Monday, June 2, 2014

Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, 6.2.14: WWE Payback

Welcome to a very special "Special Event" recap on this Monday afternoon edition of Wrestling Lockup with Brandon. Last night, WWE held their "special event" entitled Payback, live at The Allstate Arena in Rosemont, Illinois. Being near Chicago, I'm sure you can imagine how many "CM Punk" chants were heard throughout the night. He's retired and he's not coming back fans, time to face that realization.

Any who, let's get the recap started shall we?

"Hair vs Mask Match": Hornswoggle vs El Torito. El Torito picked up the pin in the preshow match. El Torito hits a moonsault on Hornswoggle to score the pin. Hornswoggle gets held down in a barber chair by Los Matadores and gets his head shaved by El Torito.

"United States Championship Match": Sheamus (c) vs Cesaro. Before the match Paul Heyman angers the rowdy Chicago crowd by telling them CM Punk isn't here and that he is across town at the Blackhawks hockey game instead. The match ends with Cesaro swinging Sheamus but gets small packaged unexpectedly by Sheamus afterwards for the pin. Sheamus retains the U.S.Title.

The Rhodes Brothers vs Curtis Axel and Ryback. Cody goes for the "Disaster Kick" on Ryback, Ryback catches Cody and hits "Shell Shock" for the pin. After the match Cody tells Goldust that maybe it's best that Goldust finds a new tag team partner.

Rusev vs Big E. We have a flag off before the match starts, as Big E and Rusev wave their flags back and forth. Big E hit an awesome spear right through the second ropes on Rusev sending both men crashing to the floor, mid match. Rusev takes Big E's head off with a side kick and locks in "The Accolade" for the submission victory.

Bo Dallas vs Kofi Kingston. Match never happens as Kane arrives and choke slammed then tombstone piledrives Kofi. Bo Dallas tells Kofi that he'll be back on his feet in no time as long as he "Bo-Lieves".

"WWE Intercontinental Title Match" Bad News Barrett (c) vs. Rob Van Dam. RVD misses the "Five Star Frog Splash". Barrett misses the "Bullhammer" and instead connects with the ring post. Barrett fights off the pain and connects with the second attempt at the "Bullhammer", scoring the pin and retaining the I-C Title.

Stephanie McMahon arrives to make Daniel Bryan make his announcement on if he's forfeiting the title or Brie Bella being fired. Another "CM Punk" chant erupts. Steph tells Bryan that even the fans want to see him quit like CM Punk did. Daniel is about to hand over the titles and save Brie's job when Brie stops Daniel from forfeiting, quits the company then slaps Stephanie right in the face. Steph runs to the back, humiliated. Daniel Bryan apparently still remains as the WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

"Last Man Standing Match": Bray Wyatt vs John Cena. This match was all out chaos. Before the match The Wyatts surround Cena until The Usos hit the ring to back up Cena. Bray and Cena finally go one on one as the bell sounded. Chairs, the ring steps and tables get involved. The Usos and Wyatts brawl. Cena gets suplexed through a table, Bray gets hit in the face with the ring steps. We see The Usos go airbourne over the ropes on the Wyatts, taking them out. Luke Harper's massive frame even suicide dives through the ropes taking out The Usos. The Wyatts and The Usos put each other through tables. Cena hits "AA" on Bray the floor. Bray puts Cena through the barricade with a spear. Cena picks up the win by hitting "AA" on Bray right through a large tv production case, throws another production case on top and stands on it causing Bray to not be able to get up before a ten count.

"WWE Divas Title Match": Paige (c) vs. Alicia Fox. Paige defeats Fox by submission to retain the title. Fox flips out and runs to the back as the fans chanted "You tapped out".

"No Holds Barred Elimination Match": The Shield vs. Evolution. "Bluetista" began trending on Twitter. Look up Batista's ring gear from tonight and you'll see why. Both factions brawl throughout the arena to kick off the match. This match was an all out war throughout the whole thing. Evolution triple powerbombed Reigns through the announcers table. Evolution dismantled Rollins and Ambrose on the floor. We seen Orton DDT Rollins on the floor and Ambrose get back body dropped on a steel chair. Evolution surround Reigns in the ring and take turns caning him on his bare back. Reigns then takes repeated chair shots to the back. The action returns to the entrance ramp where Ambrose jumps all three Evolution members till getting beat down. Rollins leaps off the top of the stage prop below the titantron taking out all of Evolution. We're eventually back in the ring where a seriously wounded Shield pull a trifecta of pins to win the match. Reigns speared Batista allowing Rollins to score the pin, Ambrose reverse DDT's Orton onto a steel chair for the pin and after Triple H nails Ambrose with his sledgehammer, Triple H gets nailed with a Rollins top rope knee then gets speared by Reigns for the final pin to win the match. The Shield barely able to stand, celebrate as Payback comes to an end.

And that wraps up the pay per view. My opinion Bray Wyatt vs John Cena and The Shield vs Evolution were matches of the night. I'll be back Tuesday with the RAW recap. Till then tap or snap.

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