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Wrestling Lockup with Brandon 2.17.15: #RAW Recap

By @B_Rock1978

Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, brought to you by Triple Threat CLE. It's the RAW recap from last night's show. RAW took place live in Orlando, Florida. RAW served as the go home show to WWE Fast Lane this Sunday. Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan, continue to make their claim to who will meet Brock Lesnar, at Wrestlemania 31, for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Will John Cena appear on RAW and confront Rusev one last time, after suffering an eye injury last week from the big Russian? Will The Authority punish Big Show for knocking out Kane on Smackdown? Also WWE Hall of Famer, Dusty Rhodes, will be here to try to talk some sense into his feuding sons, Goldust and Stardust. All that and a lot more, let's get to the recap.

- In Ring Segment with John Cena: Cena says he'll defeat Rusev at Fast Lane, will take the fight to Rusev, says he's always believed he could win, no matter who the opponent is and will make history when he defeats Rusev and wins the WWE United States Championship. Rusev and Lana arrive and interrupt Cena. Lana says Cena lives in a delusional world where his cup is half full and Lana and Rusev live in reality where Rusev is superior and the greatest U.S. Champion ever. Rusev takes the mic and says he will destroy Cena and everything he stands for. Cena says Rusev has never had his ass kicked and warns him to not make another move or he'll take that ass kicking now. Lana and Rusev mock Cena, forcing Cena to charge up the stage after Rusev. Cena beats down Rusev, throws Rusev into the RAW metal stage props and lands mounted punches on Rusev. WWE officials seperate Cena from Rusev as Cena raises his arms in victory.

- Dean Ambrose mocks Bad News Barrett's BNZ show with his own show. Ambrose says Barrett will sign a contract to defend his WWE Intercontinental Championship at Fast Lane later.

- Luke Harper vs. Dean Ambrose: Harper with a shoulder block and Ambrose ground wrestles with a headlock. Harper lands an uppercut, corner blows and a head butt. Ambrose lands a clothesline, an elbow drop, punches and hits a running bulldog on Harper for a near fall. Ambrose misses a floor dive and eats a boot from Harper. Back in the ring, Harper eats an Ambrose boot and Ambrose lands a tornado DDT. Ambrose lands a knee to Harper, a drop kick and an elbow off the top rope for a two count. Harper lands a superkick on Ambrose for a near fall. Harper counters an Ambrose clothesline with a side slam for a near fall. Ambrose regains control, hits a clothesline then "Dirty Deeds" for the pinfall.

- Backstage, Kane is talking to Triple H when Big Show interrupts. Kane
and Big Show start arguing and Triple H plays peacemaker. Triple H wants to see solutions to their problems with Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan later.

- Backstage, Bray Wyatt cuts a promo and says what happened to "you" was a tragedy and says it's coming.

- Backstage, Dusty Rhodes meets with his sons, Stardust and Goldust. Dusty says everything they do mean nothing without family and he loves them both. Goldust and Stardust shake hands and both hug Dusty.

- Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods vs. Goldust and Stardust: Dusty Rhodes watches from backstage. Woods with a near fall on Goldust early. Kofi is in, lands a springboard on Goldust and knocks Stardust off the apron. Kofi hits a drop kick, some punches, a forearm and hits the "Boom Drop" on Goldust. Kofi gets a near fall with a corner cross body block. Stardust is back in and takes control. Stardust goes for the "Disaster Kick" but misses. Stardust almost hits Goldust but stops just in time. As the brothers are distracted Kofi hits Goldust with "Trouble in Paradise" and scores the pinfall. After the match, Stardust helps Goldust up and hugs him. Stardust helps Goldust to the back where we get a.......HEEL TURN! Stardust grabs his brother from behind and lays him out with "Dark Matter".

- Backstage, Roman Reigns reminds us of the path he's been down and the path he must go down now to get to Wrestlemania. Reigns respects Bryan and gave him this opportunity, but now he's going to take it away.

- Backstage, Dusty Rhodes confronts Stardust. Stardust gets pissed with being called "Cody" again. Stardust says "Cody Rhodes" self destructed and dances with stars now, "Cody Rhodes" is dead and as far as he's concerned so is his father. Dusty looks stunned as Stardust walks off.

