Wednesday, September 21, 2016

3 Rivers Rundown 9.21.16: The Gloves Are Off & The Steelers Want A Fight

By Jaison Roberts, @Kratoslives

The gloves are off and the Pittsburgh Steelers are looking to fight.

That statement would be so cliche if it wasn't the truth. The Steelers have managed to get back to gritty, grimy, hard nosed "Steelers Football". They're picking fights with the other teams offense and winning. They have played two division winners in Cincinnati & Redskins, limiting both teams to just a single passing touchdown. Yes, let that sink in. The Pittsburgh Steelers secondary that I have heavily criticized in the past, has only given up two passing touchdowns through 2 games. The same secondary that was chasing WR's all over the field last year, is picking fights and WINNING!

Oft-criticized Steelers defensive backs coach Carnell Lake has gotten his secondary under control and they are shutting down the opposing teams' top wideouts. Washington's Desean Jackson and Cincinnati's AJ Green posed threats, but the challenge was met. This young Steelers secondary is drinking the Kool-Aid and are receiving some good results. They are playing great in 1-on-1 coverage, which is so difficult in the NFL. The rule changes are set against DB's, yet they are thriving.

Now comes the Steelers hardest test, the Philadelphia Eagles, a team that is weak. These teams all have a great history of beating the Steelers just when they are rolling through the competition. The underdog always seems to end up kicking our teeth in with no problems.

So, here comes the Eagles with a rookie QB and a rookie head coach. Uh oh.

Those 2 equations has taken us down before (Hue Jackson & Terrell Pryor when they were both on the Oakland Raiders). So what is Coach Tomlin going to do to change that?

The front 7 has shut down the 1st running game for two weeks, with just 3 and 4 man fronts. The only thing we lack are sacks, which comes in bunches. So we need to start collecting them and hopefully that it will complete the circle. The more pressure on the QB the more interceptions they give up. Then with the QB worrying about INTs, the more sacks they take holding on to the ball to long. So let's see what we have on Sunday at 4:30 pm in Philadelphia. The crowd will let you know if you're ready by booing the home team and being silent for you on offense.

So as far as I'm concerned, I'm holding back my full blinders-on, no common sense support until after this game.

Will I say we won't win the Super Bowl this year? Hell Naw!
Will I not tease and harass my friends? Hell Naw!
Will I ever give Pittsburgh Northwest back it's original birth name? HELL NO!

But if we win soundly against the Eagles Sunday, will I become unbearable? HELL YEAH!

Bring on the Eagles and bring on our 7th Lombardi Trophy.

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