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Weekend 3 Count 2/2 - 2/8 #WWE #TNA

By @B_Rock1978

The Weekend 3 Count is brought to you by Triple Threat CLE.

*** Weekend Flashback ***

- This week we're going back to 2002 and the very first TNA pay per view. Back when TNA first started, they showed weekly pay per views for $10, since they didn't have a TV deal yet. This match is the Gauntlet For The Gold, to crown the first ever NWA/TNA World Heavyweight Champion. 

*** WWE News and Rumors ***

- This week's RAW brought in 4,492,000 viewers. Which is down from last week's 4,420,000 viewers for the interviews and rumble highlights "snowed in" RAW.

- Roman Reigns' pinfall loss on RAW to the Big Show was Reigns' first one on one pinfall loss since arriving in the WWE. His last actual one on one pinfall loss was back in NXT. 

- After RAW went off the air on Monday, Steve Austin had a live podcast on WWE Network with Triple H as his guest. The former rivals talked about Roman Reigns, WWE today, their characters coming up in the WWE, how fans knowing about scripts and writers today and reading dirt sheets have taken a lot away from the business, past wrestlers they worked with and talked about CM Punk. Austin asked Triple H if Chyna would ever go in the WWE Hall of Fame and Triple H danced around the subject by stating there is a chance but there is a lot of controversial stuff going on with her at the moment. (Chyna is a porn star).

- Sources have said that Randy Orton has been ready to return to action the past few weeks, but WWE keeps deciding to hold him back from returning at the moment.

- There is a possibility that we could finally see Goldust and Stardust split up soon. Goldust has wanted a match against his brother, Stardust at Wrestlemania for the past couple years. With Goldust announcing his soon retirement this year we may finally get that match.

- WWE Hall of Famer, Ric Flair, will be on ESPN's "30 For 30" show. The show was taped awhile back and will be shown sometime this spring. The show will be about Duke and Christian Laettner. Flair gives his opinions on the NCAA basketball powerhouse.

- All of this month, WWE Network will be honoring black history month by showcasing events and matches involving the top African American talent that have competed in the wrestling business. One of my favorites growing up was "Iceman" King Parsons.

- Xavier Woods of The New Day will be out of action for a little bit as he was spotted at a WWE Live show with a leg cast on. No word on what the injury is yet.

- Sources are saying that Tessa Blanchard, daughter of WWE Hall of Famer, Tully Blanchard, might show up on the new season of Tough Enough. WWE is waiting to see if Tessa accepts an NXT contract first before going with putting her on Tough Enough.

- WWE officials have shown interest in Mexican star, The Laredo Kid. The Kid had a tryout with WWE a few weeks back and impressed many. Word is The Kid will be back in April for another tryout and there is a good chance he'll score a WWE contract and immediately report to NXT.

- NXT will be in our hometown of Cleveland, Ohio, on March 6th for a live show at the Agora Theatre. Tickets go on sale February 13th.

- There were rumors this week that NXT superstar, Kalisto, was being looked at for a possible gimmick change. Kalisto, who's a masked wrestler, would be an unmasked gay hair dresser in his new gimmick. Sources have said that Kalisto debuted the gimmick already and did quite well with the character. WWE caught wind of this and immediately denied they were doing this character with Kalisto. We shall see what develops with this.

- Sources have stated that WWE may be interested in signing Ring of Honor's Mandy Leon and ex-NFL football player, "Moose" Quinn Ojinnaka.

- 2K Sports is asking for fan feedback on what to include in WWE2K16. You can head over to their website and reply there.

*** TNA News and Rumors ***

- Last week's TNA Impact dropped in ratings after a rise two weeks ago. The January 30th edition finished with 431,000 viewers. Down from the January 23rd edition, which brought in 517,000.

- Sources are saying that TNA will be offering a contract to Rey Mysterio as soon as WWE releases Rey.

- FAN CAM: Jeff Hardy took a sick bump at TNA Lockdown as he was crotched on the cage door and knocked off, landing on the steel steps below. You can watch that live right here in fan cam.

*** GFW News and Rumors ***
- Another quiet week this week in Jeff Jarrett land.

*** Other Wrestling News ***

- Sources have said that Ring of Honor wrestling is currently having financial issues. The issues are coming from Sinclair Broadcasting which owns Ring of Honor. Sources have said that Sinclair Broadcasting have not been backing Ring of Honor at all financially, which have caused a few wrestlers on the roster to be wrestling without a contract, but have stayed loyal to ROH.

- Ring of Honor is going to be running a show in Redwood City, California during Wrestlemania weekend.

- According to former UFC fighter, Chael Sonnen, he and former UFC fighter, Wanderlei Silva, have been invited to Wrestlemania. Sonnen stated that he has a great seat for the event and isn't stating on whether or not WWE will offer him a contract. Sonnen has also stated that there is no word on whether or not Silva has accepted the invitation yet. WWE has since stated that Sonnen was never invited to Wrestlemania. There sure is a lot of denial with WWE this week. I'll keep an eye on this story.

- Former WCW World Heavyweight Champion, Diamond Dallas Page, is looking at building a performance center. The building will cost $2 million dollars and will be based in Atlanta, Georgia. The building will be DDP's full-time go to place for DDP Yoga. DDP also is expecting to be releasing a DDP Yoga app. for phones and tablets soon. You can check out DDP's big announcement here:

- Speaking of DDP, the former WCW World Heavyweight Champion, had a health scare Saturday morning. Page has been diagnosed with Subglottic Tracheitis and may have to have surgery on his throat. Page was having trouble breathing while the doctor was examining Page's throat and immediately called 911 to get Page to a hospital. Page used his DDP Yoga exercises to regain control of his breathing and took himself to the hospital. Page is currently in ICU and will be released once things are under control.

- Lucha Underground have been busy this week as they have signed former AAA Crusierweight Champion, Jack Evans. LU also signed independent wrestlers Shane Strickland and Willie Mack, former Olympic wrestler, Jeff Cobb and WWE Tough Enough contestant Martin Causus.

- Going to close things out with a short funny video. Here is WWE finishers when performed in public.

And that is this weekend's 3 Count. Join me every Sunday afternoon, where I give you the major stories in WWE, TNA, GFW and the independent wrestling scene. Till next time, tap or snap.


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