- Roman Reigns vs. Kane: Daniel Bryan watches from ringside. Reigns lands a suplex for a near fall. Bryan gets a "Yes" chant started, distracting Reigns. Kane takes control with mat wrestling and a couple near falls. Reigns counters a Kane charge. Kane counters Reigns leaping off the second rope and gets a near fall. Kane with a drop kick for a near fall. Reigns hits a boot and connects off the second rope on the second attempt. Reigns hits a samoan drop for a near fall. Bryan again distracts Reigns with "Yes" chants, causing Reigns to take a boot from Kane. Kane dumps Reigns on the floor and goes for a choke slam. Reigns counters, spears Kane and rolls back in the ring as the referee counts Kane out. After the match, Reigns and Bryan talk trash to each other. 

- Backstage, Daniel Bryan says Roman Reigns better get used to the "Yes" chants cause there will be more at Fast Lane.

- Backstage, Bray Wyatt with another creepy promo. Says "he" may have built this world but Bray will tear it down.

- Backstage, the Bella Twins steal Paige's clothes. Paige in only a looks for them. Paige grabs one of the Rosebuds for their outfit.

- Summer Rae vs. Paige: Paige appears in one of the Rosebuds outfits to wrestle. Paige unloads on Summer early. Paige hits corner back elbows then lands knees to the head. Summer sneaks in a rollup for a near fall, then plants a kick on Paige for another near fall. Summer locks in a submission hold but Paige escapes. Paige hits a few clotheslines and a drop kick then applies the "PTO" submission. Summer ends up tapping out. After the match, the Bellas appear with Paige's clothes and call her a loser. Paige says she doesn't need an outfit to win at Fast Lane and will be wearing the WWE Divas Championship afterwards.

- In Ring Segment with Seth Rollins: Rollins rips on everyone for celebrating President's Day, for celebrating the past. We should be celebrating the future in Seth Rollins. Rollins thinks he should be main eventing Wrestlemania and rips on Erick Rowan, Ryback and Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler interrupts and asks Rollins if he's mad cause Mercury and Noble gave him the wrong chocolate for Valentine's Day. Rollins says the only thing funny about Ziggler is his career and is nothing compared to Rollins. Ziggler agrees especially when it comes to being compared to a whiney sellout like Rollins. Ziggler is going to do what he does best tonight and show off. Ziggler attacks Rollins and Rollins rolls out of the ring. 

- Seth Rollins vs. Dolph Ziggler: Rollins with mat wrestling early. Rollins tosses Ziggler to the floor, but the referee ejects Mercury and Noble, before they can do any damage to Ziggler. Rollins tosses Ziggler into the barricade. Rollins lands a boot and stomps on Ziggler. Ziggler dodges a Rollins charge, making Rollins kiss the ring post. Ziggler hits a neck breaker and an elbow for a near fall. Ziggler hits a DDT for a near fall. Rollins regains control and lands mounted punches and stomps on Ziggler. Ziggler goes for the "Famasser" but Rollins counters with a kick. Ziggler counters the "Curb Stomp" and hits a super kick on Rollins. Ziggler hits the "Zig Zag", but Mercury and Noble hit the ring and attack, causing the DQ. Erick Rowan and Ryback hit the ring and make the save. Rowan throws Mercury to the floor and Ryback power bombs Noble.

- In Ring Segment with Triple H: Triple H thinks it's funny that everyone thinks he's afraid of Sting. At Fast Lane, WWE will stand in the ring with WCW. Ric Flair interrupts and makes his way to the ring. Flair loves and respects Triple H. Triple H tells Flair to save his breath because he already knows how good Sting is. Flair says not to take Sting lightly. Triple H talks about the great Flair vs. Sting feud of the 80's. Triple H respects Sting cause he stayed with WCW till it sank and never once jumped to the WWE. If Sting came to WWE, Triple H would've run him out of the company. Triple H gets more worked up about Sting and Flair tries to calm him down. Flair says Triple H is the best wrestler alive. Flair says he doesn't want to see Triple H sitting on his ass again at Fast Lane, against Sting, like he was last Monday. Triple H shoves Flair to the mat. Triple H says besides his wife and kids nothing else means more to him than WWE and it doesn't matter who it is standing between him and the WWE, they'll take an ass kicking. Triple H promises Sting will never show his face again after Fast Lane.

