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Wrestling Lockup with Brandon 2.21.15: #TNA #ImpactWrestling Recap

By @B_Rock1978

Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, brought to you by Triple Threat CLE. It's this week's TNA Impact recap edition. Kurt Angle and Bobby Lashley looked to have had words with each other last week after losing to the Beat Down Clan. Ethan Carter III is still on a mission to shave Rockstar Spud's head. Mr. Anderson returned to TNA, to help Spud. Bobby Roode is still having problems with his former best friend, Eric Young. Newcomer, Grado looks to go to war with his British Bootcamp 2 teacher, Al Snow. The Revolution attacked Matt Hardy, last week, The Wolves making the save for Hardy. All these heated feuds beginning and so much more. Let's get to last night's recap as TNA visits Glasgow, Scotland.

- In Ring Segment with Kurt Angle: Angle talks about tonight's #1 Contender's 20 Man Gauntlet Match. Angle says he's here to win and the 19 other men don't stand a chance.

- Backstage, TNA World Heavyweight Champion, Bobby Lashley, cuts a promo. Lashley says Angle talks too much and he is about to go have a talk with him.

- "Six Man Tag Match": Matt Hardy and The Wolves vs. James Storm, Abyss and Manik: A six man brawl breaks out during entrances to kick this one off. Hardy flies to the floor on Manik, then gets hit by Khoya and tossed into the steel steps by Storm. Revolution work over Hardy, tagging in and out. Hardy with a "Side Effect" on Manik, tags in The Wolves, they double team Storm then hit Manik with double team action. Khoya tries to get involved but The Wolves send him to the floor. The Wolves, fly, and wipe out Revolution on the floor. Hardy and Davey Richards deliver a "Twist of Fate"/"Double Stomp" combo. Eddie Edwards, off the top rope and drills another "Double Stomp" on Manik, for the pinfall. After the match, Revolution take out Hardy and The Wolves. Storm, next signals to Abyss, who surprisingly hits his own stablemate, Manik, with the "Black Hole Slam". Storm considered this punishment to Manik for losing the match and then orders Khoya and Sanada to carry Manik to the back.

- In Ring Segment with Ethan Carter III and Tyrus: ECIII is not in a good mood because "someone" stopped him from shaving Rockstar Spud's head. Mr. Anderson interrupts and asks if he's that "someone" he's referring to. Anderson reveals a razor and says that maybe some one should shave ECIII. ECIII dares Anderson to make a move, then sends Tyrus after Anderson. Tyrus and Anderson go face to face as Spud and Mark Andrews sneak in the ring, entering from the crowd and attack ECIII from behind. Tyrus eventually gets back to the ring to help ECIII but gets hit with the "Mic Check" from Anderson. ECIII escapes as Anderson, Spud and Andrews tie up Tyrus with duct tape and shave off his mohawk. Spud says ECIII will be next.

- Backstage, the Beat Down Clan decide to target Kurt Angle in the 20 Man Gauntlet Match, later.

- Backstage, Mickie James returns to TNA and says she's going to update everyone on her fiancee, Magnus' condition.

- Al Snow vs. Grado: Snow beats the hell out of Grado, to start the match, then consistently points at Grado's parents in the front row. Snow hits the "Snow Plow", but Grado kicks out at two. Grado tries to get in a few shots, but Snow regains offense. Snow gives the fans the bird, then hits a moonsault on Grado for a near fall. Snow goes for another moonsault, but Grado moves this time. Grado hits a boot, a running cannonball and some elbows. Snow grabs "Head" and swings it at Grado. Grado ducks "Head" and plants another big boot on Snow. Grado covers Snow and scores the pinfall. After the match, Snow raises Grado's hand, showing good sportsmanship. The Beat Down Clan hit the ring and beat down Snow and Grado. A hooded fan jumps the barricade and gets in the ring. The hooded fan starts swinging a lead pipe and unloads on the whole Beat Down Clan, chasing them from the ring. The fan reveals himself as Drew Galloway (Drew McIntyre in WWE).

