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Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, 9.11.14: TNA Impact

By @BSA1978.

Wrestling Lockup with Brandon is here again and it's brought to you by Triple Threat CLE. Today it's all about TNA news and the Impact recap.

Former TNA writer, Vince Russo, is in a Twitter war with Spike TV over TNA. Russo has stated TNA leaving Spike TV would be what's best for business because Spike TV have no clue when it comes to running a wrestling show. Spike TV defended themselves by stating they funded their own money for Hulk Hogan, Eric Bischoff, for TNA shows and UK tours. Spike TV says they've had a great partnership with TNA.

Current TNA guys, TNA World Champion, Bobby Lashley and Dixie Carter's former body guard, King Mo, both competed in MMA Bellator this past weekend. Both Lashley and Mo were victorious in their fights.

On to this week's Impact recap. Impact made its return to the home of hardcore, New York City. We hear the national anthem played and soldiers hold flags out as newcomer to TNA Sgt. Chris Melendez is introduced.

- Sgt. Chris Melendez vs DJ Z: Melendez has an impressive debut match as he scores the pinfall with a "Samoan Drop" on DJ Z.

- In Ring Promo with Bobby Roode: Roode is now the #1 Contender to the TNA World Title. Gives props to Eric Young for their match last week and is now ready to take his spot as TNA World Champion. Bobby Lashley, Kenny King and MVP cut off Roode's promo and make their way to the ring. MVP says that every movie has the hero that wins and lives happily ever after, however, this isn't the movies, it's reality. Lashley hasn't come close to losing at all and the only thing Roode can hope for is a trip to the hospital. Roode says he sees fear and doubt in MVP's eyes but not in Lashley's. Roode says Lashley may be bigger and stronger but Roode has heart and he knows he can beat Lashley. The trio jump Roode and beat the #1 Contender down. Eric Young and Samoa Joe hit the ring for the save. Joe demands a match now that the sides are even, setting up an impromptu six man tag.

- "Six Man Tag Match": Bobby Roode, Eric Young and Samoa Joe vs Bobby Lashley, MVP and Kenny King: Joe goes airborne over the ropes and takes everyone out on team MVP. Everyone hits a big move in the match. MVP goes for the running knee on Roode. Roode dodges it and lays MVP out with the "Roode Bomb" for the pinfall.

- Backstage Segment: Brittany asks Gunner if Samuel Shaw is seeing anyone. Gunner isn't sure but says he'll ask him for her.

- "Six Person Tag Match": The Bromans and Velvet Sky (w/Angelina Love) vs The Menagerie: Rebel climbs the ropes and kicks Angelina Love as she tries to interfere. Velvet Sky rolls Rebel up from behind on the distraction. Sky grabs a handful of tights on Rebel to score the pinfall on the rollup.

- Backstage Promo with Kurt Angle: Angle is going to announce Ethan Carter III's opponent tonight and ECIII isn't going to like it. ECIII is being punished for being critical of his job.

- In Ring Promo with Kurt Angle: Angle is proud of the TNA roster except for Ethan Carter III, who Angle calls to the ring. ECIII arrives and immediately goes on the defense. ECIII says it's not right that Team 3D is being rewarded for putting Aunt Dixie through a table. ECIII is ready to serve vigilante justice if Angle doesn't fix the problem, even if that means taking Angle out personally. Angle says to leave the demands to him and if he doesn't like it then ECIII can go home. Angle reminds ECIII that he hasn't forgotten that ECIII is the reason Angle is sidelined from wrestling at the moment. Angle announces that since ECIII isn't dressed for a wrestling match then he can have a "Street Fight Match" against Rhino and that starts now.

- "Street Fight Match": Rhino vs Ethan Carter III: Rhino rushes the ring and we have a brawl on the floor. ECIII sends Rhino into the barricade, Rhino suplexes ECIII on the ramp. Rhino smacks ECIII around with a kendo stick. ECIII low blows Rhino then delivers a trash can lid shot to the head. Rhino goes for the "Gore" but ECIII dodges and Rhino kisses a garbage can. ECIII hits a knee lift then the "1%" on Rhino right onto a chair for the pinfall.

- Backstage Promo with Sgt. Chris Melendez: Melendez is psyched to be in TNA and happy with his debut match.

- In Ring Segment with Jeremy Borash and the TNA Knockouts: We're about to find out who'll be on the TNA Knockouts calendar for 2015. Angelina Love says it's obvious that its her but Jeremy Borash announces that its Velvet Sky. Sky celebrates as Love is disgusted at the announcement. New Knockout, Havok, stalks down to the ring. Gail Kim rushes at Havok head on but Havok lays Kim out quick. Havok choke slams Brittany then leaves with the TNA Knockouts Title.

- Video Segment: James Storm and The Great Sanada are shown training and torturing Manik. Storm is leading Manik down the path of salvation just like he did for Sanada.

- Backstage Segment: Gail Kim is looking for Havok so she can kick her ass.

- James Storm and The Great Sanada vs Austin Aries and Yoshihiro Tajiri: All four men begin brawling. Aries gets low blowed and tossed to the floor. Tajiri puts Storm in the "Tarantula", dodges Sanada's mist, then puts Sanada in the "Tarantula". Storm spits beer in Tajiri's face and Sanada hits a super kick on Tajiri to score the pinfall.

- Backstage Brawl: Gail Kim finds Havok and we've got a brawl break out. Kim and Havok brawl out to the entrance ramp where TNA officials try to separate the ladies. Havok tosses security guys aside easily as Kim gets dragged to the backstage area.

- "Triple Threat Tables Match": Team 3D vs The Hardy Boys vs The Wolves: This match is match #2 in this triple threat series. Hardys baseball slide a table into Team 3D's face. All three teams try to put each other through a table only to have the table moved. The Hardys go for "Poetry in Motion" but Bully moves causing Jeff to crash through a table. Team 3D and The Hardys brawl on the floor where they are taken out by The Wolves with suicide dives. Brawling continues on the floor and all over ringside. The Wolves are left with Matt in the ring, until Bully and Jeff return. The Hardys take out Bully and dumps him to the floor. Matt gives Eddie Edwards a "Twist of Fate" then lays Eddie on a table. Jeff leaps off the ropes with the "Swanton Bomb" on Eddie, through the table for the win. The Hardys and Team 3D both have one win in the series now. The Hardy's pick a "Ladder Match" for Match #3 in the series.

And that wraps up this week's TNA recap for Wrestling Lockup with Brandon. Stay tuned for more recaps in the upcoming week.
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- Next Thursday: TNA Impact recap

Till then, tap or snap!

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