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WWE Fast Lane Recap #WWEFastLane

By @B_Rock1978

Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, brought to you by Triple Threat CLE, brings you the WWE Fast Lane pay per view. Incase you didn't know, it's only $9.99 on WWE Network!! But wait......this month it's free!! So you could've enjoyed all the non-stop action and not paid a single dime. (You're welcome for the cheap pop, Triple H, and I expect my check in the mail for advertising for you).

Fast Lane was live last night in Memphis, Tennessee, home of the late great "King of Rock and Roll" Elvis Presley. Memphis is also called home by the WWE's own "king", Jerry "The King" Lawler. Alright enough with the advertising and hometown history lessons, it's time for WWE Fast Lane!!!

*** Pre Show ***

- Miz TV: The Miz and Damien Sandow come to the ring, with Sandow getting the usual cheers from the fans, pissing off Miz. Miz makes Sandow sit in the corner and then introduces Paul Heyman as his guest. Heyman teases a Brock Lesnar sighting tonight, but says he's not in the building. Heyman gets pissed because Sandow is staring at him. Miz yells at Sandow and orders him to turn around and sit in the corner. Sandow looks like he wants to deck Miz, but follows orders. Heyman says that Lesnar wouldn't be concerned if Daniel Bryan won. Heyman calls Roman Reigns the baddest dude from a vicious samoan tribe, but would lose at Wrestlemania. Heyman closes out by saying whoever wins tonight will be defeated at Wrestlemania by Brock Lesnar.

*** WWE Fast Lane ***

- "Six Man Tag Match": The Authority (Seth Rollins, Big Show and Kane) vs. Dolph Ziggler, Ryback and Erick Rowan: Ziggler and Rollins start out and go back and forth. Rowan tags in and goes to work on Rollins' arm. Rowan with a pumphandle slam, backbreaker and an elbow on Rollins for a near fall. Kane is in and catches an elbow from Rowan from the second rope for a near fall. Show is in and gets sent into the outside ring post by Rowan. Rowan misses a kick and hits the ring post. The Authority tag in and out, and work over Rowan's leg. Rollins gets a near fall and Show kicks Rowan in the face and applies a leg submission hold on Rowan. Show goes for the choke slam but Rowan counters and hits a DDT. Rollins is in and gets a kick to the face by Rowan after Rollins wastes time knocking Ziggler off the apron. Ryback is tagged in and thesz presses Rollins but misses a splash. Ryback counters the "Curb Stomp" and power bombs Rollins.
Ryback "Meat Hooks" Kane, then goes for "Shell Shock" on Rollins. Mercury and Noble distract Ryback from following through. Rollins super kicks Ryback. Ryback catches Rollins coming off the top rope and hits "Shell Shock". Kane and Ziggler are in and Kane goes for the choke slam but Ziggler counters and shoves Kane into Show. Kane counters the "Famasser" with a side slam and Ziggler counters with a super kick. Ziggler hits the "Famasser" on an interfering Rollins. Ziggler hits corner punches on Kane until Show lands the knockout punch on Ziggler. Kane covers and scores the pinfall.

- After the match: Rollins "Curb Stomp's" Ziggler. The Authority beat down Ryback and Rowan. Rollins "Curb Stomp's" Rowan. Randy Orton's music hits and "The Viper" finally returns to the WWE. Orton throws out Noble, clotheslines Kane, "RKO" to Noble, "RKO" to Mercury, Rollins runs for cover and an"RKO" to Kane. Orton stands in the ring as Rollins runs out to his car.

- Backstage, Goldust and Dusty Rhodes talk. Goldust says he's not leaving the ring till he brings home Cody. Dusty says they both mean the world to him.

- Stardust vs. Goldust: The brothers shove each other to start the match. Mat wrestling next, until Goldust goes for the "Director's Cut", but Stardust escapes to the floor. Goldust lands punches, a slam and clotheslines Stardust out. Goldust off the second rope but catches a Stardust boot. Stardust lands stomps, rams Goldust into the outside apron and applies a body scissors after the referee orders them back in. Stardust continues to mat wrestle Goldust until Goldust catches Stardust with a backslide out of nowhere and scores the pinfall. After the match, Goldust offers a hand shake to his brother. Stardust briefly shakes it then leaves the ring.

- Backstage, Goldust tells Dusty Rhodes he did his best not to hurt Stardust. Stardust arrives and shoves Goldust into production boxes then lands mounted punches on Goldust. Dusty yells for "Cody" to stop. Stardust says Dusty killed "Cody" and Dusty is living in Stardust's shadow. Stardust lands a final kick into Goldust's head then walks away.