- "TNA Knockouts Title Match": Taryn Terrell (c) vs. Angelina Love: Love hits Terrell with a samoan drop on the floor. Terrell takes offense and hits a rolling neckbreaker and a snap suplex on Love, for a near fall. Terrell clothesline from the second rope for a near fall. Love blocks Terrell's "Ace Crusher" and hits the "Botox Injection", but Terrell kicks out at two. Terrell counters a DDT and lays out Love with the "Ace Crusher" to score the pinfall. After the match, the arena goes dark and Awesome Kong is in the ring when they come back on. Terrell goes right at Kong, swinging. Kong hits a shoulder block, then puts Terrell down with the "Implant Buster". Kong grabs the Knockouts Championship as Gail Kim hits the ring. Kong and Kim go face to face until Kong smiles, throws the title down on Terrell and leaves. 

- Backstage, Low Ki looks to have been busted open pretty good during Drew Galloway's attack

- In Ring Segment with Tommy Dreamer: Dreamer says last time he was here, Eric Young attacked him and Dreamer is here to fight tonight. Dreamer calls out EY but EY no shows. Dreamer decides to go backstage and look for EY. Backstage, EY, jumps Dreamer from behind. EY and Dreamer brawl to the ring. Dreamer calls for a referee and wants a hardcore match right now and we get one.

- "Hardcore Match": Tommy Dreamer vs. Eric Young: Dreamer spits a drink in EY's face, but EY crotches Dreamer on the barricade and busts Dreamer open from the forehead. Dreamer tosses EY into the steel steps. EY baseball slides a table into Dreamer. Dreamer counters the piledriver. EY counters the DDT. EY drops elbows on Dreamer's busted open face. Dreamer superplexed EY off the top rope and both crash through the table set up in the ring. EY wedges a chair in the corner. Dreamer hits an elbow drop on EY, with a chair, right into EY's family jewels. EY counters a fireman's carry, low blows Dreamer, shoves Dreamer into the wedged chair and hits the piledriver. EY covers and scores the pinfall.

In Ring Segment with Mickie James: James talks about what Bram did to Magnus a few weeks ago. Bram and Magnus were best friends and can't believe Bram would attack Magnus the way he did. James calls Bram a coward and Bram makes his way to the ring. James says she's disappointed in Bram's actions. Bram tells James to shut up. Bram wants Magnus to open his eyes and see that he's held down by James and their newborn baby now. James says Bram is half the man Magnus is and calls Bram a bitch. Bram traps James in the corner, but James slaps Bram in the face. TNA officials hit the ring and make sure Bram doesn't touch James.

- Backstage, Bobby Lashley finds Kurt Angle. Lashley asks if Angle really thinks he can beat Lashley. Angle says he's beaten everyone he's ever faced but has yet to face Lashley.

- #1 Contender's 20 Man Gauntlet Match: The Match comes down to Kurt Angle left alone with MVP, Kenny King, Samoa Joe and Low Ki, all from the Beat Down Clan. Bobby Lashley makes his way to the ring and watches at ringside. The BDC toy with Angle and beat Angle down. Samoa Joe charges at Angle, but Angle counters the charge and dumps Joe to the floor, eliminating Joe. Angle next grabs Low Ki and hits a back drop, sending Low Ki over the ropes to the floor, eliminated. Angle next tosses King and it's down to MVP and Angle as the final two. MVP hits "Ballin'" and goes to toss Angle, but Angle lands on the apron. MVP goes for the "Blackout Kick" but Angle dodges it. Angle hits a suplex on MVP and runs the ropes. King grabs Angle's leg, distracting Angle. MVP hits the "Blackout Kick" and Angle goes over the ropes to the floor. MVP is the new #1 Contender to Bobby Lashley's TNA World Heavyweight Championship. Impact ends with MVP celebrating and Lashley looking on.

And that wraps up this weeks TNA Impact, till next time, tap or snap.


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