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Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, 1.6.16: TNA Impact #IMPACTonPOP

By @B_Rock1978

Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, brought to you by Triple Threat CLE, has returned with your TNA Impact Recap Edition. Impact returned from hiatus this week, after leaving Destination America and debuting on their brand new channel, Pop TV.

TNA Impact was live in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania and had a huge show lined up. First up, The Dollhouse and The Beautiful People picked back up right where their feud left off. TNA advertised the debut of a "Miracle". Bobby Roode defended his TNA King of the Mountain Championship. And the World Title Series finally closed out as Bobby Lashley faced Ethan Carter and Matt Hardy faced Eric Young, with the winners meeting to finally crown a new TNA World Heavyweight Champion.

*** TNA Impact ***

- Dixie Carter Promo: Dixie kicks off Impact and states she chose Pop TV because the network is centered around the fans and plans to make 2016 TNA's best year. Ethan Carter and Tyrus arrive and interrupt Dixie. EC3 reminds us how he beat Kurt Angle to win the TNA World Heavyweight Championship, defended it like a true champion and then his own Aunt robbed him of it. Dixie tells EC3 to take a good long look in the mirror, says Matt Hardy won the title fairly and asks EC3 how he felt robbing Hardy of that. Matt Hardy makes his way out to the ring next. Hardy calls EC3 boring, states that the fans were robbed and it's Hardy's destiny to get back the title. Eric Young suddenly hits the ring and joins EC3 and Tyrus in a 3-On-1 beat down on Hardy. Bobby Lashley hits the ring for the save, puts Tyrus in a sleeper and back body drops EY. Hardy suicide dives to the floor and takes everyone out to end the segment.

- "Semi-Finals Of The World Title Series": Ethan Carter (w/Tyrus) vs. Bobby Lashley: Tyrus wastes no time getting involved in the match, body slamming Lashley, as EC3 distracted referee Earl Hebner. The match closes out with, Lashley landing a series of shoulder blocks to the gut of EC3. EC3 counters the Dominator with a jawbreaker and gets a near fall TKO. Lashley counters the One Percenter with elbows to EC3. Lashley lands a power slam and goes for the spear. Tyrus grabs Lashley's ankle, forcing Lashley to stop and nail Tyrus with a punch. EC3 sends Lashley face first into the turn buckle, rolls up Lashley and scores the pinfall. EC3 advances to the Finals.
Winner: Ethan Carter, by pinfall.

- Backstage, Bobby Roode states he challenged anyone from any promotion to face him tonight for the TNA King of the Mountain Championship. He'll prove why "It Pays To Be Roode".

- Kurt Angle Promo: Angle thanks the fans, runs down his career accomplishments, states it's an exciting time for TNA to be on Pop TV and officially announces he'll be stepping down soon. Angle wants to have high caliber matches on his farewell tour and has decided his first choice for next week's main event is Drew Galloway. Galloway comes to the ring and meets with Angle. Galloway thanks Angle and won't let this challenge slip away. Jesse Godderz heads out and interrupts Angle and Galloway. Godderz wants the honor cause he's the future of wrestling. Eli Drake comes out next, claims to be the future of wrestling and mocks Godderz for being on Big Brother. Drake did realize, however, that he and Godderz could team up and wipe out Angle and Galloway together. Drake calls Galloway a cross eyed waste of space. Angle tells Drake to shut his mouth and asks for an impromptu match right now. All four men begin brawling, until Drake and Godderz finally run off to end the segment.

- Backstage, Jeff Hardy says that even though the doctors are checking on Matt, nothing is stopping Matt from winning tonight.

- "Semi-Finals Of The World Title Series": Eric Young vs. Matt Hardy: EY tries to get Hardy counted out, claiming Hardy can't compete, but Hardy arrives. The match closes out with, EY blocking a Twist Of Fate, but gets hit with the Side Effect by Hardy for a near fall. Both men hit the floor where EY plants a piledriver on Hardy. Jeff Hardy hits the ring and checks on Matt, who's hurt. EY baseball slides Jeff, tosses Matt back in the ring and stalks back out after Jeff. EY yells at Jeff before getting back in the ring. Matt is back up and nails a Twist Of Fate out of nowhere on EY and scores the pinfall. Matt Hardy advances to the Finals.
Winner: Matt Hardy, by pinfall.

