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Wrestling Lockup with Brandon 8.17.16: Smackdown Live Results

By Brandon Albright, @B_Rock1978

Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, brought to you by Triple Threat CLE, is here with your Smackdown Live Recap Edition.  

This week's Smackdown Live took place in Austin, Texas. Smackdown Live held its go home show to this Sunday nights WWE Summer Slam event. Miz TV returned with special guests WWE World Heavyweight Champion Dean Ambrose and #1 contender Dolph Ziggler. A 12 Man Tag Team Match took place with The Hype Bros., The Usos and American Alpha battling The Vaudevillains, The Ascension, Fandango and Tyler Breeze. Naomi battled Eva Marie in Women's Division action. Randy Orton battled Heath Slater as Slater still searches for a job. WWE World Heavyweight Champion Dean Ambrose battled Erick Rowan of The Wyatt Family in a non title match. Becky Lynch and Carmella battled Nattie Neidhart and Alexa Bliss in Women's Division tag team action. Main event time saw John Cena battle Alberto Del Rio in one on one action.

*** Smackdown Live ***

- Backstage, Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan are looking forward to Summer Slam. Randy Orton arrives and signs his contract to face Brock Lesnar. Heath Slater arrives with a fruit basket and says he stood toe to toe with Lesnar on RAW. Shane demands respect from Slater. Orton says he has an idea on how to handle this.

- Miz TV with Special Guests Dean Ambrose and Dolph Ziggler: Miz is interrupted by Ambrose and Ziggler and has to remind them that this is his show. Miz calls Ziggler the WWE version of the Ghostbusters remake.....a flop. Miz says Ziggler needs to prove the critics wrong, but what happens if he loses? Ambrose says that he's noticed Ziggler has that fire in his eyes again, but Ambrose isn't buying it. Ziggler asks if Ambrose wants him to admit that everything Ambrose has said the past three weeks makes Ziggler want to kick Ambrose's head off.  Ambrose says that even if Ziggler wins his life won't be transformed, the critics still won't be silenced, being WWE World Champion raises the pressure and Ambrose knows Ziggler buckles under pressure.
Ziggler says that Ambrose thinks he has it all figured out, Ambrose doesn't know a damn thing about Ziggler, Ambrose will push, crawl and bleed, but still not be able to put Ziggler away. Ziggler says Ambrose will reach down for one more move when....BAM....Ziggler connects with a super kick on Ambrose and lays Ambrose out. Ziggler looks down at a laid out Ambrose and says Sunday Ziggler will prove he's that damn good.

- During the break, The Miz is still in the ring and makes fun of Apollo Crews calling him Apollo Creed. Crews comes out to confront Miz and correct him on his name. Miz calls him Apollo Creed again forcing Crews to plant Miz with the Apollo Bomb.

- "12 Man Tag Team Match": The Hype Bros., The Usos and American Alpha vs. The Vaudevillains, The Ascension, Fandango and Tyler Breeze: The match closes out with Ryder hitting the Broski Boot on Konnor, but Ryder gets dropped with a Beauty Shot from Breeze. Rawley hits a lariat on Breeze and Fandango hits a thrust kick on Rawley. Jimmy plants an Uso Kick on Fandango and then The Usos hit double Uso Kicks on Gotch. Gable tags in and he and Jordan hit Grand Amplitude for the pinfall.
Winners: American Alpha, The Usos and The Hype Bros.

- Naomi vs. Eva Marie: The match again doesn't happen as Eva Marie is stuck in traffic.
Winner: No Contest

- Backstage, AJ Styles tells Alberto Del Rio he'll be watching when Del Rio knocks John Cena's smug smile off his face. Del Rio says he doesn't need Styles cheering him on because he's been beating up Cena for years. Styles says at least he's on the Summer Slam card, Del Rio isn't.

- Randy Orton vs. Heath Slater: The match closes out with Orton unloading a series of blows on Slater and gets DQ'ed after refusing to back off of Slater. After the match, Orton tosses Slater over the announcers table, drops Slater ribs first on the barricade, drops Slater with the hanging DDT, hits a couple german suplexes, mocks Brock Lesnar and then plants Slater with an RKO.
Winner: Heath Slater, by DQ.

- Backstage, Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan present Slater with a Smackdown Live contract for beating Orton. Slater who's knocked loopy thinks Bryan is Mick Foley and Shane is Stephanie McMahon. Shane and Bryan change their minds and take the contract away.

- Dean Ambrose vs. Erick Rowan: The match closes out with Rowan landing a spinning heel kick on Ambrose for a near fall. Rowan unloads on Ambrose on the ground, but Ambrose comes back with a lariat. Ambrose hits Dirty Deeds on Rowan to score the pinfall. After the match, Bray Wyatt throws down Rowan's sheep mask and walks out.
Winner: Dean Ambrose, by pinfall.

- Becky Lynch and Carmella vs. Nattie Neidhart and Alexa Bliss: The match closes out with Becky landing a corner kick on Nattie and Alexa both. Becky hits a corner forearm and an exploder suplex for a near fall. Eva Marie's music hits and she finally appears, but she's again too late for her match. Naomi hits the ring and chases Eva around ringside. Nattie rolls Becky up during the distraction, but Becky counters and traps Nattie in the Dis-Arm-Her submission, forcing Nattie to tap out.
Winners: Becky Lynch and Carmella, by submission.

- Backstage, Baron Corbin is attacking Kalisto again as WWE Officials pull Corbin off.

- John Cena vs. Alberto Del Rio: The match closes out with Del Rio hitting a standing enziguri for a near fall. Del Rio plants a kick on Cena for another near fall. Cena goes for the AA, but Del Rio counters it into the cross arm breaker submission. Cena powers out and hits the AA on Del Rio for the pinfall. After the match, AJ Styles flies in and nails Cena with the Phenomenal Forearm. Styles grabs a microphone and says that after Summer Slam Styles will be the one that runs the WWE, Cena's time is up and Styles' time is now. Styles goes for a Styles Clash, but Cena counters and drops Styles with an AA. Cena drags Styles outside carries Styles up the ring steps and drives Styles through the announcers table with another AA.
Winner: John Cena, by pinfall.

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