- Darren Young and A Local Wrestler vs. The Ascension: Darren Young returned to action, back from injury. Before the bell even rings, The Ascension attack Young and his partner and beat them down. Titus O'Neil hits the ring and makes the save. O'Neil and Young reform the Prime Time Playas and clear The Ascension from the ring.

- Backstage, The Miz tells Bad News Barrett to show Damien Sandow some tough love tonight, in their match. And in return, The Miz will take care of Dean Ambrose.

- Damien Sandow vs. Bad News Barrett: The Miz is ringside for this one. Barrett beats down Sandow, then Miz orders Sandow to clean Miz's shoes, which Sandow does. Barrett returns to beating down Sandow and gets a near fall. Sandow hits the neck breaker/backbreaker combo and goes for the "Skull Crushing Finale". Miz orders Sandow to stop and clean Miz's sunglasses or be fired. Sandow goes to do it but Miz says never mind. Sandow gets hit with the "Bullhammer" and Barrett scores the pinfall.
After the match, Dean Ambrose hits the ring and attacks Barrett. Ambrose tosses Barrett into the ring post and then zip ties Barrett's hands around it. Ambrose forces Barrett to sign a contract, granting Ambrose a WWE Intercontinental Championship Match at Fast Lane.

- Backstage, promo time again with Bray Wyatt. Bray is yelling for "him" to find Bray as Bray is hammering on a box.

- Jimmy Uso and Naomi vs. Tyson Kidd and Nattie Niedhart: Mat wrestling by the two Divas. Kidd and Uso are in. Kidd slaps Uso and tags right back out. Nattie hits a slam, a kick and a drop kick on Naomi for a near fall. Nattie goes for the "Sharpshooter" but Naomi counters with a rollup for a near fall. Naomi ends up scoring the pinfall on Nattie to win the match. After the match, Kidd gets upset with Nattie and Cesaro tries to calm Kidd down.

- Daniel Bryan vs. Big Show: Roman Reigns is at ringside. Show with corner chops, and a head butt. Bryan lands stiff kicks, chops Show's knee and applies a sleeper. Bryan keeps kicking until show blocks one, lands a chop then an elbow on Bryan. Bryan back at it with more kicks until Show traps Bryan in a bear hug. Bryan pulls Show to the floor, where Reigns is taking selfies with fans and giving away merchandise to fans, I guess to distract Bryan somehow. Show blocks Bryan's suicide dive by catching Bryan. Bryan shoves Show into the ring post. Show throws Bryan into Reigns. Show goes for a spear and connects on Reigns, sending Reigns into the barricade. Bryan hits corner drop kicks. Show goes for a choke slam but Bryan counters into the "Yes Lock" submission. Show makes it to the ropes to break. Bryan hits more stiff kicks and lands a roundhouse for a near fall. Bryan goes to the top rope but Reigns gets in the ring and hits the "Superman Punch" on Show, getting Bryan DQ'ed.

- After The Match: Bryan hits a missile drop kick on Reigns. Reigns hits corner shoulder thrusts on Bryan. Bryan tackles Reigns after being tossed on the floor. Both men brawl on the mat and out to the floor, trading punches. Reigns throws Bryan into the barricade and Bryan returns with punches. WWE officials try to separate both men as they continue to land shots. Things look like they are under control as Reigns and Bryan shake hands. But they soon begin brawling again as the WWE officials fight to break them up. Bryan hits a drop kick and suicide dives Reigns over the barricade. Reigns tosses Bryan into the crowd and the fight goes to the timekeepers table. Bryan hits Reigns with a steel chair and Reigns hits Bryan with a forearm. Reigns and Bryan fight over the announcers table as WWE officials again try to pull them apart. The chaos is finally under control as both men yell that they will see the other at Fast Lane. And with that RAW closes out.

And that's a wrap on this week's RAW results, till next time tap or snap.


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