- "WWE World Tag Team Championship Match": The Usos (c) vs. Tyson Kidd and Cesaro: The Usos double team Kidd. Jimmy hits Kidd with a top rope corkscrew for a two count. Cesaro takes the advantage after some double teaming on Jimmy. Kidd tags in and applies submission wrestling on Jimmy's leg. Cesaro stomps on Jimmy's leg, does a one legged swing and applies a half boston crab. Kidd tags in and we get more double team moves, a two count and more submission wrestling on Jimmy's leg. Jey is in finally, hits a samoan drop but misses the butt splash. Cesaro roll up for two. Jey butt splash on Cesaro for two. Kidd top rope elbow on Jey for two. Jey counters the "Sharpshooter" attempt by Kidd.
The Usos hit a double team samoan drop on Kidd for a near fall. Jimmy flies over the ropes and takes out Cesaro. Jimmy samoan drops Kidd into the barricade. Jimmy goes for the "Superfly Splash" but hits Kidd's knees and Kidd gets a near fall. Kidd locks in the "Sharpshooter" on Jimmy but Jey breaks the submission. Cesaro and Jey brawl to the floor. Kidd hits Jimmy with the suplex/swinging neck breaker combo and scores the pinfall. Kidd and Cesaro are the NEW WWE World Tag Team Champions.

- Triple H and Sting Meet Face To Face: Triple H says he apologized to Ric Flair for shoving him on RAW. Tonight, Triple H is "The Game" and the heartbeat of WWE and then calls out Sting. Sting comes to the ring and goes face to face with Triple H. Triple H says Sting was a loyal soldier in WCW, respects him for sinking with WCW and Triple H was one of the ones that made that ship sink. Triple H says Sting failed at putting The Authority out cause failure is what Sting is best at. Triple H offers to give Sting his legacy back with DVD's, merchandise, action figures and a hall of fame spot, all he has to do is walk away. Triple H takes off his jacket and says if not they can do this the hard way and Triple H will beat the rest of Sting's legacy out of him. Sting still stares down Triple H and gives no answer. Triple H swings at Sting but Sting counters and unloads punches on Triple H. Triple H hits Sting with the microphone and beats down Sting with punches. Triple H grabs his sledgehammer and goes after Sting, but Sting reveals his bat and puts it to Triple H's throat, forcing Triple H to toss his sledgehammer out of the ring. Sting points at the Wrestlemania 31 sign and turns to walk away. Triple H tries another cheap shot but Sting gut shots Triple H with his bat, dropping Triple H. Sting hits the "Scorpion Death Drop" on Triple H, points at the Wrestlemania 31 sign again and leaves.

- "WWE Divas Championship Match": Paige (c) vs. Nikki Bella: Paige and Nikki brawl on the mat. Nikki takes advantage and rams Paige into the outside apron and then the barricade. Nikki gets a near fall. Nikki hits an "Alabama Slam" on Paige for a near fall. Paige now on offense, hits a couple clotheslines on Nikki, a drop kick and gets a near fall. Nikki rolls up Paige for a near fall. Paige hits a kick to Nikki for a near fall. Nikki counters the "Ram-Paige", but Paige hits another kick for a two count. Nikki lands a sunset flip into a power bomb on Paige for a near fall. Paige goes for the "PTO" but Nikki counters and tosses Paige face first into the turnbuckles. Nikki rolls up Paige, grabs a handful of tights and scores the pinfall. Nikki Bella retains the WWE Divas Championship.

- "WWE Intercontinental Championship Match": Bad News Barrett (c) vs. Dean Ambrose: Back and forth action to start. Ambrose drops an elbow for a two count. Barrett takes advantage, kicks Ambrose to the floor and gets a near fall back in the ring. Barrett running knee to the gut for a near fall. Ambrose and Barrett brawl on the floor. Ambrose hits a tornado DDT. Ambrose hits punches, forearms and a bulldog. Ambrose counters "Winds of Change" and rolls Barrett up for a near fall. Ambrose hits the top rope elbow for a near fall. Barrett hits "Wasteland" on Ambrose for a near fall. Ambrose ducks the "Bullhammer" and rolls Barrett up for a near fall. Barrett escapes "Dirty Deeds" and slides to the floor. Barrett grabs his belt and walks out. Ambrose flies over the ropes and sends Barrett into the barricade. Barrett tries to leave through the crowd but gets tossed into the steel steps. Ambrose unloads on Barrett in the corner and refuses to let up. The referee calls the match and DQ's Ambrose. Bad News Barrett retains the WWE Intercontinental Championship. After the match, Ambrose stomps on Barrett, hits Barrett with "Dirty Deeds" and leaves with Barrett's I-C Title.

- In Ring Segment with Bray Wyatt: The arena goes dark, we see druids with torches, a bell tolls, The Undertaker's music plays and out comes two druids pushing a casket to the ring. The casket lid opens, revealing Bray Wyatt. Bray laughs and says he'll never forget the first time he saw "him", but "he" has become weak, broken and a shell of a man. Bray says "his" soul is stuck in limbo and Bray fears "him" no more. It's time for "him" to go home and at Wrestlemania he will claim the soul of The Undertaker. The casket lid closes and the arena darkens, ending the segment.

