Monday, September 12, 2016

Spread Offense 9.12.16: College Football Week 2 Recap

By Pat Luhta, @PLuhta

Week 2's slate of games didn't quite add up to the big games that we had in week 1, but that didn't stop Saturday from delivering some big finishes and surprising results.

Let's get right to the big controversy of the day. With Oklahoma State leading 27-24 over Central Michigan, the Cowboys faced a 4th down with 4 seconds remaining in the game. Instead of punting it away, they opted to just snap the ball and throw it out of bounds in order to burn the final 4 seconds and win the game. The refs ruled it as intentional grounding, which was the correct call, but awarded Central Michigan the ball and an untimed down. The Chippewas tossed up a hail mary, which was caught inside the 10 yard line and as the receiver was being tackled, he flipped it to a teammate who then took it in for the game winning score. An absolutely stunning finish with Central Michigan coming away with the dramatic upset on the road against the #22 team in the country.

One problem: the play should've never happened.

The correct NCAA ruling should have been that although there was a penalty on Oklahoma State for intentional grounding, the game should've been over instead of Central Michigan getting an untimed down. A huge gaffe by the referee crew that cost Oklahoma State not only the game, but likely a chance at the CFB playoffs. The NCAA has already stated that they are unable to overturn the result of the game, so the loss on Oklahoma State's record will stick.

So what to do going forward with Oklahoma State? How should the voters handle this "loss" when submitting their top 25?

Personally, while I sympathize with the Cowboys after hearing that the refs made an incorrect call, the fact that Central Michigan still needed a hail mary lateral in order to win should play a factor and ultimately trump the incorrect ruling. As far as Oklahoma State's playoff hopes are concerned, this is just one early season loss. The Cowboys still have Pitt, Baylor, Texas, TCU, and Oklahoma on their schedule meaning that they still control their own destiny and if they win the Big 12 then they will be in position to make the playoffs still.

In the other dramatic game of the week, Arkansas and TCU gave us all a thrilling game that went into double OT.

The visiting Razorbacks got out to an early  13-0 lead and took that lead into halftime. TCU then got their offense going a bit but still trailed 20-7 entering the 4th quarter. As pedestrian as the game had been after 3 quarters, the 4th quarter got the fireworks going. TCU starts rolling with 3 straight TD's to take a 28-20 lead, the last one coming with 2:05 left in the 4th. As it looked like TCU had this wrapped up, Arkansas drove 58 yards in just over a minute to score a touchdown. After adding the 2 point conversion to tie it at 28, the game looked destined for overtime. TCU had some other plans though as their speedy kick returner, Kavontae Turpin, took the kick all the way to the Arkansas 27 which put the Horned Frogs in field goal range. The game winning field goal was partially blocked though, and we are headed to OT after a crazy final 2 minutes.

After the 1st OT in which both teams scored a touchdown to send it into a 2nd OT, TCU had to settle for a FG to go up 38-35. Arkansas QB Austin Allen ended the game on a 5 yard run to give the Razorbacks the 41-38 victory. Big win for Arkansas, tough loss for TCU.

In Other Games: Both Clemson and Georgia struggle with inferior opponents, Louisville might be a serious team to worry about for those who have them on their schedule, Alabama "sleep walks"to a  38-10 win over Western Kentucky, the top Big Ten teams(Ohio State, Michigan, Nebraska, Iowa, Wisconsin) completely dominate, and Tennessee starts slow but gets their offense rolling to a 45-24 win over Virginia Tech in front of over 150,000 at Bristol Motor Speedway.


10. Wisconsin
9. Texas
8. Louisville
7. Stanford
6. Houston
5. Michigan
4. Clemson
3. Ohio State
2. Florida State
1. Alabama


5. Lamar Jackson, QB, Louisville
4. J.T. Barrett, QB, Ohio State
3. Deshaun Watson, QB, Clemson
2. Dalvin Cook, RB, Florida State
1. Christian McCaffrey, RB, Stanford

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