Monday, February 23, 2015

3 Rivers Rundown 2.23.15: A Storm Is About To Hit The Browns

A Major Storm Is About To Hit The Cleveland Browns, The Cavaliers (Take Cover!)
By @Kratoslives

Breaking news: There is a severe storm about to crash into Cleveland which will do major damage. I'm sorry you have to read it here but Dick Goddard and in all of his wisdom has never seen a storm like this. The storm is headed straight for 100 Alford Lener Way, and it might level everything in it's path. Causing damage that this city may not be able to repair.

All those with ties to this area may want to move and  for those who can't, we pray. Tropical Storm LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers are bearing down on you. Right now you may be laughing, but after reading this you might not. How can LeBron James and the Cavs ruin the Browns? Easy answer by winning the NBA title, which will send a shock wave straight at First Energy Stadium.

Still having a hard time figuring this out well here's the scenario. The Cavs has just got what the other 31 NBA teams didn't want them to get a back up center. Now they can run or play power ball with any team in the league. This now makes the Cavs the Eastern Conference favorite. Now this also makes them more attractive to Ray Allen thanks to (Kendrick Perkins) decision to come to Cleveland.

How does this translate to trouble for the Browns.......?

If the Cavs win it all it will put extreme pressure on the Browns to win and they are not in the position to do it. The Browns are in turmoil and there is no end in sight, the best player is suspended for 2015. The QB position is in complete shambles, Hoyer wants out in a big way. Johnny is in rehab fighting his personal demons, let alone the demons on the field. The offensive coordinator leaving tossed the front office under a bus. Then the GM dove on a grenade to save the owner further embarrassment.

Now this is all happening while the Cavs are transforming into a NBA juggernaut by the minute. So how can the Browns survive this? Truthfully they may not, the AFC NORTH is on fire. They will play the hardest schedule in 2015, this will leave the Browns in major trouble. Who is the QB? When will Johnny become a legit QB or will he fizzle out? Will the turnstile of O coordinators stop? More important will Haslam learn to keep out of the way? All of these questions must be answered while keeping up with the Cavs. Who at this moment can do no wrong on and off the court.

So as I sit back and look at this major storm coming I can only wonder. Will this be the knock out blow for this city true first love? If so will this also usher in another football regime? And is this city ready to turn it's loyalty over to the Cavs? We will soon find out because Tropical Storm LeBron James is on due course.

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