- "WWE United States Championship Match": Rusev (c) vs. John Cena: Rusev works over Cena in the corner, connects with a kick and gets a near fall. Rusev hits a couple rib kicks and hits a splash for two. Cena hits a drop kick for a near fall. Rusev returns with his own drop kick for a near fall. Cena lands punches, but gets caught attempting a shoulder block and dropped with a fall away slam for a near fall. Rusev drops three elbows in a row for a near fall. Rusev goes to mat wrestling next. Cena lands a suplex for a near fall. Cena goes for the "AA" but Rusev counters with a DDT for a near fall. Rusev lands a couple splashes in the corner for a near fall. Cena goes into "Super Cena" mode and hits the shoulder blocks, a side slam and the "Five Knuckle Shuffle". Rusev counters the "AA" and kicks Cena in the face for a near fall. Cena counters a stomp and locks Rusev in the "STF" submission. Rusev escapes and gets a near fall with a tilt-a-whirl slam on Cena. Cena hits a tornado DDT for a near fall. Cena goes for the "AA", but Rusev again counters and escapes from the ring. Cena locks in the "STF" submission again but Rusev breaks it.
Cena applies the "STF" a third time after countering a stomp. Rusev claws his way to the ropes to break the hold. Cena goes for "AA" but Rusev again counters out and gets a rib shot in on Cena. Cena ducks a kick and finally plants Rusev with an "AA". Cena covers but Rusev kicks out at two. Rusev catches Cena off the top rope and power bombs Cena. Rusev applies "The Accolade" and Cena fights for his life. Rusev retightens the hold but Cena is able to power out and lift Rusev on his back. Lana gets in the ring and distracts the referee. Rusev low blows Cena and then kicks Cena right in the head, knocking Cena unconscious. Rusev reapplies "The Accolade" and the referee stops the match and declares Rusev the winner due to Cena being knocked out and unable to continue. Rusev retains the WWE United States Championship.

- "#1 Contender's Match": Roman Reigns vs. Daniel Bryan: Bryan with mat wrestling and Reigns with power move wrestling early. Bryan gets a near fall. Bryan with stiff kicks until Reigns shoves Bryan away. Reigns with stomps, a tilt-a-whirl slam and a clothesline sending Bryan to the floor. Reigns tosses Bryan into the barricade and the outside apron. Bryan with more stiff kicks and then works on Reigns' leg. Reigns hits a samoan drop and a clothesline then hits Bryan with another clothesline, countering a Bryan charge for a near fall. Reigns hits two suplexes, then hits the leaping apron drop kick. Bryan staggers Reigns with another stiff kick and the referee checks on Reigns.
Bryan unloads with more stiff kicks and knees on Reigns, forcing the referee to step in and check on Reigns again. Bryan hits more stiff kicks and three straight running drop kicks. Reigns counters a hurricanrana and powerbombs Bryan for a near fall. Reigns unloads on Bryan in the corner and goes for a superplex. Bryan crotches Reigns on the ropes and hits a super back drop for a near fall. Bryan locks in the "Yes Lock" submission but Reigns makes it to the ropes. Bryan suicide dives Reigns into the barricade twice. Bryan goes for three, but Reigns catches Bryan and belly to belly suplexes him on the floor. Reigns misses a charge on Bryan and kisses the steel steps.
Bryan flies off the top rope but Reigns connects with the "Superman Punch" in mid-air for a near fall. Bryan counters the spear and gets a near fall. Bryan hits the running knee, but Reigns kicks out at two. Bryan slaps Reigns, angering him and then locks in the "Yes Lock" submission. Reigns escapes and unloads massive forearms down on Bryan's head, repeatedly. Bryan goes for a submission hold but Reigns hits a sit down power bomb. Bryan unloads stiff kicks on Reigns, then goes for the running knee. Reigns pops up and spears Bryan in half. Reigns covers and scores the pinfall. Roman Reigns will meet Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania 31 for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. After the match, Bryan shoves Reigns but then shakes his hand and tells him he better kick Brock Lesnar's ass. Fast Lane closes out with Reigns celebrating.

*** My Predictions ***
- John Cena def. Rusev WRONG
- Roman Reigns def. Daniel Bryan RIGHT
- Nikki Bella def. Paige RIGHT
- Bad News Barrett def. Ambrose RIGHT
- The Usos def. Kidd/Cesaro WRONG
- Stardust def. Goldust WRONG
- The Authority def. Ziggler/Ryback/Rowan: RIGHT

- Tonight's final score 4-3
- My record now stands at 8-5 for the year.

Thanks for reading, tap or snap.


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