and scores the pinfall.
Winner: AJ Styles, by pinfall.

- Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman Promo: Heyman talks about Lesnar being the main event, the beast of Wrestlemania and the man that broke The Undertaker's undefeated Wrestlemania streak. Heyman says guys like Terry Funk and Mick Foley are giving Dean Ambrose weapons and are only still alive because GOD doesn't listen to Heyman's prayers. Heyman says we all should pray for Ambrose, because he's going to Suplex City, will be tortured and then F'5ed. The only weapon that will be dangerous at Wrestlemania will be Brock Lesnar himself. Heyman says he's done talking and calls out Dean Ambrose, but The Wyatt Family arrive instead. The Wyatt's surround Lesnar as Ambrose hits the ring as well. Lesnar lands a german suplex on Rowan. Ambrose unloads kendo stick shots on Bray. Strowman clotheslines Lesnar down, but Lesnar gets back up and german suplexes the monster Strowman. Ambrose unloads kendo stick shots on Lesnar, but gets clotheslined by Lesnar. Lesnar snaps the kendo stick in half and then hits an F-5 on Ambrose, leaving Ambrose laid out to end the show.

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