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Wrestling Lockup with Brandon 8.2.16: RAW Results #RAW

By Brandon Albright, @B_Rock1978

Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, brought to you by Triple Threat CLE, is back with this week's RAW Recap Edition. 

This week's RAW was live in Atlanta, Georgia. "The Beast" Brock Lesnar returned to RAW, with his up coming match coming up at Summer Slam against Randy Orton. A mixed tag team match kicked off this week's RAW, with new WWE Women's Champion Sasha Banks and Enzo Amore battling Charlotte and Chris Jericho. Another up and comer tries to take down the monster Braun Strowman, as Strowman battled Evan Anderhold. The Shining Stars battled The Golden Truth in tag team action. Seth Rollins and Finn Balor have their first face to face before going one on one at Summer Slam for the WWE Universal Championship. Rusev defended his WWE United States Championship against Mark Henry. Former Prime Time Players teammates, Darren Young and Titus O'Neil went one on one. Up and comer Ariel Monroe looks to give Nia Jax her first loss on the main roster. Big E and Kofi Kingston of The New Day battled Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson of The Club in tag team action. Cesaro battled Sheamus in one on one action. Heath Slater still claims to be the hottest free agent and gets a chance to prove it against an old friend. Seth Rollins battled Sami Zayn in one on one action.

*** RAW ***

- Sasha Banks Promo: New WWE Women's Champion Sasha Banks kicks off RAW in the ring. Sasha says last year everyone was talking about Sasha vs. Bayley, this year everyone will talk about Sasha vs. Charlotte. Charlotte interrupts and Sasha reminds Charlotte that she made her tap out last week and asks her where Dana Brooke is. Charlotte says she doesn't need her dad or Dana to help her, she was the best for over 300 days and compares Sasha to a one night stand. Sasha says if it wasn’t for Ric Flair having a one night stand, Charlotte wouldn't be here. Chris Jericho interrupts, tells Sasha to shut up, compares Charlotte to royalty and Sasha is "The Boss" of stupid idiots. Enzo Amore interrupts and says he usually has Big Cass with him, but sometimes he likes to handle business alone. Jericho calls Enzo a hip hop hobbit. Enzo calls Jericho Bon Jovi and makes fun of Jericho's scarf. Enzo and Jericho continue to take verbal shots at each other until RAW GM Mick Foley arrives. Foley announces the first mixed tag team match in the New Era between Sasha/Enzo and Jericho/Charlotte and that match is now.

- "Mixed Tag Team Match": Sasha Banks and Enzo Amore vs. Charlotte and Chris Jericho: Kevin Owens arrives and sits in on commentary. The match closes out with Sasha hitting a flying double knee on Charlotte followed by a Back Stabber. Dana Brooke jumps on the apron, but gets sent flying with a Sasha forearm. Jericho goes after Sasha, but gets slapped in the face. Charlotte drops Sasha with Natural Selection and scores the pinfall. After the match, Jericho attacks Enzo and hits the Code Breaker. Big Cass hits the ring and makes the save.
Winners: Charlotte and Chris Jericho, by pinfall.

- Braun Strowman vs. Evan Anderhold: Before the match, Anderhold says he's getting thousands of dollars for facing Strowman and was offered $5,000 if he could beat Strowman. The match closes out with Strowman making quick work of Anderhold and scoring the pinfall with the reverse choke slam.
Winner: Braun Strowman, by pinfall.

- Backstage, Mark Henry tells Stephanie McMahon and Mick Foley he's ready for a comeback. Stephanie says that Henry was drafted on RAW to be a mentor. Henry says his career isn't over yet. Foley announces Henry vs. Rusev for the WWE United States Championship.

- The Shining Stars vs. The Golden Truth: The match closes out with R-Truth on the apron playing Pokemon Go on his phone. Truth catches a Pokemon and misses Goldust trying to tag him. Primo rolls Goldust up and scores the pinfall.
Winners: The Shining Stars, by pinfall.

- Finn Balor Promo: Balor says he proved last week that he wasn't a fluke when he pinned Roman Reigns. Seth Rollins interrupts and heads to the ring. Rollins brags that he was the first ever NXT World Champion, the first pick in the draft and he pinned Reigns on his first night back from his ACL injury. Rollins compares Balor to crappy movie remakes and actress Melissa McCarthy. Balor says he knows all about Rollins' accomplishments, but Balor will be the first WWE Universal Champion. Rollins says Balor winning the title would be like the Atlanta Braves trying to win the World Series.
Rollins says this is Rollins' show, this is his ring and he’s the man. Balor says that everywhere he's been, when someone said that they were the man, Balor not only defeated them but he also took their spot. Balor says he earned his title shot and didn't have it handed to him. Rollins says the only thing that will be handed to him is the WWE Universal Championship when he beats Balor at Summer Slam. Balor says the only thing that will be handed to Rollins at Summer Slam is his ass. Rollins tries to attack Balor, but eats a side kick and a Pele Kick. Rollins retreats to the floor to end the segment.

