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The Weekend 3 Count with Brandon 9/22-9/28

By @BSA1978.

Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, brought to you by Triple Threat CLE. This edition will be my new weekly recap that I'm adding to the Wrestling Lockup series. Weekend 3 Count, will be posted every Sunday afternoon, and will feature news, rumors and personal rants from yours truly. I'll touch turnbuckles on news and rumors in WWE, TNA, GFW and anywhere else I find interesting in the wrestling business. Hope you all enjoy, TIME TO PLAY THE GAAAMMMEEE!

**** WWE News and Rumors ****

- Incase you didn't already know, Roman Reigns, was pulled from last Sunday's Night of Champions due to an incarcerated hernia. Reigns had a successful surgery, however, will likely be out for three months recouping. (Push Dean Ambrose!!! Perfect timing for Ambrose to get that main event push.)

- "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair is also finishing up with a surgery visit. Flair had to have not one but two hernia surgeries this month. Sources say that Flair dropped a lot of weight and was unable to keep food down, which led to the surgeries. Flair is expected to recover and be able to train again in 5 weeks. (To be the man, you have to beat the man! And the hernia failed twice to beat the man!)

- This past Tuesday, WWE, released a Best of Sting DVD collection. It was also learned this week that Sting will be involved in some way at Wrestlemania 31. As of now this will be the first time ever that Sting has stepped into a WWE ring. (I'm wishing Sting would do more than just one WM match. I would love to see one last run.)

- There was a rumor started this week about The Undertaker being really sick and not doing well. Lead singer of Limp Bizkit, Fred Durst, made the announcement while dedicating their hit "Rollin'" to Taker. Taker's wife, Michelle McCool, posted a picture of her and Taker together on Instagram and stated "Hubby was just fine". (It's amazing how rumors get started. And Limp Bizkit still performs?)

- WWE Hell In A Cell takes place in five weeks. It is still unknown if WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Brock Lesnar, will be defending the title yet. Sources are saying that at this time there are no plans for another Lesnar vs Cena match. (I'm honestly hoping there will be no more Cena/Lesnar matches. I think it's run its course and it's time to give Lesnar a new opponent.)

- Speaking of Brock Lesnar, there's a rumor going around that the Washington Post thinks that Lesnar has heart problems. The WP made comments about Lesnar breathing heavy, sweating and turning many shades of colors during his match at Night Of Champions and that's why he wasn't on RAW. WWE denied WP's accusations, calling it ridiculous and reminded WP that he wasn't at RAW because he has limited date appearances. (Lesnar isn't that young, fit, bad ass he used to be. Age is catching up to Mr. Lesnar.)

- Independent wrestling icon, Prince Devitt, made his NXT debut on Thursday tapings. Devitt, like every new WWE superstar has been given a new name. Devitt will be known as Finn Balor when he debuts. Expect the actual episode aired in November of Prince Dev.....I mean Finn Balor's debut. (Finn Balor?? Really??)

- Good news for all you Batista fans. Batista is planning on returning for one final run come Wrestlemania time. (Will he go by the name Bore-Tista or Blue-Tista I wonder?)

- All fellow Clevelanders, be sure to pick up your tickets for WWE TLC! The live "special event" takes place on December 14th at Quicken Loans Arena. (I'm hoping to make it.)

**** TNA News and Rumors ****

- Kurt Angle, everyone's favorite Olympic Gold Medalist that won gold with a "broken freakin' neck", may be done with TNA. As of September 21st, Angle's TNA contract expired. Angle stated that he wasn't looking to resign with TNA because the next contract he signs will be his last before retirement. I think Angle is still looking for that last WWE run, however, Triple H isn't interested. (I'd love an Angle run in WWE. But the main thing stopping it is Angle can't stay healthy and Triple H knows it.)

- TNA Bound For Glory Pay-Per-View news. Japan's Wrestle-1 promotion, that TNA is partnering with for BFG, announced that The Wolves will not be at the event. Davey Richards of The Wolves is suffering from injuries and will be unable to perform. According to The Wolves themselves, they had no clue that they were going to be taken off the card. (The Wolves vs Wrestle-1's front office at BFG? Lol)

- As for actual Bound For Glory matches so far? Wrestle-1 representative, Jimmy Suzuki, tweeted out that on Monday September 29th he'll reveal some more BFG planned matches. (From what I heard, with the event being held in Japan and TNA working with Wrestle-1 on the card, expect some TNA vs Wrestle-1 matches.)

** Current 'Bound For Glory' Card **

- "TNA X-Division Title, Triple Threat Match": Samoa Joe vs Low Ki vs Kaz Hayashi
- The Great Muta and Yoshihiro Tajiri vs The Great Sanada and James Storm

- In more BFG news, Wrestle-1 have officially announced that Team 3-D, Bully Ray and Devon, will be at BFG. (Devon...Get the table! One last time?)

- In TNA contract news, Austin Aries and Gail Kim may be done soon. Both Aries and Kim have expiring contracts coming up in October and both don't plan on resigning. (WWE wouldn't know what to do with Austin Aries. And I don't see Gail Kim going back to WWE either. Expect to see both in Jeff Jarrett's GFW or Aries may wind up back in ROH.)

- TNA head, Dixie Carter, addressed to the TNA roster that they will have a new TV deal in January. When it will happen and with what channel is nowhere close at the moment. (Anything to get talent to stay. Lol)

- TNA have signed the first ever Indian wrestler (Country of India, not a Native American) to a contract. TNA signed 24 year old Mahabali Shera. Apparently this was a year long goal of TNA's, that started when Kurt Angle visited India in 2013. It is unknown when we will see the newcomer. (Best of luck and hopefully TNA is around long enough for Shera to make a name for himself.)

- Former WWE entertainer, Brodus Clay, is now a TNA wrestler. Clay has been working TV tapings with the company and should be debuting soon. If you have read any spoilers of weeks to come in TNA, then you already know as I when and how he'll be used in TNA. (Somebody call his momma!)

And with that I'm wrapping up the first edition of The Weekend 3 Count! I will be back with the next edition next Sunday afternoon with more news and rumors throughout the wrestling world! Till then, tap or snap.

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