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Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, 2.7.15: TNA #Lockdown

By @B_Rock1978

Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, brought to you by Triple Threat CLE. It's this week's TNA Impact recap edition. This week's Impact served as TNA Lockdown 2015. Tonight we'll see Team Angle face the Beat Down Clan in Lethal Lockdown. Bobby Roode faces his former best friend Eric Young. Havok and Awesome Kong go one on one. The Hardy Boys get a TNA World Tag Team Championship Match against James Storm and Abyss. All that and more as every single match takes place inside the six sides of steel. Lets get to the results as TNA Lockdown was in New York City.

- "TNA World Tag Team Championship Match": James Storm and Abyss (c) (w/Revolution) vs. The Hardy Boys: Hardy's double team clotheslines, drop kicks and "Poetry in Motion" on Storm and Abyss. Storm is sent head first into the cage. Manik tries to interfere but Matt superplexes Manik. Hardy's double suplex Abyss. Hardy's handcuff Manik to the cage so he can't interfere anymore. Storm and Abyss gain offense as The Great Sanada tries to break Manik free. Storm and Abyss, double head butt Matt and Jeff and throw both face first into the cage. Storm with a DDT on Jeff for two. Storm leaps off Abyss' shoulders and hits an elbow on Matt, followed by an Abyss splash, for a near fall. Jeff fights back and hits "Whisper in the Wind" on Storm and Abyss. The Hardy's both hit "Twist of Fate" on Storm and Abyss. The Hardy's hit splashes on both, and cover but both Storm and Abyss kick out at two. Matt misses a moonsault as Storm moves. Matt and Storm both end up on the turn buckle, trading punches. Matt hits a "Super Twist of Fate" off the turn buckle on Storm and makes the cover. Khoya reaches through the camera man hole in the cage, pulls Matt out to the floor and tosses Matt into the barricade. Khoya and Great Sanada double team Matt on the floor as Jeff climbs the cage to try to rescue his brother. Sanada sprays mist in Jeff's face, blinding him and knocking him off the cage. Storm hits the "Last Call" super kick on Jeff, covers and scores the pinfall to retain the TNA tag team titles.

- After The Match: Revolution set up a table, which leads to Khoya slamming Matt right through it. Revolution set up another table and break Manik out of his handcuffs. Jeff gets laid on the table and Manik leaps off the turn buckle. Jeff moves causing Manik to crash through the table. Jeff unloads on Storm and Abyss and climbs the cage. Sanada roadblocks Jeff as, Abyss opens the cage door, causing Jeff to get crotched on top of the door. Storm hits Jeff in the head with a cowbell and Jeff falls off the cage door and lands hard on the steel steps below. TNA Medical rush to the ring to check on Jeff, who was left motionless.

- Backstage, MVP is pep talking his team.

- In Ring Segment with the Beat Down Clan: MVP talks about how dangerous the six sides of steel can be, as Jeff Hardy became an example. Eric Young says he'll make Bobby Roode bleed. MVP says he needs to talk to Kurt Angle like a gentleman and not like an elementary kid in a New York City school. Kurt Angle's music hits and out comes Angle with Gunner and Austin Aries. MVP offers the opportunity for Angle and his team to forfeit and save themselves from injuries. Angle says they're here to fight and aren't waiting any longer. Team Angle and the Beat Down Clan begin brawling in and around the cage. Samoa Joe and Low Ki attack Gunner, put his arm in between the cage and the cage door and slam the cage door shut, crushing Gunner's arm. The BDC retreat as Angle checks on Gunner.

- Backstage, Gunner doesn't care if he has one good arm, he's still fighting tonight. Angle looks to ask Bobby Lashley one more time to join Team Angle.

- Havok vs. Awesome Kong: Havok and Kong brawl on the ramp. Havok sends Kong into the steel steps, into the outside steel cage wall and drives punches into Kong. Havok lands more punches, stomps and sends Kong into the cage wall again. Kong counters a bear hug and slams Havok into the steel cage door. Inside the cage, Havok and Kong go nose to nose and trade punches and slaps until Kong goes down by a Havok boot.
Havok hits a leg drop for a near fall. Both ladies counter each other's choke slams a couple times and settle on just choking each other. Havok misses a turn buckle charge and kisses the steel cage. Havok recoups and choke slams Kong. Kong gets back up like nothing happened and choke slams Havok. Both ladies climb the ropes where Kong power bombs Havok off. Kong hits a splash on Havok, covers and scores the pinfall.

- A video filmed a couple weeks back shows the now fired Velvet Sky leaving and saying goodbye to Angelina Love. By video's end Love is glad Sky is gone.

- Eric Young vs. Bobby Roode: Trash talking by both men before Roode hits a back body drop. EY and Roode go back and forth with kicks, elbows, clotheslines and punches. EY counters a back body drop and sends Roode back and side first into the steel cage. Roode standing between the ropes and the cage, gets his head slammed into the steel cage. EY hits a cross body, crushing Roode against the steel cage wall. EY, belly to belly suplex for a near fall. Roode looks to be gaining control of the match, forcing EY to call for help. MVP comes out and slides a steel chair inside through the camera man's hole. EY misses the chair swing at Roode. EY counters the "Roode Bomb" and Roode counters the piledriver by slingshotting EY face first into the steel cage wall. EY is busted open and Roode attacks the wound. Roode punches EY, tosses EY face first into the steel cage wall then plants EY with a spine buster for a near fall. Roode continues to work on EY's bloody wound with punches. Roode goes for a "Super Roode Bomb" off the turn buckle but EY counters and sends Roode face first into the steel cage. EY hits the top rope elbow for a near fall. EY again comes off the turn buckle but Roode throws the steel chair at EY this time. Roode drives the chair into EY's gut and back area. Roode hits the "Roode Bomb" on EY right on the steel chair and scores the pinfall.

