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Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, 9.23.14: RAW

By @BSA1978.

Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, brought to you by Triple Threat CLE is here with your RAW recap from last night. Last night's RAW was the first RAW after Night of Champions on Sunday. Going into last night's show, Brock Lesnar is still the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Sheamus is still the United States Champion, The Miz is the NEW Intercontinental Champion, The Rhodes Brothers are the NEW World Tag Team Champions and A.J. Lee is the NEW Divas Champion. What would RAW have in store for us this week, live in Memphis, Tennessee, as we move forward to WWE Hell In A Cell in five weeks. Let's recap, shall we?

- In Ring Promo with Dean Ambrose and John Cena: The "Lunatic Fringe" Dean Ambrose returns and kicks off RAW. Ambrose, has been replaying in his mind, Seth Rollins and Corporate Kane busting the cinder block over his head last month. Tonight, Ambrose is The Authority until the actual Authority give him Seth Rollins on a silver platter. Ambrose takes a seat on a chair in the ring and waits patiently. John Cena's music hits and out comes Cena. Ambrose is not happy that Cena just interrupted his sit down. Cena says he and Ambrose have something in common. Cena's not happy with Rollins for costing him his shot at the WWE World Heavyweight Championship last night. Ambrose warned Cena to leave the ring and refused so now Ambrose has a problem with Cena. Ambrose and Cena prepare to fight, when The Authority arrive and are on stage. Triple H says Rollins isn't fighting anyone tonight. Cena and Ambrose, not caring to listen to The Game, charge The Authority and brawl with Randy Orton, Kane and Rollins. Ambrose and Cena both brawl with Rollins and chase him to the backstage area. Rollins takes out a WWE backstage hand, steals his car and drives off.

- Backstage Segment with The Authority: Triple H announces Kane vs Dean Ambrose and Randy Orton vs John Cena. Orton tells Triple H to tell Seth Rollins to stop starting fires he can't put out.

- "WWE Intercontinental Championship Match": The Miz (c) (w/Damien Sandow) vs Dolph Ziggler: Ziggler blocks the "Skull Crushing Finale". Ziggler gets caught by Miz in the figure four but Ziggler rope breaks it. Ziggler takes out Sandow who gets involved. Miz hits a "Skull Crushing Finale" after Sandow's distraction, but Ziggler kicks out. Sandow jumps on the apron but catches a super kick in the face from Ziggler. Miz rolls up Ziggler with a handful of tights but Ziggler reverses the rollup with a handful of tights of his own and scores the pinfall. Dolph Ziggler is the NEW Intercontinental Champion.

- Bo Dallas vs Jack Swagger (w/Zeb Colter): Swagger applies the "Patriot Lock" and Dallas taps out. Colter grabs a mic and says he "Bo-Lieves" Swagger just made Dallas tap out.

- Nattie Neidhart (w/Rosa Mendez) vs Summer Rae (w/Layla): Summer goes for a rollup but Nattie rolls out and locks in the "Sharpshooter". Summer taps out.

- Dean Ambrose vs Corporate Kane: Kane goes for the choke slam, Ambrose escapes and hits "Dirty Deeds". Seth Rollins hits the ring and we have another Rollins/Ambrose brawl. Right when Ambrose gained the upper hand Kane grabs Ambrose and drops Ambrose with the choke slam.

- Backstage with The Authority: Triple H tells Seth Rollins to stop starting fires he can't put out. Dean Ambrose appears and nails Rollins from behind and the Rollins/Ambrose brawl is on again. WWE Security grab Dean Ambrose and Stephanie McMahon tells them to lock Ambrose in a room.

- "Six Man Tag Match": Sheamus and The Usos vs Cesaro, Goldust and Stardust: The Usos suicide dive on Stardust and Cesaro. Jey "Superfly Splash" off the ropes but Goldust puts the knees up and then hits the "Final Cut". Sheamus breaks up the pin and we have a six man brawl. Jey hits the "Superfly Splash" on Goldust on the second attempt and scores the pinfall.

- Backstage Segment with Randy Orton and Seth Rollins: Rollins understands that Orton is sick of fighting Rollins' battles. Rollins says he appreciates it and has a surprise for Orton later. Orton likes surprises.

- In Ring Promo with Mark Henry: Henry apologizes for losing, knows he let America down and is heart broken. Rusev and Lana arrive. Lana says Henry doesn't need to apologize because Americans are pathetic just like him. Lana challenges Henry to face Rusev again tonight. Henry accepts and Lana tells Rusev to "crush".

- Mark Henry vs Rusev (w/Lana): Rusev works on Henry's lower back, Henry is less then 100%, still suffering from his back injury from Night of Champions. Henry mounts a come back, but it's short lived. Rusev locks Henry in "The Accolade" where Henry passes out from the pain.

- Adam Rose and The Bunny vs Heath Slater and Titus O' Neil: Rose hits the "Party Foul" on Slater after The Bunny spin kicks Slater for the pinfall.

- In Ring Promo with Nikki Bella: Nikki blames Brie for Nikki losing at Night of Champions and calls Brie out. Brie arrives. The sisters bicker back and forth more about growing up Bella. Nikki wants Brie to drop the Bella name. Nikki says Brie won't take Daniel Bryan's name because he's an ugly, broken down troll. Brie slaps Nikki then goes for a "Yes Lock" on Nikki but Nikki escapes the ring.

- A.J. Lee vs Nikki Bella: Paige is on commentary for this match. Nikki throws A.J. into Paige, knocking Paige out of her chair. A.J. locks Nikki in the "Black Widow" and Nikki taps out.

- Backstage Segment with Triple H: Triple H double checks with WWE security, making sure Dean Ambrose is still locked up.

- Randy Orton (w/Kane and Seth Rollins) vs John Cena: We see a large box at ringside which have held cinder blocks in the past. Orton goes for the "RKO" but Cena blocks and locks in the "STF". Rollins and Kane attack Cena causing the DQ. The Authority set Cena up for the cinder block to the head move. Kane lifts the box to reveal the cinder blocks but...surprise...it's Dean Ambrose under the box. Ambrose and Cena take out Kane and Orton as Seth Rollins jumps the barricade and escapes through the crowd. RAW closes out with Cena and Ambrose in the ring celebrating.

And that closes out this week's RAW, be sure to check back for the following recaps.

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- Next Tuesday: RAW recap

Till then, tap or snap.

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