- Backstage, a mystery man arrives at the arena.

- Backstage, Eric Young is flipping out over his loss and says everyone is going to pay.

- Backstage, Ethan Carter and Tyrus confront Jeff Hardy. EC3 says Matt is living in Jeff's shadow. Jeff states Matt is his own person and has never lived in Jeff's shadow. EC3 walks off as Tyrus and Hardy stare each other down.

- "King of the Mountain Championship Match": Bobby Roode vs. Bram: Bram returns to TNA and answers Roode's open challenge. The match closes out with, Roode going for the Roode Bomb, but Bram drops Roode across the top rope. Both men go to the floor, where Bram ricochets Roode back and forth from apron to barricade. Back in the ring, Bram hits a leg lariat for a near fall. Roode is back up, unloads on Bram, hits the Roode Bomb for the pinfall and retains the title.
Winner: Bobby Roode, by pinfall, to retain the TNA King of the Mountain Championship.

- Beer Money Reunites: After the match, Eric Young hits the ring and attacks Bobby Roode. Bram and EY 2-On-1 attack Roode until "Cowboy" James Storm returns to TNA and helps Roode clean house. Storm grabs a microphone and fills us in on why he's back in TNA. Storm says he left TNA cause he wasn't having fun anymore, he decided to wrestle elsewhere to find himself again, he then realized that he helped make TNA and gave his all for 13 years. He then thought about Bobby Roode, all the beer they drank, all the money they made and wants to have Beer Money fun again. Storm hands Roode a beer, which Roode takes and drinks. Beer Money is Reborn.

- Backstage, pregnant Angelina Love promises that The Beautiful People have the perfect replacement for her tonight against The Dollhouse, that hates the DH just as much as the BP do.

- Backstage, James Storm and Bobby Roode say that Eric Young and Bram made a huge mistake. This Friday at TNA One Night Only, Beer Money is back. BEER....MONEY!!

- "Six Woman Tag Team Match": The Dollhouse vs. The Beautiful People and Gail Kim: Gail Kim is the chosen one to take Angelina Love's place. The match closes out with, Gail hot tagging and cleaning house. Gail gets a near fall tornado DDT on Jade. All six girls get involved, each hitting their own moves. Jade gets a near fall on Gail, but Gail comes back and scores a rollup pinfall on Jade. After the match, The Dollhouse attacks BP and Gail and beats down the trio. Awesome Kong suddenly stalks her way to the ring and targets The Dollhouse. Kong fools everyone, beats down the Beautiful People and then hits the Implant Buster on Gail. Kong stands with The Dollhouse to end the segment.
Winners: The Beautiful People and Gail Kim, by pinfall.

- The Miracle Is Introduced: Maria Kanellis and Mike Bennett, formerly of Ring Of Honor arrive. Bennett is TNA's Miracle, claims that today's wrestling has washed up guys and includes Matt Hardy as one of those washed up wrestlers. TNA's miracle will be the day when Mike Bennett becomes the new TNA World Heavyweight Champion.

- Backstage, Matt Hardy is with his wife, Reby Sky, and kid and dedicates his match to them.

- Backstage, Drew Galloway thanks Kurt Angle again. The Wolves interrupt and want a tag match this Friday. Jesse Godderz and Eli Drake interrupt and want in too. A triple threat tag team match is made official at TNA One Night Only

- "TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match": Ethan Carter vs. Matt Hardy: Before the match, Jeff Hardy talks Tyrus into leaving ringside and letting this match be one on one. The match closes out with, EC3 hitting two TKO's, but Hardy blocks the third and hits a Twist Of Fate. Matt goes for another Twist Of Fate, but EC3 counters with an enziguri and a One Percenter for a near fall. Matt tries to get to his feet as EC3 yells at him to stay down. Matt pops up and hits the Twist Of Fate again and EC3 barely kicks out. Matt sits EC3 on the top rope and goes for a Super Twist Of Fate. EC3 blocks it and lands a Super One Percenter off the ropes. EC3 covers, scores the pinfall and wins the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. After the match, a stunned and disappointed Matt Hardy blows off his family and walks away. Reby Sky chases after Matt, as EC3 celebrates his victory inside the ring.
Winner: Ethan Carter, by pinfall, to win the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

This closes out TNA Impact.

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