- Backstage, Kurt Angle meets Bobby Lashley and Angle gives his reason why he needs Lashley on his team. Lashley still gives no answer.

- Rockstar Spud and Matt Andrews vs. Tyrus (w/Ethan Carter III): Spud and Andrews try double teaming Tyrus at the bell but it doesn't work. Tyrus slams Spud, splashes Andrews in the corner, steps on Spud, pounds on Andrews' back and drops an elbow. Tyrus grabs Spud and Andrews both by the throat. Spud and Andrews hit punches, kicks and a double drop kick, taking down Tyrus. Andrews hits an enzuigiri on Tyrus for a near fall. Tyrus goes for a power bomb on Spud but Spud punches Tyrus and grabs the steel cage wall, climbing up to safety. Spud stands on top of the steel cage, flips the bird at ECIII and then summersaults off the steel cage onto Tyrus. ECIII spits in Andrews' face, distracting Andrews. Andrews exits the cage but gets taken out by ECIII, who slams the steel cage door shut on Andrews' head. Spud tries to help Andrews but is too late. Tyrus spiked Spud into the mat and scores the pinfall. After the match ECIII goes to shave Spud's head but Jeremy Borash makes the save by cutting the shaver cord.

- Backstage, Bobby Roode said he was going to make Eric Young bleed and he did. Now it's time to regain the TNA World Title.

- "An Amazing Race": Ms. Tessmacher vs. Robbie E: For those that didn't know, over the fall, Tessmacher and Robbie E were teamed together on the reality show The Amazing Race. The pair ended up getting eliminated and Robbie blamed Tessmacher, which sets up tonight's race. Tessmacher defeated Robbie E as the object was to turn around a baseball bat three times, run down the ramp, climb the steel cage, exit the cage door and run to the finish line. Tessmacher hit a hurricanrana on Robbie E in the ring and low blowed him with a baseball bat to win the race.


b>- "Lethal Lockdown Match": Beat Down Clan (MVP, Kenny King, Low Ki and Samoa Joe) vs. Team Angle (Kurt Angle, Austin Aries, Gunner and ???):

- Round #1: Kenny King and a taped up Gunner start the match. King targets Gunner's bad arm. King charges at Gunner but Gunner back body drops King into the steel cage wall. Gunner grabs a trash can lid and smacks King with it. Gunner then chokes King with a night stick as Low Ki enters the cage.

- Round #2: Gunner works over Ki but King hits Gunner with the trash can lid. King hits Gunner with the night stick as Ki hits Gunner with the trash can lid. Gunner and Ki trade chops. King hits a charging trash can lid shot on Gunner. Ki with the double stomp and here comes Austin Aries.

- Round #3: Aries takes out Ki and King. Aries elbow on King and a drop kick to Ki. Aries grabs another trash can lid and nails King with it. Gunner grabs a tennis racket and chokes Ki with it. Aries hits the missile drop kick on King as Samoa Joe enters.

- Round #4: Joe goes to work on Gunner and Aries. Joe clotheslines Gunner and "Pele Kick" to Aries. Joe grabs two trash can lids and double shots Aries, then Gunner. Ki stomps a steel chair right on Gunner's taped arm. Joe grabs a hockey stick and hits Aries with it. King hits Gunner with the tennis racket as Kurt Angle hits the ring.

- Round #5: Angle german suplexes Joe, then unloads fists on King. Gunner hits Joe with a kendo stick. Ki hits the double foot stomp on Aries. Gunner chokes Joe with the kendo stick. Ki lands shots on Angle as MVP hits the ring.

- Round #6: MVP hits Aries and Gunner with a kendo stick. Angle hits a german suplex on MVP, but Angle gets hit by Joe and a trash can lid after. MVP belly to back suplexes Aries into the steel cage wall. Ki double stomps Gunner inside a trash can. MVP hits a big boot on Gunner with the trash can still over his body. Angle unloads trash can lid shots to the whole BDC. Gunner smashes King into the steel cage wall but Joe hits Gunner and Angle with the kendo stick. MVP grabs the kendo stick and smacks it over Angle's surgically repaired knee. King kicks a trash can into Aries.

- Round #7: Bobby Lashley's music hits and Lashley makes his way to the ring. Lashley shakes MVP's hand and it looks as if Lashley is back with the BDC. NO!! Lashley lays out MVP with a clothesline and joins Team Angle. Lashley starts to unload on the whole BDC. Joe smashes a trash can on Gunner and gets a near fall. The BDC has taken control and works over Lashley, Angle, Gunner and Aries. Team Angle fights back and takes control. Angle applies an ankle lock submission and Aries applies the "Last Chancery" submission. Lashley spears the hell out of MVP, covers and scores the pinfall to win the match for Team Angle. After the match, Team Angle celebrates as the BDC flee the steel cage and TNA Lockdown closes out.

And that wraps up this weeks TNA Impact, till next time, tap or snap.


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