- "WWE United States Championship Match": Rusev (c) vs. Mark Henry: The match closes out with Rusev landing a back stomp on Henry and then goes for The Accolade submission. Henry powers out of the submission and hits two clotheslines on Rusev. Rusev lands a spinning thrust kick and an axe kick to Henry's head. Rusev locks in The Accolade submission again and makes Henry tap out. After the match, Rusev makes fun of Henry, Team USA, the Olympics and says the Olympics are rigged everytime USA wins. Rusev says he is a natural athlete and nobody can defeat him. Roman Reigns interrupts and heads to the ring. Rusev unloads a series of punches on Reigns, but Reigns returns fire with a lariat. Rusev retreats to the floor, but gets taken out by Reigns with a flying Superman Punch off the steel steps.
Winner: Rusev, by submission, to retain the WWE United States Championship.

- Darren Young vs. Titus O’Neil: The match closes out with Titus body slamming Young and then going for Clash Of The Titus. Young counters and goes for the Gut Check. Titus counters and sends Young face first into the turn buckle. Titus rolls up Young, grabs a handful of his tights and scores the pinfall.
Winner: Titus O’Neil, by pinfall.

- Backstage, both Sheamus and Cesaro demand to know how Mark Henry got a WWE United States Championship Match. Stephanie reminds Cesaro that he made negative comments and stated he'd rather be on Smackdown. Mick Foley says Cesaro's past medical issues have hurt his spot on the roster as well. Foley tells Sheamus and Cesaro to prove themselves in the ring and earn a future title match.

- Nia Jax vs. Ariel Monroe: Nia makes quick work of Ariel, hitting a power slam and the standing leg drop to score the pinfall. After the match, Byron Sexton asks Nia how it feels being in a WWE ring. Nia hits a splash on Ariel in the corner and tells Byron to go ask Ariel.
Winner: Nia Jax, by pinfall.

- Backstage, Sami Zayn says Seth Rollins has always had one weakness and it's his big mouth. Tonight, Zayn promises to prove Rollins wrong.

- Big E and Kofi Kingston vs. Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson: Xavier Woods is banned from ringside. The match closes out with Big E hitting a side belly to belly suplex on Anderson. Big E tosses Gallows to the floor. Big E goes for the tag, but Kofi is pulled off the apron. Anderson attacks Big E and celebrates with Gallows. Big E rolls Anderson up and scores the pinfall. After the match, Gallows and Anderson attack Kofi and Big E. Woods tries to help, but gets held back. Gallows holds Big E and Anderson hits two flying boots. Woods goes after Anderson, but gets kneed in the head. The Club send Big E crotch first into the steel steps.
Winners: The New Day, by pinfall.

- Cesaro vs. Sheamus: The match closes out with Cesaro ducking a clothesline from Sheamus and connects with a springboard European uppercut. Cesaro goes for the Cesaro Swing, but Sheamus counters with a near fall rollup. Sheamus goes for the Irish Curse Back Breaker, but Cesaro counters, hits The Neutralizer and scores the pinfall.
Winner: Cesaro, by pinfall.

- Heath Slater Promo: Slater says it's not his fault both RAW and Smackdown Live have yet to sign the hottest free agent. Slater introduces his old friend Jinder Mahal and says 2 MB is back together. Mick Foley interrupts and announces Slater vs. Mahal with the winner getting a RAW contract.

- "Winner Gets A RAW Contract": Heath Slater vs. Jinder Mahal: Mahal hits a quick boot on Slater and scores the pinfall.
Winner: Jinder Mahal, by pinfall, to win a RAW contract.

- Backstage, Chris Jericho is still furious over Enzo and Big Cass. Jericho announces that he now has Kevin Owens to help watch his back.

- Seth Rollins vs. Sami Zayn: The match closes out with Zayn going for the Helluva Kick, but Rollins rolls outside. Zayn hits a plancha on Rollins, but misses a cross body. Zayn counters the Pedigree with a back body drop. Zayn goes for the Helluva Kick, but Rollins counters, hits the Pedigree and scores the pinfall.
Winner: Seth Rollins, by pinfall.

- Brock Lesnar Promo: Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar are in the ring. Heyman calls Lesnar the Viper Slayer and The Beast from The Brocktogon. Heyman says Lesnar will entertain us at Summer Slam, the New Era needs to step up to Lesnar and Lesnar is not here to kiss up to commissioners and general managers. Heyman wants to know how the world thinks that one RKO from Randy Orton will be enough to defeat Lesnar. Heyman says Orton will be taken to Suplex City, Orton has no chance against Lesnar and Orton needs to think of a quick exit plan. Orton suddenly leaps the barricade, slides in the ring and drops Lesnar with an RKO. Orton escapes through the crowd as RAW officials, Stephanie McMahon and Mick Foley arrive to kick Orton out of the building. Stephanie orders security to keep Orton out of the building because he's from Smackdown Live as RAW closes out.

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