Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, 3.2.16: TNA Impact

By Brandon Albright, @B_Rock1978

Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, brought to you by Triple Threat CLE, has returned with your TNA Impact Recap Edition.

TNA Impact took place in London, England, one week removed from their Lockdown made for TV pay per view. Kurt Angle continued his retirement tour, taking on Bobby Roode one on one. Abyss faced Jimmy Havok in a Monster's Ball Match. Gail Kim calls out Maria Bennett. Eric Young defended the TNA King of the Mountain Championship against UK Independent Wrestler Big Damo. The miracle, Mike Bennett battled Drew Galloway one on one. Ethan Carter faced his former best friend Rockstar Spud in an Unsanctioned Match, in the main event.

*** Impact ***

- Backstage, Rockstar Spud greats Matt Hardy and Hardy calls Spud his "#1 Man". Matt, Reby and Tyrus all tell Spud they're proud of him.

- Kurt Angle vs. Bobby Roode: The match closes out with, Roode applying the cross face submission, but Angle counters into the Ankle Lock submission. Roode rolls through and reapplies the cross face submission. Angle counters out for a near fall rollup. Angle misses a clothesline and ends up in the cross face submission again. Angle escapes and hits the Angle Slam on Roode for a near fall. Angle goes for the Ankle Lock submission, but Roode counters with an enziguri, followed by the Roode Bomb for a near fall. Angle traps Roode in the Ankle Lock submission again and applies the pressure, finally forcing Roode to tap out.
Winner: Kurt Angle, by submission.

- Kurt Angle and Bobby Roode Promo: After the match, Angle and Roode go face to face. Roode says there's no shame in losing to Angle, one of the greatest wrestlers of all time. Roode thanks Angle for everything, says he loves him and they share a manly hug. James Storm comes down to the ring and also thanks Angle for everything he's done, his friendship is priceless, says he loves Angle too and shares a manly hug as well. Storm gives Angle a carton of milk and tells him to chug it. Angle talks about his last match against Bobby Lashley and says he'd love to see The Wolves vs. Beer Money. The Wolves arrive now and say that Angle is an inspiration and if the fans want The Wolves vs. Beer Money for the tag team titles, then they won't disappoint them. Both teams state that they are both the best and agree to have a match next week for the TNA World Tag Team Championship.

- Matt Hardy Promo: Matt says he's beaten Ethan Carter so many times now that it's getting boring, he's done with EC3, no more chances for EC3 and Matt's moving on. Matt calls down Rockstar Spud to pay homage to him. Spud arrives and says everyone that lives in a dump sells out one day, never forgave EC3 for the hell he put him through last year and can't believe the UK crowd is cheering for EC3 instead of their own hometown hero, Rockstar Spud. Spud says everyone is jealous, what he did to EC3 was revenge and now dedicates his life to the Matt Hardy Brand. EC3 hits the ring with a steel chair and unloads on Tyrus. EC3 counters a Twist Of Fate from Hardy with a clothesline. EC3 and Spud stare each other down until Spud runs. EC3 announces that tonight it'll be EC3 vs. Rockstar Spud in an Unsanctioned, Anything Goes with no referee match.

- Backstage, Gail Kim says Maria Bennett proved last week how selfish she is and only cares about herself.

- "Monster's Ball Match": Abyss vs. Jimmy Havok: The match closes out with, Abyss tossing a chair at Havok, knocking off the top rope and through a table outside. Rosemary hands Abyss "Janice" and Abyss swings at Havok. Havok ducks, drop kicks Abyss through a table and gets a near fall. Havok grabs a barbed wire board and "Janice". Abyss stops Havok from swinging and goes for a choke slam. Havok escapes and goes for some kendo stick shots on Abyss. Abyss grabs Havok, plants him with the Black Hole Slam and scores the pinfall.
Winner: Abyss, by pinfall.

- Gail Kim Promo: Gail says she needs to address Maria Bennett. Gail says the Knockout's have always been about excellence and wrestling and she got into this business cause she loves wrestling. Gail says last week Maria showed her true colors and is all talk and no action. Gail calls Maria out and Maria arrives. Maria declines fighting Gail, is proud of what she did last week and Gail is nothing compared to her. Gail calls Maria a crazy ass bitch. Maria says Gail always wanted to be famous and she married a restaurant reality star. Maria is proud that she was on The Apprentice with Donald Trump, posed for Playboy, is the first lady of wrestling and will not wrestle cause she's a lady. Gail attacks Maria, as Jade makes the save for Maria. Jade lands a spin kick and hits Gail with her TNA Knockout's Championship. Jade holds up the title and tells Gail she's coming for the championship.

- Backstage, Matt Hardy blames Dixie Carter for not firing Ethan Carter. Dixie blames Matt for being a manipulator. Matt can't believe Dixie is siding with EC3 after everything he's done to her. Dixie says she's done dealing with the issue and approves the EC3 vs. Rockstar Spud Unsanctioned Match.

- Eric Young Promo: EY says he's the TNA King of the Mountain Champion and there is not one person in the United Kingdom that can beat him. UK independent wrestler, Big Damo, arrives and accepts the challenge.

- "TNA King of the Mountain Championship Match": Eric Young (c) vs. Big Damo: The match closes out with Damo landing a powerbomb and an elbow drop on EY for a near fall. EY lands punches on Damo, but Damo bounces back with a flying crossbody to EY for a near fall. Bram gets on the apron, but gets knocked off by Damo. Damo goes for a senton on EY, but EY gets his knees up for the block. EY hits the piledriver on Damo and scores the pinfall.
Winner: Eric Young, by pinfall, to retain the TNA King of the Mountain Championship.

- Backstage, Ethan Carter says Rockstar Spud is a cow headed to its slaughter and he will take every last breath away from Spud.

- Mike Bennett vs. Drew Galloway: The match closes out with, Galloway hitting a spine buster on Bennett for a near fall. Bennett comes back and hits an ace crusher on Galloway for a near fall. Bennett hits a forearm and goes for Miracle In Progress. Galloway counters and drops Bennett with the Celtic Cross and follows with the Claymore. Galloway locks Bennett in the Iron Maiden submission, but Maria reaches in and puts Bennett's foot on the ropes to break the submission. Maria distracts Galloway, allowing Bennett to score the rollup pinfall on Galloway.
Winner: Mike Bennett, by pinfall.

- Outside the building, Grado says he has proof that he was screwed over in the Feast Or Fired Match.

- "Unsanctioned Match": Ethan Carter vs. Rockstar Spud: EC3 gets attacked by Tyrus in the parking lot. Matt Hardy attacks EC3 from behind next. EC3 locks Matt inside a production truck and finally gets his hands on Spud, as they brawl to the ring. The match closes out with, EC3 hitting a TKO on Spud and Spud tries to crawl away. EC3 grabs a table, but Spud drop kicks EC3. EC3 catches Spud in mid air and hits a slam. Spud tries to crawl away again, but gets tossed back in the ring. Spud lands a low blow on EC3 and slaps EC3 in the face. EC3 counters a Spud punch and hits a power bomb on Spud, right through the table. EC3 begins to choke the life out of Spud and refuses to release his grip, as TNA officials have seen enough and storm the ring. The TNA officials finally pull EC3 off Spud to end the show. 
Winner: Ethan Carter, by referee stoppage.

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