Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Wrestling Lockup with Brandon 9.28.16: Smackdown Live Recap

By Brandon Albright, @B_Rock1978

Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, brought to you by Triple Threat CLE, is here with your Smackdown Live Recap Edition.  

This week's Smackdown Live took place in our hometown of Cleveland, Ohio, where the Cleveland Cavs are NBA Champions and the Cleveland Indians just clinched a playoff appearance by dominating and taking the AL Central Division Championship. This week Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt continued their feud with each other. American Alpha, Heath Slater and Rhyno teamed up and battled The Ascension and The Usos in an eight man tag team match. Carmella and Nattie Neidhart teamed up and battled Naomi and Nikki Bella in tag team action. Dolph Ziggler makes a career decision to get one more match for the WWE Intercontinental Championship against The Miz. AJ Styles defended the WWE World Heavyweight Championship against Dean Ambrose on the main event.

*** Smackdown Live ***

- Randy Orton Promo: Orton says it's ok to admit to be afraid of things, but Bray Wyatt refuses to admit he's afraid of Orton. Orton is tired of the sneak attacks and wants Bray in the ring now. The camera cuts backstage where Bray Wyatt is. Bray says that he makes the rules, if Orton wants to make a move on Bray than he better do it quick because the sands of time waits for no mortal man. Bray begins to sing "Whole World In His Hands" as Orton leaves the ring and runs backstage to look for Bray.

- Backstage, Dean Ambrose says beating John Cena last week is old news. This week it's all about facing AJ Styles and turning the face that runs the place into the guy that's gonna cry after Ambrose wins back the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

- "Eight Man Tag Team Match": American Alpha, Heath Slater and Rhyno vs. The Ascension and The Usos: The match closes out with Slater hot tagging, unloads on Jey Uso, takes out Viktor and gets a near fall neck breaker on Jey. Gable and Rhyno drop Konnor, but Rhyno gets hit with a Viktor uppercut. Jordan tosses Viktor to the floor as Slater gets a near fall rollup on Jey. Jimmy Uso plants an Uso Kick on Slater and then they beat on Slater's leg. Jimmy locks Slater in the single leg crab submission and forces Slater to tap out. Winners: The Usos and The Ascension, by submission.

- Backstage, John Cena says he'll be at ringside tonight for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match between AJ Styles and Dean Ambrose.

- Backstage, WWE Intercontinental Champion and hometown Clevelander The Miz is spotted photo shopping a picture of himself over a picture of LeBron James. Miz is planning a hometown celebration tonight.

- Backstage, Randy Orton is still in search of Bray Wyatt. Orton turns down a hallway and runs into Erick Rowan. Bray Wyatt appears in a different part of the arena and says Orton was never good at following directions.

- Carmella and Nattie Neidhart vs. Naomi and Nikki Bella: The match closes out with Carmella raking Nikki in the eyes and then kicks Naomi off the apron. Nikki traps Carmella in the corner and then drops Nattie with a right hand. Carmella catches Nikki on the distraction rolls her up and scores the pinfall.
Winners: Carmella and Nattie Neidhart, by pinfall.

- Backstage, Randy Orton is still hunting Bray Wyatt. Orton finds a cut out cardboard figure of himself, finds a sheet with "Predator or Prey" written on it and again runs into Erick Rowan in a room.

- The Miz's Homecoming Celebration: Miz gets a mixed reaction from the fans. Miz mocks LeBron James and the fans and introduces his mom and dad in the front row. Miz mentions Dolph Ziggler's parents who are also from Cleveland and says they are probably embarrassed that they raised a loser. Ziggler arrives and tells Miz to enjoy his tainted title reign because Miz cheated last time they fought. Miz calls Ziggler a loser and how embarrassed Miz would be if he was Ziggler. Miz feels sorry for Ziggler, but mocks Ziggler for asking for title shots and refuses to give Ziggler another one unless he puts his career on the line. Just before Miz and Maryse leave, Ziggler stops them and agrees to put his career on the line against Miz for the WWE Intercontinental Championship. Miz double checks that this is what Ziggler wants and agrees to the match at WWE No Mercy.

- Backstage, Bray Wyatt tells Randy Orton to be careful because he's watching.

- WWE Smackdown Live Women's Champion Becky Lynch heads to the ring, but gets jumped from behind and laid out by Alexa Bliss.

- Backstage, Bray Wyatt calls Randy Orton a coward. Erick Rowan is standing behind Bray with his sheep mask on. Rowan takes off his mask and reveals himself as Randy Orton. Orton attacks and chases off Bray. Orton puts the mask back on and laughs twisted.

- Backstage, AJ Styles says he's already beaten John Cena and Dean Ambrose. Tonight he'll beat Ambrose again and retain the title.

- "WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match": AJ Styles (c) vs. Dean Ambrose: John Cena was on commentary for this match. The match closes out with Ambrose chasing Styles around the ring outside. Ambrose hurts his leg and then catches a Styles running knee right to the head. Styles punches Cena at the commentary table and gets back in the ring. Cena hits the ring, but the referee holds Cena back. Ambrose rolls up Styles, but the referee is still occupied with Cena. Ambrose punches Cena for costing him a pinfall attempt. Styles rolls up Ambrose from behind, scores the pinfall and retains his championship. After the match, Cena and Ambrose argue with each other. Cena counters Dirty Deeds and drops Ambrose with an AA. Cena then catches Styles and plants him with an AA. Cena celebrates with the world title to end the show.
Winner: AJ Styles, by pinfall, to retain the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

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