Sunday, February 8, 2015

Cliff's Edge: 13 Keeps It Traditional #Cavs

By @CLG2282

Well, it was fun while it last right? That "lucky" 13 reared it's head, and I'm not talking about Tristan Thompson's fierce rebounding attitude.

After a subpar performance against the Indiana Pacers,  the winning-streak that carried the Cleveland Cavaliers into 2015 has come to an end. For the 4th time in franchise history, a winning streak has been stopped at or one game short of 13. (13 straight games being the best in franchise history).

Something about these superstitions I guess.

In an attempt to win their thirteenth consecutive contest, the Cavs displayed a late game effort that rivals some off-day walk thrus. The Cavs started in typical fashion, coming out strong in the 1st quarter. They seemed to be clicking, hitting eight of their first ten shots, with several assists to boot. But somewhere towards the end of the 2nd quarter, our Cleveland squad went D-League.

LeBron and company squandered a double-digit lead and had to hit a desperation 3pt FG at the halftime buzzer by Kyrie Irving to have a somewhat respectable lead of eight points going into the half.

In typical Cavalier fashion, the 3rd quarter was more forgettable than a spam account following you on twitter. After scoring 31 in the first quarter and 24 in the 2nd, the Wine and Gold some how were only able to pull together 15 points in the 3rd quarter. It seemed as if the Cavs played so well in the first half that they thought they won the game, packed their bags and headed to the airport. And oh yea, they allowed 16 4th quarter points to C.J. Miles, and 36 to the Pacers as a whole.

Former Cavalier C.J. flippin MILES. SMH.

Forgetting to move the ball on offense and to rotate on defense lead to a pathetic ending to Friday night's game against the Pacers. And sadly the same end to a very encouraging and uplifting winning streak.
Standing around watch team mates go one-on-one for a full half is not how to win games. It was just a 2nd half that just  shouldn't happen. Oh well I guess.

You may notice my lack of detail and depth on the loss. Well that is because I don't want to overshadow the fact that they just won 12 straight. I mean come on. That's like getting on the case of a straight A student for getting a bad grade on one quiz.

So yes, David Blatt needs to have a chat with his students about there C-minus effort last night. That however does not mean start changing things.

Next time, and for the rest of the season, they need to remember to show up for ALL four quarters.

Catch you next time folks.

#GoCavs #ClevelandOverEverything

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