Friday, June 27, 2014

Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, 6.27.14: TNA Impact

Happy Friday everyone! Welcome to Wrestling Lockup with Brandon. This edition of Wrestling Lockup is the TNA recap edition. Last week on Impact, we saw a new TNA World Champion crowned and his name is Bobby Lashley! Tommy Dreamer answered Dixie Carter's invite to the show but was beat down by Rockstar Spud and Dixie's nephew Ethan Carter III. MVP abused his power and kicked everyone and their uncle out of the building. Magnus and Bram were paid off to beat up The Wolves. And Bobby Roode who has been sitting on the sidelines with a permanent suspension from MVP, arrived from the crowd and drew the line for the power trio to cross. What would this week have in store for us? Read on my friends.

The show kicks off with some Knockouts Tag Team action.

- Angelina Love and Velvet Sky vs Gail Kim and Taryn Terrell. Match closes out with Terrell climbing the ropes and hitting a cross body block on The Beautiful People. Gail Kim scores with "Eat Defeat" and the pinfall.

- MVP congratulates Bobby Lashley on his title win. MVP expects Eric Young to ask for his release now, however, Eric Young comes out and announces he's extended his contract with TNA so he can help take out the trash. EY hits the ring and we have a 3 on 1 brawl as MVP, Kenny King and Bobby Lashley attack EY. Bobby Roode jumps the guardrail and makes the save for EY, using MVP's crutches as a weapon.
Bobby Roode cuts a very good promo afterwards on he and EY helping build TNA as a company, MVP handing him a BS suspension, EY bringing respect and honor back to TNA, how he's going to help get the company back suspended or not and do it for the fans. MVP gets in Roode's face and is ready to fire him when a man named Earl Sullivan Armstrong steps into the ring and interrupts. Armstrong is apart of the TNA Board of Directors and announces that MVP has been relieved of his duties and his replacement will be here later. A now powerless MVP gets knocked out by Bobby Roode after this huge announcement.

- "Four Way, X-Division Title Match": Sanada (c) vs DJ Z vs Manik vs Crazy Steve. Match closes with Sanada hitting a double underhook suplex on DJ Z for the pinfall to retain the title.

- Dixie Carter is celebrating, thinking she has full control of TNA now with MVP out of the picture. Earl Sullivan Armstrong arrives to tell Dixie that there is a new person in charge but it's not her. Dixie is livid as Bully Ray appears. Dixie tries to bribe Bully with money but Bully isn't having it because he wants to put Dixie through a table. Ethan Carter III hits the ring but gets taken out by Bully. Bully grabs Dixie and puts her on his shoulders. Rockstar Spud runs in and moves the table. Dixie manages to escape with ECIII and avoids the table again.

- James Storm vs Mr. Anderson. Match closes out with Storm blocking the "Mic Check" and hitting the "Last Call" to score the pinfall.

- Gunner tells Samuel Shaw he is getting him released from his cell. Shaw has to have supervision and therapy, Gunner will be Shaw's sponsor.

- Tommy Dreamer shows up unannounced and attacks Ethan Carter III backstage. Dreamer and ECIII brawl throughout the backstage area and all the way out to the ring. Both men try to destroy each other until TNA Security rush the ring and separate both men.

- "Monster's Ball Match": Jeff "Willow" Hardy and Abyss vs Magnus and Bram. Match Highlights: Bram and Magnus beat down Hardy and Abyss with trash cans and kendo sticks. Hardy connects with a corner drop kick and chair shot on Bram, then places a trash can on Bram's head and drop kicks the can. Magnus connects with chair shots to Abyss. Abyss brings out "Janice" but gets the weapon stuck in the turn buckle while swinging it. Abyss gets handcuffed to the barricade by Bram allowing a 2 on 1 on Hardy. Abyss eventually breaks free and is back in the match. Hardy takes a chair shot to the head and crashes through a barbed wire board. The match closes out with Abyss laying out thumbtacks and choke slamming Magnus right on the tacks. Bram has "Janice" and hits Abyss right in the gut with the weapon and scores the pinfall.

- Kurt Angle is announced as the new Director of Operations. Angle gets interrupted by MVP who's mad about being replaced by Angle. MVP, Kenny King and Bobby Lashley threaten Angle but Angle threatens to fire them if they lay one finger on him. Kurt Angle announces that Eric Young will get his TNA World Title rematch against Bobby Lashley and he is officially reinstating Bobby Roode. Eric Young and Bobby Roode hit the ring and brawl with Kenny King and Bobby Lashley as Kurt Angle looks on as Impact comes to an end.

And that closes out this week's Impact recap. I will be back next Friday afternoon for another TNA Impact recap. Until then, tap or snap.

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