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Around the B1G with K8, 9.24.14 #B1G

By @ClvlndK8

You know that Big Ten Conference everyone’s been mocking? They had an AMAZING weekend… 12-1!  The only loss being Michigan.  I’m not sure if they can keep this up with some of the games on the schedule for Saturday but at least we looked good this week!  We may not be getting the respect we want yet, but fans are sure excited about this season… so far three schools have set records for single-game attendance:  Rutgers, Ohio State and Nebraska!

B1G Defense is making us proud with five schools ranked nationally in the Top 20 vs the run.  Penn State sits surprisingly at the top, allowing an average below 50 yards per game. Wow!
Michigan State came in 5th with a 72 yard average, Michigan at 9th with 80 (I know, right? I was shocked that they were good at anything!), Wisconsin 14th with 91 and finally Iowa at 17th with 96.  That’s pretty darn impressive.  I guess opponents will have to look to the passing skies to score on these guys!

Michigan:  and speaking of Meat-Chicken (as I like to call them), #HokeWatch2014 has begun. With the brutal 26-10 loss to Utah, more and more fans are calling for Brady’s head.  And athletic director Dave Brandon is in the line of fire as well. Alumni like 80’s star QB Michael Taylor have not been shy about blasting university leaders for letting the program become the joke of the B1G.  Whether you are a fan or not, the reality is that the Big Ten NEEDS Michigan to be good. It makes the rivalry with tOSU that much better and makes their meeting at the end of the season that much more meaningful.

As to this year’s big match-up, Both schools AD’s have spoken up this week regarding the starting time. Apparently, some idiots want it to be a night game, played under the lights in Prime Time. Well I’ll tell you this, people will tune in to watch from all over the country whether it’s on at noon or 3:30 pm or 8:00 because it’s supposed to be a good game.  Letting fans (and I’m one of them) have six more hours to drink before kick-off is just a bad idea. Very bad. Trust me.

Nebraska: the HUGE story this week is the under-rated Cornhuskers and another potential Heisman Trophy candidate from the B1G: RB Ameer Abdullah.  My new favorite Rock-Toter had over 300 yards vs Miami, aka The U, for 5,762 career yards.  Since my favorite carriers from prior years include Carlos Hyde and Le’Veon Bell, he’s in good company.  He sitting in 10th place on the Big Ten all-time list and should easily move into 9th this week, needing a paltry 37 yards to catch Michigan’s Anthony Carter.  Look out Brandon Williams (Wisconsin), he’ll be coming for your spot on the list next!  

Now, maybe I was the only one who wasn't giving them enough credit before the season started but at 4-0 they definitely need to be taken seriously. And clearly the Student Section of HuskerNation was fired up and ready for their match-up with The U - these pics were posted in a Cornhusker chat room,, showing the amazing “artwork” created for the game… students rocking and rolling and making sure visitors to Memorial Stadium know they are in for a fight!

B1G Tweet of the Week just happens to belong to a Husker fan and blogger, @Husker_Mike... "As Bob Stoops would say, the bottom part of the Big Ten is better than the bottom part of the SEC."

That's it for me this week. If you find any news or stories from Around the B1G that you think I might be interested in, hit me up!  In the meantime, GO BUCKEYES! 

Respectfully Submitted,

Cleveland Kate

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