Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Leadoff with Lee 9.7.16

By Chris Lee, @TripleThreatLee

- Former Ohio State and current Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott won't face any felony domestic assault charges after the Columbus District Attorney office finds insufficient evidence in the case. When the case first was made public Zeke's dad came out and and said "He's not guilty". And once the investigation from the DA's office was complete, he pretty much said "I told you so". Via Twitter: 

The statement from the City Attorney's office in full:

Tuesday, September 6, 2016


On Friday July 22, 2016, Tiffany Thompson, in conjunction with a perviously publicized Columbus Police report, filed an intake complaint with the City Attorney’s Office, Prosecutor Division. Her complaint included allegations of Domestic Violence by her boyfriend, Ezekiel Elliott, on 5 separate occasions. The time period of the allegations encompassed Sunday July 17, 2016 through Friday July 22, 2016.

Ms. Thompson completed the required paperwork and Intake staff conducted an interview where specific details about each allegation were gathered. Witness statements, police reports, and medical records were acquired. Photographs of text messages and visible injuries were taken. Upon completion of the initial investigative phase, the complaint was evaluated by a prosecutor. The evaluation called for follow up with several witnesses and a closer examination of all the evidence presented.

Subsequent to the filing of an intake complaint by Ms. Thompson, the City Attorney’s Office, Prosecutor Division was contacted by both a representative and legal counsel for Mr. Elliott. These individuals were cooperative with the investigation and provided additional information, including witness affidavits and photographs, for review and consideration.

A final evaluation of the complaint for potential charges involved an assessment of the credibility of all identified witnesses based on the accuracy and thoroughness of their statements both standing alone and in comparison to one other. Moreover, there was a careful examination of all injuries and an attempt to determine the source of their cause. Finally, the potential motive, if any, of all parties was examined.

After reviewing the totality of the evidence, the City Attorney’s Office, Prosecutor Division is declining to approve criminal charges in this matter for any of the 5 alleged incidents. This is primarily due to conflicting and inconsistent information across all incidents resulting in concern regarding the sufficiency of the evidence to support the filing of criminal charges.

But obviously Roger Goodell and his inconsistent office released a statement through NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy said investigation will "remain under review." 

Damn Zeke, you had it like that?

- You know it's time for the first Browns game of the season when you have 95% of Cleveland media (me included) analyzing the first unofficial Browns depth chart that was released yesterday. And I'm not going to discuss who I think should be starting over who, but the Browns will be starting 3 rookies. LB's Joe Schobert and Emmanuel Ogbah. And the teams 1st round pick WR Corey Coleman.  

But what's most important to me is how many W's we can put on the board this season. We are going to win a few, we should lose and lose a few we should win. Just facts folks.

- Let me get this right, Jared Goff is going from the most expensive number one pick to being inactive? Case Keenum is the Rams starter, while Sean Mannion, who was drafted in the 3rd round, is the backup and Jared Goff, the top overall pick in the NFL draft, is QB No. 3? Either Goff isn't ready or Jeff Fisher is the worst coach in the league. Could be a combination of both. But for the Rams to give up a Ricky Williams sort of trade to draft him is beyond my belief! Makes Corey Coleman to the Browns look good. So far...  

Side Note: Remember it's the Browns vs. Eagles on Sunday. Not the Browns vs. Carson Wentz. The most random quote I heard yesterday was, "This guy loves to play football. This guy is made to play football."

This is a quote from.... wait on it, wait on it , former Browns offensive coordinator and current Eagles quarterbacks coach John DeFilippo. Laugh now or Laugh later. You're Welcome!

- The Cavs currently have Jordan McRae, DeAndre Liggins, Eric Moreland, Cory Jefferson, and newly acquired 6'9" SG/SF Markel Brown from the Brooklyn Nets. All are competing for a roster spot on the team. Brown hit 38% from the field last year and he'll likely be no more than the 13th player on the bench if he makes the team. All of the above players mentioned have non-guaranteed deals.

- Have you seen my new ring? Well not my new ring, and not the ring my new ex-wife gave me....YET! But the Cavs championship ring. Reggie Jefferson displayed it on Instagram before taking it down. But if you haven't seen it yet, it's goes hard in the paint!

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