Saturday, June 7, 2014

Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, 6.7.14: WWE Smackdown

"Last night was plan A, tonight is plan B....there's always a plan B."

Triple H's final words before the chair shot heard around the world and the implosion of The Shield. Seth Rollins joined the dark side as he turned his back on what Roman Reigns stated was a team close like "brothers". Seth Rollins stood with Triple H and Randy Orton over the bodies of Ambrose and Reigns, with a smirk, as if he had no care in the world at what he had just done. Seth Rollins joined Evolution. This is probably the biggest story going on in the WWE at the moment. Many questions have been developing from this. Like, why did Rollins do it? Where does this leave The Shield? Will there be a new Shield member soon to take Rollins' old spot? Of course all the CM Punk fans are jumping out again saying this would be the perfect opportunity for the "Straight Edge Savior" to return and join Reigns and Ambrose. If WWE decides to go with bringing in an NXT rookie to join The Shield, the WWE has plenty of great up and coming talent to choose from as well.
Who knows what WWE has up their sleeves. Where ever they go with this feud, it should be an interesting summer at least. Alright let's get this week's Smackdown recap started!

Highlights of Smackdown:
- Smackdown kicked off with the turncoat himself, Seth Rollins, cutting a promo with Triple H by his side now. Rollins is still sporting his Shield wrestling gear during the promo. Rollins states that only he knows why he did what he did and the only one that he owes an explanation to is himself. Dolph Ziggler arrives to ruin Rollins' moment of explanation and cuts a promo on Rollins and Evolution, ripping on the group. Triple H says since Ziggler is showing initiative he can face Rollins tonight, as in right now. Rollins defeats Ziggler in his first match as a heel.
- Big Show voices his massive opinion on the subject as he confronts Rollins, Randy Orton and Triple H backstage. Big Show tells Rollins he proved to everyone that he's just another sellout. Triple H tells Show that he gets Randy Orton in the main event later.
- The Usos faced Curtis Axel and Ryback in tag team action. Usos go home winners.
- Rusev stays undefeated as he defeated Xavier Woods in one on one action. Rusev has a fancy flag as he enters the ring now. Woods looked like he was dressed for a fourth of July party.
- Bad News Barrett, Rob Van Dam and Cesaro compete in a "Triple Threat Match". Barrett prevailed over "Mr. Monday Night" and "The King of Swing". "Bad News" was delivered.
- Alicia Fox stays nutty as ever as she loses to Nattie Neidhart and flips out on ring announcer, Lilian Garcia.
- Bray Wyatt cut a promo on the titantron. Bray comments on losing to John Cena. He says Sister Abigail said that this would happen.
- Bo Dallas continues to "Bo-Lieve" as he stays undefeated with a win over Santino. Cue the Journey song.
- Big Show faced Randy Orton in the main event. Triple H was in Orton's corner. Match ends in a DQ when Seth Rollins hits the ring and flying knees The Big Show. Rollins then curb stomped The Big Show on a chair. Evolution celebrates as Smackdown ends.

Quick Match Results:
- Seth Rollins def. Dolph Ziggler by pin.
- The Usos def. Curtis Axel and Ryback by pin.
- Rusev def. Xavier Woods by submission.
- "Triple Threat Match for the I-C Championship" : Bad News Barrett (c) def. Cesaro and RVD by pin to retain the title.
- Nattie Neidhart def. Alicia Fox by pin.
- Bo Dallas def. Santino by pin.
- Big Show def. Randy Orton by DQ.

And that's a wrap, again I'll be MIA from all wrestling recaps this coming week. I'll be back on Monday June 16th to bring you TNA Slammiversary. I'll be in Las Vegas for my honeymoon. Till then, tap or snap.

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