Saturday, September 17, 2016

3 Rivers Rundown 9.17.16: Now The Steelers Season Begins

By Jaison Roberts, @Kratoslives

Finally! The preseason is.....over. #RockVoice

That includes you Washington Redskins in week one, (38-16).

Now here comes our real season opener, the Cincinnati Bengals. In this fight we have an old dog with tons of new tricks in Antonio Brown, Jesse James, Eli Rogers and Sammie Coates. While we also bring out old vicious dogs in Ben Roethlisberger and DeAngelo Williams, with an o-line rebuilt for war. In the other corner, here comes Andy Dalton, AJ Green and Pittsburgh native returning home, Tyler Boyd of the Cincinnati Bengals. With a Bengals defense hell bent on killing anything not wearing stripped orange and a chip on their shoulder that can crush a stadium and it's fans. This is also a team willing to do anything for a playoff win.

Ahhh keep your mouths closed and pull your pants up. I know you're excited. I am too. But this is only week 2 of the NFL season. And it only gets better for the fans and the NFL for these two franchises. Cincinnati has tasted the AFC North crown twice but something goes wrong in the playoffs for them, PITTSBURGH! This damn team just won't die far as Cincinnati is concerned. As far as Pittsburgh is concerned, they want this division and league to look at them as immortal.

Pittsburgh just keeps retooling and getting younger except for Big Ben & DeAngelo Williams. So how do you conquer that? Knock their blocks off like Vontez Burfict tried to in last year's playoff lose to Pittsburgh. Which brings us to 9/18/16 this war has just begun and both teams would like to end it before the second game. So let's bring on the fighters Champion Cincinnati Bengals the current kings of the North. Look at this young warrior full of strength and vitality. Here in the other corner is a wily old veteran team with young cubs being taught by fire.

There's a long history of success when it comes to Marvin Lewis and Mike Tomlin. For Lewis, he's won a Super Bowl as an assistant with the Baltimore Ravens. And then you have two-time Super Bowl winning coach in Tomlin. The staff for both teams have great coaches from head to toe, but one thing separates both. Tradition and legacy, and Pittsburgh has both in spades. While the Bengals are trying to build theirs by conquering an old foe.

So as we prepare to see the newest "most popular" NFL rivalry on Sunday, remember this; they do have to see each other one more time and one or the other will want revenge. So prepare for blood, prepare for fights. Most importantly prepare to be entertained as these two NFL juggernauts try to crush each other.

Then take a breather while they fatten up on other NFL teams and victories. Before trying to crush each other again when they meet in Cincinnati on December 18. Since we all know who I'm cheering for, let me leave you with this. I'm turning 46 this year and all I want is to have my Black and Gold receive their 7th Lombardi Trophy.

So go get your beer, pop and food and enjoy yourself and remember #HereWeGo

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