Friday, June 6, 2014

Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, 6.6.14: TNA Impact

What's up gang, it's Friday and it's time for the TNA Impact recap for the week. In last weeks episode of Impact, the biggest story was "The Samoan Submission Machine" Samoa Joe returning and making a big statement on how he felt about MVP, Kenny King and Bobby Lashley's three man power trip. Samoa Joe, Austin Aries, Eric Young, Bully Ray and The Wolves seem to have formed an alliance in their war with Dixie Carter, Ethan Carter III, Rockstar Spud, MVP, Kenny King and Bobby Lashley. Magnus and Bram still are at odds with each other in their feud with Jeff "Willow" Hardy. The Menagerie freak show returned to wreck havoc on The BroMans. Madison Rayne demanded her rematch against Angelina Love for the TNA Knockouts Title. Let's recap this week's episode.

Highlights of Impact:
- Samoa Joe kicked off Impact in the ring telling MVP, Kenny King and Bobby Lashley that they can stop looking for him cause he's bringing the fight to them. The Power Trio come to the ring and trade insults with Joe about power, greed and disrespect. Joe wants to fight all three of them tonight. Austin Aries comes to the ring and backs up Joe, and tells MVP he only wants to fight when it's in his favor. MVP makes a career match tonight between Samoa Joe and Austin Aries. If Joe wins he gets his job back but Aries will be fired if he loses.
- Dixie Carter tells MVP he's out of line for making Joe and Aries fight with their jobs on the line. MVP says he can do whatever he wants cause he's in charge.
- Samoa Joe faces Austin Aries with their jobs on the line. Eric Young comes out and tells the referee to do the right thing and not cost Joe or Aries their careers. The referee doesn't listen and continues officiating. Bully Ray comes to the ring and knocks out the referee. MVP comes to the ring and says they can't do this. Bully and EY say they just did the right thing to do. Bully Ray then challenges MVP, King, Lashley and Ethan Carter III to a "First Blood Match" against Bully, EY, Austin and Joe. King accepts the challenge without MVP's permission. MVP didn't seem too happy with King.
- Jeff "Willow" Hardy and Bram go one on one. Bram goes to use a crowbar on Hardy but Magnus stops Bram. Magnus however uses the weapon to beat Hardy with. Looks like Bram and Magnus are finally on the same page.
- MVP makes The Wolves, Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards face each other after The Wolves call MVP a liar and a puppet master. MVP says they should be thanking him for getting The Wolves jobs. Edwards defeats Richards however Kenny King comes out and threatened to take their tag titles because it didn't look like they were trying to hurt each other. The Wolves attack King in return.
- Mr. Anderson, dressed in cowboy gear mocks James Storm. James Storm comes out and trades words with Anderson before getting into another altercation. Storm hits "The Last Call" on Anderson then challenges him to a match at Slammiversary.
- Madison Rayne gets her Knockouts Title rematch however comes up short as Angelina Love cheats again as Velvet Sky sprays hair spray in Rayne's eyes allowing Love to grab a roll up pin.
- The Menagerie freak show faction attack The BroMans again.
- The "First Blood Match" is our main event of the evening. Team Bully Ray picks up the win as Bully beats the hell out of ECIII with a chain, busting him open. After the match, MVP, King and Lashley beat the hell out of ECIII backstage. Dixie Carter arrives and tells MVP he's gone too far and just started a war that he'll want no part of. And that closed out the show for this week.

Quick Match Results:
- Willow def. Bram by DQ.
- Eddie Edwards def. Davey Richards by pin.
- Samoa Joe vs Austin Aries ends in a no contest.
- TNA Knockout Title: Angelina Love (c) def. Madison Rayne by pin.
- "First Blood Match" Team Bully def. Team MVP after ECIII gets busted open.

Other News:
- Abyss has just topped a milestone in the company. Abyss, as of June 2nd has held the TNA TV Title for over a year now. Funny thing is TNA have not had him defend it or have not even mentioned anything about what happen to the Title.

TNA Slammiversary Match Card:
- TNA World Title: Eric Young (c) vs MVP
- "Texas Death Match": Bully Ray vs. EC3
- TNA Knockouts Title: Angelina Love (c) vs. Gail Kim
- Mr. Anderson vs. James Storm
- Jeff "Willow" Hardy vs. Magnus

And that is a wrap my friends I will be MIA for next week's recap. I will return Friday June 20th with more TNA Impact recaps. Follow me on Twitter at @BSA1978. Like and Follow Triple Threat Podcast on Facebook and Twitter. Till then, tap or snap.

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