Saturday, June 28, 2014

Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, 6.28.14: WWE Smackdown

It's the last Smackdown event before this Sunday's "special event", Money in the Bank. We will see a new WWE World Heavyweight Champion crowned, finally, and we will have a new Money in the Bank briefcase holder. The briefcase holding a contract for a future WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match anytime, anyplace. Let's get this week's Smackdown recap started.

- Smackdown kicked off with Triple H, Randy Orton and Seth Rollins cutting a promo. Triple H talks about the different eras in WWE history and calls this the Authority Era. Triple H claims that Orton will win the title and Rollins will win the briefcase because that is what's best for business. Orton and Rollins both agree. Rollins mentions winning the briefcase will be a "Plan B" in case Orton can't get the job done, which Orton takes offence to. Orton tells Rollins that he can't win without The Shield. Triple H finally steps in and ends the bickering and tells them that they need to trust each other.

- Bad News Barrett vs Dean Ambrose. Match closes with Barrett going for a pumphandle slam that Ambrose counters into "Dirty Deeds" for the pinfall. After the match Jack Swagger hits the ring and attacks Barrett. Ambrose suicide dives into Swagger and then hits him with a ladder. Seth Rollins hits the ring and throws Ambrose into the ring steps then delivers the "Curb Stomp".

***Recap Note***
Bad News Barrett was reportedly injured during this match so his status in the MITB ladder match Sunday is unknown as of yet.

- Paige vs Cameron. Match closes with Paige getting the win with the "Paige Turner". After the match Naomi gets in Paige's face then Cameron attacks Paige. Naomi tries to seperate the two. Paige shoves both girls and stares them down.

- Bray Wyatt vs Sheamus. The whole Wyatt Family is at ringside which brings The Usos out in Sheamus' corner. Sheamus wins by DQ as The Wyatt Family start a six man brawl which Sheamus and The Usos win.

- Dolph Ziggler and Rob Van Dam vs Alberto Del Rio and Cesaro. Match closes with RVD going for the "5 Star Frog Splash" but catches Alberto's knees on the landing. Alberto locks in the cross arm breaker and RVD taps. After the match Paul Heyman raises Cesaro's hand and Alberto demands his be raised too. Cesaro kicks Alberto in the gut and lays him out with "The Neutralizer".

- Roman Reigns vs Kane. Reigns wins by DQ when Randy Orton runs in and attacks Reigns. Orton gets a "Superman Punch" from Reigns then Reigns gets choke slammed by Kane. Kane sets a ladder up and let's Orton climb it to the titles that are hanging from the rafters. After celebrating with the titles Orton climbs down and stops Kane from choke slamming Reigns and instead goes for the punt kick to the head. Reigns jumps up and spears both Orton and Kane as Smackdown comes to an end.

And that wraps up the Smackdown recap for this week. As always I'll be back next Saturday afternoon with another Smackdown recap.

The following is the updated card for tomorrow night's Money in the Bank special event, live on WWE Network. I will be back on Monday afternoon with the recap of the special event.

- "MITB for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship": John Cena vs Randy Orton vs Sheamus vs Bray Wyatt vs Roman Reigns vs Alberto Del Rio vs Cesaro vs Kane.
- "Traditional MITB": Seth Rollins vs Jack Swagger vs Rob Van Dam vs Dean Ambrose vs Dolph Ziggler vs ??Bad News Barrett?? vs Kofi Kingston.
- "WWE Divas Championship Match": Paige (c) vs. Naomi
- "WWE World Tag Team Championship Match": The Usos (c) vs. Luke Harper & Erick Rowan
- Goldust & Stardust vs. Ryback & Curtis Axel
- Rusev vs. Big E
- Summer Rae vs. Layla (Guest Referee: Fandango)

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